Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

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Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future – 66 million years ago, the last dinosaurs died out, ending the 140 million year reign of this fascinating group of fun-loving animals.

But since the discovery of the first dinosaur fossils, scientists have had many questions about them, such as what they were, how they lived, and why they were destroyed.

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

A big question that remains today is whether we can actually bring them back.

Llukalkan Aliocranianus Dinosaur Discovered In Argentina

The idea of ​​giant-sized and armored ceratopsians once again roaming the earth may seem absurd, but it is not entirely ridiculous.

These and other recent advances in science and technology are pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered scientific history, bringing us closer to the possibility of dinosaurs and other ancient animals coming back to life.

In this article, we will explore the idea of ​​bringing dinosaurs back to life, how to achieve it, and the challenges that prevent this possibility.

The Mesozoic Era (including the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods) is known as the Age of Dinosaurs.

Jurassic World: Can We Really Resurrect A Dinosaur?

The differentiation of dinosaurs, which allowed them to become the largest group of land animals, began at the end of the Triassic.

But the height of their reign is in the Jurassic, during which they spread in many species and occupy different ecological sites.

T. rex and Velociraptor) and sauropods (a group that includes some of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered, such as Diplomax and Argentinosaurus).

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

Theropods were the top predators of the Mesozoic era on different continents, while the sauropods were the main consumers.

The Top Ten Dinosaur Discoveries Of 2022

Factors that favored the dominance of dinosaurs include upright posture, variety of food, large size, and perhaps some warm nature, which allowed them to adapt to different environments.

While many species became extinct at different points during the Mesozoic Era as a result of environmental factors, many new species also appeared.

The complete separation of dinosaurs is one of the great mysteries of paleontology, especially how sudden it was.

Although it is remotely possible that their extinction occurred gradually over a period of millions of years, the fact that they disappeared from the fossil record so suddenly suggests otherwise.

The Sad And Sorry Story Of Dolly The Diseased And Doomed Dinosaur

Experts believe that a cataclysmic global event wiped out many dinosaurs in a short period of time.

The combination of all these factors can lead to the collapse of the Cretaceous ecosystem, leading to starvation and the death of the few remaining dinosaurs.

When Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the novel Jurassic Park was released in 1993, many other dinosaur films had already been made.

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

Jurassic Park differs from all other previous films by using CGI to show dinosaurs on the big screen for the first time.

Longest Dinosaur Neck On Record Was Six Times Longer Than A Giraffe’s

Famous dinosaurs like T-Rex and Stegosaurus were made alive with flesh and blood instead of just fossils.

In Jurassic Park, scientists discover a way to bring back the dinosaurs using DNA from mosquitoes preserved in amber.

Since DNA contains all the genetic information for an organism’s appearance, development and function, this DNA was used as a blueprint for dinosaurs.

The partial DNA is then combined with the DNA of living animals such as amphibians and reptiles to create a dinosaur.

Scientists In China Discover Two New Dinosaurs

But even if cloning dinosaurs in this way could theoretically work, the key ingredient needed to actually make it happen is dinosaur DNA, which is impossible to find.

Mosquitoes and other insects were around at the time of the dinosaurs and many of them are preserved in amber.

Only the hard parts are preserved in this way, which makes the method of survival in Jurassic Park possible – a strike for the film.

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

For example, scientists once found a mosquito fossil from the Eocene era (45 million years ago) that preserved some blood cells.

Alternative Timeline Dinosaurs, The View From 2019 (part 1) — Tetrapod Zoology

The Eocene is 20 million years ago when the dinosaurs died out, which means that the chances of finding this type of fossil are slim.

“Leonardo,” a Brachylophosaurus, mummified specimen at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis | Children’s Museum of Indianapolis via Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The oldest DNA found so far is from a million-year-old fossil.

So if dinosaur blood is often found preserved in an ancient glass or a kind of dinosaur skin, the chances of cloning a dinosaur from it are very low.

Newly Discovered Dinosaur, ‘iani,’ Was Face Of A Changing Planet

Let’s imagine that by a stroke of luck, we somehow find dinosaur DNA; How can we make a perfect animal out of it?

Basically, the idea is to fill in the gaps in shared DNA with DNA from living organisms.

We must re-fill the genome (complete DNA) of the dinosaur so that the complete animal is identical to the dinosaur.

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

However, because we do not have a complete dinosaur genome to use as a comparison, it will not be possible to determine which parts of the DNA are missing and which parts we have.

Unique ‘spear Lord’ Dinosaur To Be Returned To Brazil

Also, the movie uses amphibian and reptilian DNA to create dinosaurs, even though dinosaurs’ closest relatives are birds or crocodiles.

Despite these scientific holes, the obvious possibility of cloning dinosaurs from ancient DNA, as presented in the novel and movie Jurassic Park, has caused a serious conversation about bringing dinosaurs back into the scientific world.

Density-dependent color electron images of specimens NHMUK R12562, an unusual claw from an unknown theropod dinosaur, and NHMUK R4493, a bone from an unknown dinosaur. | Image by fiber and cellular structure preserved in 75-million-year-old dinosaur specimens

But beyond history, are we going to bring back the dinosaurs anyway? The truth is, there is a chance we can do it.

Camp Cretaceous’ Team Sets ‘jurassic World: Chaos Theory’ For 2024

Retrieving ancient DNA from mosquitoes, as shown in “Jurassic Park,” is very difficult because of the challenges associated with preserving ancient DNA.

But there are even more ways we can explore, thanks to recent advances in genetic engineering and DNA extraction.

Figure 4: Sample preparation by focused ion beam (FIB) for mass spectroscopic analysis of NHMUK R4493, NHMUK R12562, and fixed mouse blood. | Image by fiber and cellular structure preserved in 75-million-year-old dinosaur specimens

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

But advances in technology or the discovery of better fossils (better mummified in the ice) may allow this one day.

What We’ve Been Getting Wrong About Dinosaurs

In this case, they can be removed from that cell and placed in the bone cell of a closely related species (perhaps birds).

The fertilized egg is raised to grow into an embryo, which may implant or be implanted in the mother’s womb for pregnancy.

Instead of finding DNA from an animal that died 66 million years ago, we may just find DNA from a living dinosaur (think bird!).

Thanks to modern genetic mapping and techniques, scientists can find the differences between the DNA of dinosaurs and birds and reverse these changes.

Permian Monsters: Life Before The Dinosaurs

But in the current technological trends, the big question in the coming years may not be whether we can bring back the dinosaurs or not.

First, an animal created by re-engineering the DNA of a bird or combining dinosaur DNA with the DNA of another animal would not technically be a dinosaur.

Without a complete dinosaur genome to compare it to, there is no way to determine if the animal we are reproducing is actually a dinosaur.

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

Some argue that destroying and disrupting the natural order of evolution raises moral questions about our responsibility and the consequences of our actions.

Dinosaurs: How Our Understanding Of What They Looked Like Keeps Changing

Like the dodo bird, we can make a valid argument to bring back an animal that was exterminated by humans.

But for animals that die due to natural extinction, we can mess with things beyond our control if we bring them back.

An animal that lived 150 million years ago had to live in a completely different climate.

Even the Earth’s atmosphere and sea salt are not at the same level as they were in the Mesozoic era.

How To Outrun A Dinosaur

Recreating the original habitats that the dinosaurs lived in and making sure they are suitable for these resurrected animals will be a difficult task (if possible at all).

If Jurassic Park has taught us anything, it is the fact that we need to be concerned about the place of humans in the world of dinosaurs.

If we manage to create an ecological paradise for the dinosaurs, there is a risk of conflict and problems related to living together with the resurrected animals.

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

No modern predator could hunt a sauropod or any other large herbivore in the Mesozoic.

How Smart Were Dinosaurs? New Studies Fuel The Debate

This means that many of these species will have no natural predators or prey unless we manage to create one for them.

From observing modern ecosystems, we know that the introduction of non-native invasive species into new ecosystems can cause imbalances.

It was introduced to Florida as a pet in the 90s, but many have been released into the wild.

Burmese pythons have established a breeding population in Florida, and now pose a major threat to local wildlife.

What Was It Like To Witness The End Of The Dinosaurs?

It is now a major problem for the ecosystems of the Great Lakes and other waterways, where they are competing with native species.

An imbalance like this could be an unintended consequence of reintroducing ancient animals like dinosaurs into existing ecosystems.

This can lead to serious disease changes that can have devastating effects on both populations

Will Dinosaurs Come Back In The Future

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