What Will You Look Like In 20 Years

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What Will You Look Like In 20 Years – A nurse has revealed what happens when you stop using Botox after a while and it’s not what you think.

A 55-year-old nurse reveals what happens to your face when you stop using Botox for a long timeCredit: tiktok/@nursebblay/

What Will You Look Like In 20 Years

What Will You Look Like In 20 Years

She explained that since the Botox has been removed, muscle movement will gradually return over time. Credit: tiktok/@nursebblay/

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He said, “Ever wonder what happens if someone uses Botox for 20 years and then stops?”

The nurse said she stopped taking botox last October, so now any botox she had is pretty much gone.

Since then she has had very little movement in her facial muscles. She tried to raise the eyebrows of her fans.

“But you know I don’t have muscle movement, because I haven’t used them [her muscles] for a long time.”

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“So now I’m actually rebuilding my muscles. It’s starting to come back, I know, but not completely.”

This 55-year-old mother also admitted in another video that she used to lie about her age, until she decided to be honest with others and herself.

What Will You Look Like In 20 Years

She said: “I used to lie about my age until I realized that every time I like my age, you’re basically telling yourself you’re old.”

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“It’s a shame to be who you are, you don’t deserve what you look like. So I’m not going to lie anymore, I don’t have to.”

The Botox video has been viewed more than 350,000 times, with many users finding the information very useful, and some saying they don’t feel they need a cosmetic change.

One user said: “I’ve been using this since I was 35, now I’m 51 and I haven’t had Botox since September or October, and I’m still so soft and immobile!”

Another said: “Thank you for your dedication to Botox. I’ve never used botox. I just want to be beautiful.”

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Another viewer said: “Of course I don’t use my facial muscles to move my eyebrows. When I do, the muscles contract so I don’t use them.” dollars, up to $75,000. Double your donation and receive a special thank you gift when you make your gift today.

What will you look like in twenty years? For medical researchers, the cartoon is more than gray hairs and wrinkles.

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What Will You Look Like In 20 Years

Last week, New York State Police released digitally altered photos of the two inmates who escaped from the Dannemora maximum security facility. The pictures showed what the refugees might look like after almost two weeks on the run. The results? Except for the computer-generated beards, the men looked the same. Some forensic pathologists were not convinced, calling the images too hasty. One artist, Sharon Blanchard, who works with law enforcement agencies in Virginia, pointed out that facial hair grows about an inch a week — not fast enough to give men “a four-inch beard in two weeks.” within.” And who’s to say they didn’t shave?” New York state officials declined to comment.

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David Sweet, left, and Richard Matt in photos released by the New York State Police showing the 10-day progress. New York State Police

Such images are known as age progressions and have been a popular tool for law enforcement officers for three decades. They help find missing people, kidnap victims and criminals in general. The case of Aric Austin, who was kidnapped by his father in 1981 when he was six weeks old in Vancouver, Washington, was solved in 2003 when a federal agent identified him as a smiling black-haired teenager. One photo was widely displayed in the 1993 arrest of suspect Edward Howard Bell in Panama. The old couple recognized him. The age history sketch showed him as a man in his fifties, with deep hollows, loose neck skin and a wrinkled forehead. He later confessed to killing eleven teenage girls in the 1970s.

Blanchard said that effective age-related interventions rely on a longer time course — and more evidence — to be effective. But there are too many variables to predict the future, and even then there is no guarantee that the right picture will be seen by the right people.

In 1985, medical cartoonists Scott Barrows and Lewis Sadler created a 45-page handbook showing how the human face changes over time. Based on dental records, surgical measurements and observations, they showed that the 14 major bones and more than 100 muscles of the face move in surprisingly predictable ways with each other.

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Their research shows that aging in adults means gray hair and wrinkles: cheeks become uneven in structure, ears droop and pores enlarge. In children there is a very different expected effect: thick hair, thin cheeks and rough skin.

Early development paintings relied on the artist’s hand to work through these stages of growth, aided only by measuring tools such as rulers, calipers, and compasses. In the late 1990s, artists began using algorithmic software programs called FaceKit and PhotoSketch to transform facial features based on anatomical knowledge. In recent years, many artists have moved away from these software programs in favor of more user-controlled drawing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which allow the artist to modify personal elements of the era (such as eyes or lips). without disrupting other areas of life. . Image.

However, regardless of all these refined representations, it doesn’t matter if the age progression is accurate in real life. When California kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard was found 18 years later, she looked exactly like a photo of her age progression taken by the National Center on Missing and Exploited Children. But because it was locked away in a yard outside of public view, the photo didn’t help the public find it. (Dugard was found after accompanying Philip Garrido, one of the kidnappers, on a visit with a police officer.)

What Will You Look Like In 20 Years

The value of the photos, according to Gil Zamora, an FBI-trained forensic pathologist, is “to get the public talking about what’s going on in the case. They think, ‘Maybe that was the guy I saw.’ with a beard,” and they’ll call the police. Pictures keep a reason alive.” A raw image, says Zamora, can be just as valuable as an accurate image if it breathes new life into a cold case. In 2005, the FBI asked the medical examiner to do an age history of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger, whose trail had been cold for a decade. When he was arrested in 2011, he resembled his original 1994 photo according to an age profile released by the FBI starting in 2005.

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Lois Gibson, a professor of forensic arts at Northwestern University, holds the Guinness World Record for “most successful detective.” She recalled working on a case involving two toddlers who had been separated from their four-year-old sister in foster care. “Years later, the nurse contacted me from the FBI and asked me to raise the children with 31- and 32-year-old men. She added my age to the unsolved TV show, and that night they were together again. were there.” Gibson later met the boys, who were 30 years old: “The oldest, Chris, wanted to meet me because he said I found his life changed. We kept in touch on Facebook.” When we met her, she was crying all over, and she said, “Thank you for helping me find my sister.”

Age development programs are now not available exclusively to law enforcement officers and appear online for those who want to predict their future years. These services can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per image, depending on the level of detail. They also give parents an idea of ​​what their children might look like in adulthood. However, some sites offer an unusual twist: age-reversal photos. This service seems to be the most sought after by adoptive parents who want something that would otherwise be impossible: baby photos.

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