What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future

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What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future – Two robotic dogs, or quadrupeds as the industry calls them, created by Ghost Robotics, Cape Canaveral, Florida, July 2022. Photo by Alam

From armed robot dogs to target-seeking drones, the use of artificial intelligence in warfare presents ethical dilemmas that must be resolved urgently.

What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future

What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future

Around 15:30 on November 27, 2020, a security guard headed to Imam Khomeini Boulevard in Tehran. The VIP was Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, believed to be the head of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program. He kept his wife and Dehjivi in ​​another village and took her to their rural land. They were near the house when the killer struck.

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Fakhrizadeh’s black hit the Nissan and stopped. The gun fired again, hitting the scientist’s shoulder and throwing him out of the car. After Fakhrizadeh got out, the gunman fired the fatal shot, hitting Fakhrizadeh’s wife in the passenger seat.

Then something strange happened A pickup truck parked on the side of the road exploded for no reason. After searching the wreckage, Iranian security forces found the remains of a robotic machine gun with multiple cameras and a computer animation machine. Was Fakhrizadeh killed by a robot?

It turns out that the robotic machine gun isn’t that special. Instead, the killer, almost 1,000 kilometers away, was fed the pictures from the truck and decided when to pull the trigger. But the AI ​​software compensated for the target’s movement in 1.6 seconds to send images from the truck to the shooter via satellite and signal to pull the trigger.

The stuff of dreams, and images of the war in Ukraine do nothing to dispel the fear Drones have appeared everywhere in the war, from the Turkish-made Beyracter TB2 to the attacks on Russian forces occupying Snake Island, to naval drones attacking Russian ships in the port of Sevastopol, to modified quadcopters dropping grenades on unsuspecting children. And if the internet is anything to go by, things are only going to get worse

Part Of The Kill Chain’: How Can We Control Weaponised Robots?

The event was about Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was killed by a robotic machine gun operated by an assassin 1,000 kilometers away. Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

In a video posted on Weibo, the Chinese defense contractor can be seen showing a drone killing a robot dog. The robot is alive It has a machine gun on its back In another video, a commercially available robot dog is modified by a human to shoot a gun and raise the robot’s hind legs.

In response to the horrifying videos, Boston Dynamics and five other robotics companies published an open letter in October saying: “People live and work, creating new risks of harm and issues. great ethics.” The weaponization of these new intelligent robots also undermines public trust in technology, thereby undermining the enormous benefits they bring to society. “

What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future

We have seen a short-term increase in the efforts of individuals trying to kill commercially available bots, and this letter shows that the mobile bot industry is strongly opposed. proficiency with weapons and ability to dodge. We hope that our authority will encourage policy makers over the years to promote the safe use of mobile robots and prevent their harmful activities. “

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However, Boston Dynamics is influenced by Hyundai Motor Group, which bought a controlling stake in the company in June 2021, and Hyundai Rotem, another part of that group, has no such concerns. In April of this year, Hyundai Rotem announced a partnership with another South Korean company, Renuba Robotics, to develop multi-armed defense robots. The promotional image shows a robot dog with a gun

Additionally, defensive analyst and historian Tim Ripley questions what the Boston Dynamic is doing. Even if you don’t attach weapons to these robots, they can still be used as fighting tools

“If a robot has a surveillance drone and it finds a target and you fire a bullet at it that kills a person, that drone is part of a weapon system like a missile on a drone. It’s still part of the murder case, he said.

He said that surveillance drones play an important role in the conflict in Ukraine, which are used by both sides to monitor enemy movements and find targets for artillery fire.

Robots: Friend Or Foe?

When it comes to computer hardware, there are two parts to the system: the hardware itself and the operating system. Although robots outside of drones are not yet commonplace on the battlefield, they are increasingly using artificial intelligence.

“There’s a built-in autonomy in our system that was thought to be necessary because it allowed people to make quick decisions,” said Mike Martin, a senior researcher at King’s College London.

War Dog A young woman and her mother work with a robot dog created by Ghost Robotics in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future

He gave the example of an Apache helicopter scanning the ground for signs of heatstroke. that information to the pilot to decide what to do next.

What Is Robotics? (grades 5 8)

If defense systems are anything to go by, the military will be in great demand for more such systems, especially those that can be combined with robots. The American company “Ghost Robotics” produces robot dogs, or four-legged robots, as the company calls them. In addition to being known as reconnaissance equipment that helps to detect enemy positions on the reconnaissance, it is also known as a weapon machine.

Last October, Ghost gave a presentation on robotics at the Association of the United States Army’s 2021 annual meeting. The gun is made by another American company, Sword Defense Systems, and is called the Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (Spur). The Spur is the future of unmanned weapon systems, and the future is here, says the Sword Defense Systems website.

In the UK, the Royal Navy is testing a special submarine called Manta. The nine-meter-long vessel will carry sonar, cameras, communications equipment and tracking equipment. Currently, in the Mojave Desert, the British soldiers participating in war games with their American counterparts. The operation, called Project Convergence, will focus on the use of drones, other robotic vehicles and artificial intelligence to help the British military become more lethal on the battlefield.

However, even in today’s complex systems, humans are still involved in decision-making Two levels of involvement A “chain” system means that computers select targets that can be presented to the operator, then decides what to do next. However, with a “chain” system, the computer tells the human operator which target to focus on first. Humans can always ignore the computer, but the machine is more capable of making decisions. of man.

Ameca, The World’s Most Advanced, Most Realistic Humanoid Robot

“I hope we never get to that point,” Martin said. “If you give decisions to independent systems, you lose control, and who says that the best way to solve a war is not to take its leadership?” This is a dream scenario that the film imagines

( Elsevier ) Although he believes that autonomous systems are a long way off, he warns that artificial intelligence is reaching dangerous levels of development.

“The technology is at a point where we don’t know how to trust it all, but it’s not stupid until people know how to operate it,” he said.

What Will Robots Be Used For In The Future

In other words, a soldier who now relies on an AI system will be at greater risk because the current generation of AI will fail situations they are not fully trained to interpret. Researchers believe that unexpected situations or events are unusual and that the number of conflicts increases significantly.

What Will Humanoid Robots Be Used For In The Future?

“In war, unexpected things always happen. Outliers are the name of the game, and we know that current AIs don’t like outliers.

Even if we solve this problem, there are still many ethical issues. For example, how do you decide if AI is a good choice when you decide to kill? This is similar to the so-called trolley problem that drives the development of automated vehicles.

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