When Does The Movie Power Come Back On

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When Does The Movie Power Come Back On – We always want to talk to people in the world of POWER. STARZ’s POW-ER Book III Raising Kanan returns for Season 2 on August 14th. We caught up with creator, executive producer and writer Sasha Penn (The Force, Redemption Regret, CREED II) and two of the show’s stars, Haley Kilgore. Respect, Not Misbehavin’ (Something in the Woods) Omar Dorsey (Genius: Aretha, Royal Sugar, Halloween Kills) Cartier plays with Jukebox.

We spoke to them about how they prepared to enter the series as actors from the 90s channel and capture the feel of the game through the music and costumes. We talk about where we went last season with these words and where we are now. More importantly, we’re looking at the sticking point of this show, as a prequel, when it comes to the challenge of creating an original story.

When Does The Movie Power Come Back On

When Does The Movie Power Come Back On

ATHLETES MAG: You were the creator and writer of the flagship POWER – How did that transition feel when you became the creator of POWER III: Kanan’s role as showrunner, executive producer and writer?

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SASHA PENN: I’m telling you, Courtney Kemp is the producer of POWER, she told me! He said, “I don’t know if you want the job!” He was right!

A lot of work, a lot of responsibility. Of course, I had to create a world that didn’t exist, and the other Force books had the beauty of words found in the first Force. So, a lot of creative work has been done on this series, it’s really challenging and staying true to the original series, which is great!

SP: To think of it as part of it and at the same time separate from it is part of the problem. And the truth is, if you watched the first Force, you’ll know how the story ends with Kanan (Mekai Curtis). How do you make it interesting? How do you do it right? I mean, it’s a whole other thing, and Courtney, I appreciate her advice because she’s right, but it’s a lot of work and I can’t complain.

AM: What is your creative process? As you say, you create the beginning of the universe and know where it ends.

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SP: Well, first of all, I’m blessed to have a room full of writers who help me think of these stories, push them and build them. You see, the process is actually on TV, you start with pictures. It was the beginning of everything on television. We have Kanan, and that’s another question, at your level – we know where the story ends, where do we begin? It’s no fun telling the story of a sociopath, if that’s how he started! We really got there and I think it works if it’s a family drama. This is the story of this family – the family of Canaan and its realization. If you look, you will see that you started in a different place than where you ended.

AM: What are you excited about and what can you share with us about the various storylines for season 2?

SP: I guess the first thing that’s interesting is how did Season 1 end, which we’re going to clear up? It’s really difficult because it ends in such a dramatic way, and you see the impact on Rucka (Patina Miller) and Kanan’s relationship with the family in general. At the same time, he balances these personal challenges with his growing business. This is clearly a measure that needs to be added to the work and life cycle, and how do we do it? The stakes were high for him. But you know a good season of Season 2 and other seasons, with a new season or multiple seasons, you get a chance to go deeper and go to different places and explore these different genres like you wouldn’t have. ago We are fortunate to have an amazing cast in this series. That’s something. In Season 1, you never know what you’re going to get and in the case of The Rise of Kanan, we were very lucky because the cast was amazing and he was able to write great stories. and amazing possibilities because these players can do anything!

When Does The Movie Power Come Back On

AM: Instead of the main characters and the story, if it’s set in the 90s, your music and clothes are different. It’s great and it brings joy. What is this search? Looking for seasonal clothing and sneakers?

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SP: It’s a big problem and a big question because it’s a big problem! This is probably the biggest challenge because like the Jordan 5 release, all the big releases when the Jordan releases are a little different from that era. So we have to be very careful because you know the audience knows more than us and they will call us out! Twitter can’t win! So it’s really a lot of work and we’re lucky that we have a designer, Tsiggy White, who spends months and months trying to find the first cattle that we use in people’s shops and offices. We’re also lucky enough to work with designers of the moment like Dapper Dan who do things like Unique (Joey Bada$$) and Dapper Dan, like this coat. The news is fresh, and the 90s are back like Sergio Tacchini!

Looking back at the show, we see that the character’s effects are set in stone, while we get to discover their pasts, who they are on the Force, and how they work in their other parts. Army. the whole world!

We wanted to talk to Hayley, one of the actors who plays the character you see in MANDLA, Jukebox. We wanted to know how he came to be on the show, his character, and how he found a way to bring that ’90s vibe and NYC vibe to it. We want to know more about Omar and his Cartier brand.

ATHLEISURE MAG: When you played Jukebox with Cartier, what made you want to be this character and do this show?

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Haley Kilgore: I was a princess when I was little. I love playing princesses, and I love being a damsel in distress, and that’s what I do when I’m on Broadway and doing my first roles. One time I called my team and said, “I want to do something dirty and do something different. I want to get down in the dirt and really go out in style! Here it is.” Jukebox in my mail and we were immediately drawn to this character, his story and who he was. So I was like, I’m going to do this, I really like Anika Noni Rose (Princess and the Frog, They, The Power). That was my first Jukebox on POWER as an adult.

OMAR DORSEY: Actually, I brought up Kanan from the first episode thanks to Patina Miller (Madame Secretary, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 + 2, The Many Saints of Newark). I think he is one of the most talented actors. I read a scene with him for a Broadway show a few years ago and he was amazing. So, when I got the call about the show, Patina was the first thing I thought of.

AM: Starting in the 90s, what do you prepare for when playing a character and capturing that momentous moment?

When Does The Movie Power Come Back On

HK: Yes, it was a different time, and especially in New York in the 90s. Yes, it was a different time when women lived everyday. I went to the teacher. I have reviewed many documents. I listened to a lot of rappers coming up in New York. Listen and listen and you will hear

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