What Will The Population Be In 2030

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What Will The Population Be In 2030 – The proportion of elderly residents in Singapore is expected to double from 16% in 2021 to 33% by 2050.

The number of households with all members aged 65 and over doubled from 52,200 (4.6%) in 2010 to 128,200 (9.3%) in 2020.

What Will The Population Be In 2030

What Will The Population Be In 2030

While each planning area in Singapore generally has a good mix of residents, some areas have more elderly people than others. Some effects can be felt in everyday life, for example shops nearby and who they deliver; Others may have future consequences, for example when a joint is sold. As the population ages rapidly, here are some factors to consider in these properties:

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If we divide by planning area, these appear to be part of Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Jurong West and Hougang. Here is the latest map based on SingStat:

For example, Bedok is one of our largest residential areas, which can result in a high number of elderly people. You will surely find that the residents in some parts of Bedok are much younger than the entire planning area.

(Although we could not confirm this, some real estate agents told us that Bedok’s older population lives in the Bedok catchment area rather than in the heart of Bedok).

For home buyers, you really need to see the area to get an idea of ​​how “upscale” the neighborhood actually is.

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For example, McPherson and certain areas of Chinatown are known to have very elderly populations, although you can’t see it on the map above.

Businesses in a particular area will change to accommodate new customers. For example, you are less likely to find expensive artisan cafes or restaurants in an area where most of the population is retired.

In the case of rapid gentrification, this can lead to the displacement of existing populations. This phenomenon has been observed and discussed in areas such as Tiong Bahru and Queenstown, where older residents, many of whom are retirees, cannot afford amenities such as $7 lattes or $30+ lunch menus.

What Will The Population Be In 2030

This has some implications for homebuyers, as the amenities that attract them may not be suitable for more upscale neighborhoods.

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This includes not only food and shopping, but also facilities such as nurseries, enrichment centers and clinics.

For example, older couples may have fewer nurseries in the area than younger couples. For example, childcare thrives in younger areas such as Sengkang, but not in Bedok.

Conversely, areas with more elderly people may have more elderly care services, including clinics. For example, Yeo Chu Kang aims to become a dementia-friendly community by 2025, serving the area’s many elderly people.

When a neighborhood has a high proportion of elderly people, city planners will begin to focus on walkability. You can find an in-depth description of why in this article (Singapore is one of the countries covered).

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But overall, walking ability is important to the health of older adults. At the most basic level, a 70- or 80-year-old cannot cross a busy street as easily as a 25-year-old; And they don’t always find the safest route (eg for 70-year-old me, using a walker to climb a bridge is a nightmare).

High-level concerns involve social interaction and mental health, as older adults tend to isolate themselves when walking becomes a problem.

Therefore, it has become a priority to try to reduce traffic congestion (for example by using fewer cars). This can be very positive for many shoppers, as it can mean more hiking trails, or less traffic in the area.

What Will The Population Be In 2030

On the other hand, using fewer cars and reducing traffic congestion can also affect development. For example, apartments within 400 meters of an MRT station may have less parking; Some may find that there are not even visitor parking spaces.

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For people in their 70s, it is difficult and in some cases almost impossible to uproot the family. This is not only a major drawback; There is also an economic problem. Not all seniors can afford a new home that they are happy with; Even with the sales income (remember that it is much more difficult to get a loan for seniors).

In addition, most older people participate in aging in place and have friends and loved ones nearby. Overall selling resistance can therefore be significant.

As we mentioned earlier that for HDB flats, we think this could be a sticking point for Voluntary Early Renovation (VERS). If the HDB flats mainly consist of elderly people, it may be more difficult to achieve adequate compliance.

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This is especially true for those active in Community Centers (CCs), City Councils, etc. You would expect these events to be designed to cater to a larger population.

Communities with more seniors are less likely to host intense basketball or football games; But you get more value for money with line dancing, singing, arts and crafts and more.

One of the concerns we hear from some homeowners is that you are less likely to find counseling services at a CC in a community that is populated primarily by seniors. These are important for families who cannot afford private tuition.

What Will The Population Be In 2030

It is difficult to say whether this is universally true, as each CC has its own activities; But it is understood that there will be fewer such courses due to reduced demand.

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There may also be differences in the way city councils and community boards engage with citizens. For example, older adults may be less receptive to text messages or emails, so you may find that most of your communication takes place near the elevator or on a bulletin board near the door.

Strongly associated with old age; This trend can start at a young age. Accumulation is more pronounced in older hoarders because there is more time to accumulate.

Being next to a hoarder can be problematic, your neighbors are all elderly, it’s a bit tiresome to think that one suddenly appears next to you.

Above all, explore your neighborhood; But don’t let theories of ageism rob you of your chance at a great home.

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If you need help finding the right community or device, you can contact us at Stacked; And see in-depth reviews of new construction and resale apartments in Singapore’s private property market.

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What Will The Population Be In 2030

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