Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

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Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl – By working together on hardware and software, the company hopes its new Pixel and Pixel XL phones can beat Apple and the mighty iPhone at their own game: top-of-the-line hardware, brilliant cameras, optimized software, and streaming (unlike all partners Android). fast and reliable updates.

Of course, brand awareness will take time, but there’s a big advertising budget and the new Pixel line may be the most exciting smartphone development in years. So if you’re tempted by Google, which Pixel should you buy? Let’s see the differences…

Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

Note: This feature summarizes the main differences between Pixel and Pixel XL. Read my detailed comparison review of both phones for real-world testing.

Google Pixel Xl Review: Very Good Phablet But With Price Tag To Match

If there’s one thing that might put you off buying a Pixel or Pixel XL, given their premium price (more on that later), it’s the design language, which seems very generic.

These two models bear similarities to the latest iPhones and even HTC’s mid-range iPhone A9. Unlike those phones, the Pixel doesn’t sport large top and bottom bezels, as it doesn’t have a physical home button, off-screen navigation buttons, or even front-facing stereo speakers (a staple of the last two Nexuses). model).

However, if you buy a Pixel or Pixel XL, you’ll be very impressed with the build quality. Both use an identical aluminum chassis with a nice half-glass back (designed to maximize antenna performance), beautifully crafted ports (including the headphone jack), and flat but cut edges that feel good in the hand. The only physical difference between the Pixel and Pixel XL is their size:

Notably, the 5-inch Pixel is only 5 grams heavier than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, while the 5.5-inch Pixel XL is 20 grams lighter than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and is much more compact. This is a win, even though the Galaxy S7 Edge is still the most compact 5.5-inch smartphone on the market.

Massive Pixel 2 Leak Details 15 New Features

The colors come in ‘Very Black’, ‘Pretty Silver’ and ‘True Blue’ – and yes, Google is clearly poking fun at the sometimes nonsensical names phone makers give their phones.

Both Pixels retain their headphone jacks, which is a big selling point for some users. Image credit: Gordon… [+] Kelly

But not everything is good news for the Pixel and Pixel XL. Aside from its generic appearance, the device lacks wireless charging and water resistance like Apple and Samsung’s flagship products. Anecdotal testing on YouTube suggests the phone is completely water-resistant, but I wouldn’t risk your warranty.

Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

Larger phones tend to have two main advantages that offset their size: longer battery life and larger screens. And yes, the Pixel XL certainly outperforms the Pixel, but it also has the advantage in quality, not just quantity:

Google Pixel 2 Rumors: Everything We Expect From The New Phones

The key factor in this is increased resolution. The Pixel XL’s 2K resolution is only slightly sharper than the Pixel’s on closer inspection, though you won’t be disappointed in isolation.

Both the Pixel (left) and Pixel XL (right) have great displays, but the XL simply tops them. Image… [+] credit: Gordon Kelly

Both displays are bright with rich colors (not too flashy), wide viewing angles, and unbeatable fingerprint resistance. Samsung still holds the top spot in the best smartphone display category, but the Pixel panel is still a feast for the eyes.

But despite its impressive build quality and powerful screen, the two biggest reasons you should consider the Pixel are its camera (more on that to come) and its performance:

Google Pixel Xl Review: Nexus Is Dead, Long Live The Pixel

On paper, it appears to be an incremental update to the 820 found in most of 2016’s flagship phones, but in practice it runs much cooler and more efficiently than its predecessor, meaning there are virtually no performance throttling and more consistent battery life. The 821 also has special optimizations for traditional Android weak points like scrolling and camera response.

The Pixel and Pixel XL heat up a bit when used heavily, but not as hot as their competitors. Image… [+] credit: Gordon Kelly

But the real star of the show is Android 7.1, which debuts first on this phone. Developed in conjunction with the Snapdragon 821, the Pixel features a level of hardware and software optimization never seen on an Android smartphone before. In the real world, it’s fast and smooth.

Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

Android 7.1 also means both phones get unique features like Google Assistant (which is fast, accurate, though an early-stage rival to Siri’s best-in-class). There’s also an improved user interface and a redesigned home screen with rounded icons, “3D Touch” style app shortcuts, and a hidden smart app drawer. But the performance is the real killer.

Google Pixel Xl Vs Nexus 6p First Look

Android 7.1 adds some useful new features (like 3D Touch-style shortcuts), while performance is unmatched on the new Pixel. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

Considering its lower screen resolution (and thus less demanding), the Pixel should have a slight advantage over the Pixel XL, but it’s not something you’ll notice. Currently, the phone has no rivals on Android.

Despite their impressive performance, the real selling point of the Pixel and Pixel XL is likely their much-touted cameras. And here’s the good news: they live up to the hype.

But what immediately catches the eye when used is the speed of the Pixel camera and Google’s incredible image processing.

Google Pixel Xl Vs. Nexus 6p

Capturing moving images in multi-light scenes has never looked so good. Full image… [+] resolution. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

Side by side, there’s no difference between the Pixel and Pixel XL – both are very fast, have almost no shutter lag, and are great in both very bright and very low light conditions. This is all a welcome change for Apple, which has increasingly treated the 4.7-inch iPhone’s optics as an afterthought.

And what’s even better is the fact that the Pixel and Pixel XL come out on top when it comes to performance. Below are some comparison images between the Pixel XL, Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7 and there can only be one winner.

Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

Currently, the Google Pixel is by far the best smartphone camera, with the Galaxy S7 a close second and the increasingly overlooked 4.7-inch iPhone 7 close behind. Full resolution image here. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

Say Hello To The Pixel And Pixel Xl, The First Of A New Breed Of Google Phone

On a bright day, the Pixel’s camera retained more detail in bright areas like the sky and trees, while there was also more detail in shadow areas and color accuracy was higher than the Galaxy S7 Edge (which greatly exaggerates the green of grass). and the iPhone 7, which removed images that looked too gray.

The same can be seen in night shots, where the Galaxy S7 Edge tends to make the image yellow in low light, and the iPhone makes the image increasingly gray until it becomes almost black and white. The Pixel achieves a much better balance, preserving color and detail. Apple fans point to the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cameras, but my review found that they offer little improvement over the standard iPhone 7 — especially in low-light conditions.

Google Pixel once again maintains better colors and details than its acclaimed rival Full resolution… [+] image here. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

If the Pixel has a weak point, it’s its video. In daylight, the results are excellent, and thanks to the combination of camera movement with the integrated gyroscope, it moves smoother than other competitors – video shifts look like they’re on the right track. But the colors aren’t as bright as on the Galaxy S7 Edge (contrary to the camera results), while at night, Google’s image processing can tear or tear the image if there’s a lot of movement.

Google Pixel Xl 2 And Original Pixel Xl Compared Side By Side

That said, the Pixel camera has one final win: compared to the ugly bumps on the iPhone and Galaxy, it has a smooth camera back that doesn’t sit flat. And considering this is the first generation of the Google Pixel, competitors should really be worried about what Google will do next.

The Pixel XL’s larger battery gives it an advantage despite its larger screen, but both phones will easily get you through the day – even with heavy use. In practice, I don’t think the Pixel XL quite matches the current battery king, the iPhone 7 Plus, but it’s still very impressive, while the Pixel eats Apple’s standard iPhone 7 for breakfast.

Both Pixels also support fast charging, and at a time when fast charging technology is fragmented, Google deserves credit for using a fast charging standard built directly into USB 3.1 instead of Qualcomm’s (“Quick Charge”), Oppo’s (“Flash Charge” )”) and the OnePlus standard (“Dash Charge”) used by other Pixels also uses a USB Type-C port, which may mean a new cable for some, but is quickly becoming the norm on modern smartphones.

Which Is Better Google Pixel Or Pixel Xl

The Pixel charges slightly faster than the Pixel XL because its battery is smaller (about 1 hour 10 minutes vs. 1 hour 30 minutes), but both charge from 0 to 30% in about 15 minutes.

Reasons To Buy And Not Buy Google Pixel Xl

However, there is a downside

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