What Will I Look Like In The Future Quiz

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Using artificial intelligence to create an average or unusual image of certain objects is the internet’s favorite toy at the moment, but here we thought we’d take a look at the future.

What Will I Look Like In The Future Quiz

What Will I Look Like In The Future Quiz

Or at least that’s what AI sees as humanity’s future in about 1,000 years, assuming we don’t reach the kingdom before the end of this millennium.

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We decided to ask the AI ​​program Midjourney to take pictures of what it thinks humans will look like in 1000 years, and you might not like its prediction.

According to AI, the fashion of the future will involve covering our faces with yarn and spinning motors.

Honestly, it seems like the AI ​​spends a lot of time looking at the Warhammer 40,000 concept art and deciding that our human face underneath the technology is actually what we look like.

You might think he’s not very handsome, but he could be Mr. Universe in the year 3000. Author: /Midjourney

And This Is What Humans Will Look Like In The Future

This has disturbing implications for our relationship with technology during this millennium, as the image of artificial intelligence seems to have well and truly gripped us.

The 3000 man seems to be sacrificing the skin of his face to make room for all this futuristic technology, and frankly, it’s very disturbing.

He doesn’t really look happy, but the AI ​​seems confident in their prediction that this is what we’ll look like in 1,000 years, and they’re sticking to it with another image they’ve created.

What Will I Look Like In The Future Quiz

The poor man appears to have had the same string pulled over his face, but strangely enough, they’ve kept their skin – although the results aren’t quite as shocking.

Terrifying Model Shows What Humans Could Look Like By The Year 3000

Maybe in 1000 years it will be the standard of beauty in society. You have to show how many threads you can stick on your face, and having skin on that face is optional.

Meet another inhabitant of the future, like Mr. Year 3000, they have wires all over their faces, but most of them seem to be under the skin. Credit: /Midjourney

If this is the future of beauty, trust me, even if artificial intelligence has created images of some of our future faces that do not conform to the “facial wires” method, it is still very scary.

The results include a few familiar faces, as well as the Morlocks you can see in both the bottom row.

Creepy Ai Predicts What Humans Will Look Like In The Future And The Results Are Terrifying

Also, I think that AI is looking at the depths of science fiction with ideas, which may mean that AI’s vision of what our future will look like is very much dependent on our suggestions for that.

If this is what our future looks like, the future won’t be the same, and maybe we should stick to using AI for things that aren’t as scary as creating weird ideas that don’t look like what they’re supposed to do. . to explain

Many people who saw the “common man” who got to represent their country didn’t like the results, and for some we can’t blame them. This Open Video goes into more detail. the future of mankind! What will people look like in 1000 years? How can we change for a different world? And will we still be different from the way we are today?

What Will I Look Like In The Future Quiz

It’s amazing (and maybe a little disturbing) to think that one day, in a few hundred years or so, everything that exists today will be another part of history. Perhaps at some point, say, in the year 2300, the great events of this generation will be taught and studied in classrooms; what happened yesterday, or last week, or tomorrow, will not die forever, even if only as an answer to a difficult exam question. But what is becoming more apparent these days is that the potential for change from here on out can be enormous. Continue to the year 3000 and beyond, and human society may be invisible.

What Will Humans Look Like In A Million Years?

Revealed and today we answer a strange question; what will people look like in the future in a thousand years?

A thousand years, a millennium is a very long and treacherous period of time. To understand a generation means a period of about thirty years, a little more than thirty of our millennials, each carrying the usual cycles of life, death, happiness, loneliness, the weight of important moments, and the strong rhythm of daily life. If we look back over the past thousand years, we will quickly see that a lot has changed. Although there are about eight billion people on earth today, in 1000 AD there were only 300 to 400 million. As this number grew, more cities were added to our planet; almost endless war; the rise and fall of diseases; in the fall of empires; the dark ages, the enlightenment, the industrial revolution and technological progress. Humanity is not static at all, so much so that it is often said that if it were possible to move a person from the past to the present, he might not see the Earth as his home.

However, on the other hand, a thousand years is not a very long time. The modern human species is about three hundred thousand years old… so everything that has happened in the last ten centuries, so big and important to us, is really a short chapter in the whole history. We have cities older than a thousand years; ancient buildings, which more than doubled during this period; major religions have also been around for a long time. More importantly, though, although ninety-nine percent of the plant and animal species that once existed are now extinct, much of today’s nature is over a thousand years old. The crocodile, for example, was here for the dinosaurs… so the last thousand years of humanity was actually a blink of an eye for its old, reptilian counterpart.

However, for now, the main thing is that, despite the fact that human civilization has changed, people themselves are essentially the same. We’ve seen small changes made to our collective DNA… like in other places where there’s been a dramatic increase in average height or average life expectancy (which has literally gone up by decades since the mid-1900s alone). We have also seen greater diversity in our now global society due to the advent of easy and affordable travel abroad, especially in the last century. But after all, both of our imaginary time travelers were transported here, and a thousand years ago, it’s not like they can see modern humans as humans. Despite all the changes that have taken place, and the fact that today’s world may seem like a completely foreign place, we – as animals – are not so different.

What Could The World Of Sports Look Like In 25 Years?

But interestingly, many predictions for the future have not changed. Regardless of the steady pace of evolution we have shown so far, humans are expected to face a long list of dramatic changes in the coming years…until 3000 AD. we may change.

Technological progress was caused by such excitement, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, that we are now used to (and even lost hope) in other recent developments. So one can argue that this disease exists, but there is always a carrot at the end of the stick – and for many, that carrot is post-biology. In many different ways, it is possible that the human body will soon be developed in non-living ways. For decades, we’ve had augmentative devices like glasses, hearing aids, and pacemakers… but the future of the human species awaits improvements like built-in visual translators to effectively eliminate blindness… highly sensitive hearing aids allow users to do more than just hear at a higher human level , but not only… and artificial hearts that pump blood through our veins in a very efficient way.

This pursuit of absolute perfection is the basis of many of today’s predictions of our future. For example, in languages ​​where some believe that built-in translation chips hack our brains so that we have nothing to understand. From signs and menus to entire novels, our eyes can understand

What Will I Look Like In The Future Quiz

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