What Will Cars Look Like In 20 Years

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What Will Cars Look Like In 20 Years – At a pre-Brexit press conference in London, the German businessman, wearing a dark suit and a stoic expression, stood up to address the crowd. Not exactly the setting for a big thriller, but it’s worth considering what he said next: “We are convinced that the automotive industry will change more in the next ten years than it has in the last 100 years changed.

Imagine that for a moment. It is Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of the board of the BMW Group, who says that everything that has come before, that cars have essentially become an essential part of everyday life, is nothing compared to what will come after . The hard part is that no one is sure what cars will come next. There is simply no consensus. Will it be self-driving robot cars? Hydrogen powered? Are you going to buy a car or just book a BMW car service?

What Will Cars Look Like In 20 Years

What Will Cars Look Like In 20 Years

As it turned 100 years old, BMW, which also owns the Mini and Rolls-Royce, turned to the best designers to understand the future and how to get there.

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“Without any vision, it is very difficult to imagine where you are going,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce. The instruction he gave to his designers: “Free your mind completely. Dream it up. What will the brand be in 25 or 30 years?

Alec Issigonis, the Greek-British engineer who created the original Mini, envisioned it after World War II as cheap and useful transportation for families on the move. It turned out to be that and much more.

In recent years, the Mini has gotten bigger and bigger to appeal to a wider customer base, but this new concept car shows Mini returning to Issigonis’ original idea, albeit in a way he couldn’t have imagined.

“The idea of ​​creative use of space is in the DNA of every Mini,” said Mini design chief Anders Warming. He added that space will be very expensive as cities become more crowded, and better use of it will only become more important.

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In the absence of an internal combustion engine, the front of the Mini concept is open; you can see right through the transparent bumper.

Instead of buying a Mini outright, you can order a cheaper mobility plan. Mine will be waiting for you when you need it. Autonomous technology enables it to serve you.

“Hail Mary,” Mini projects on the ground as a new driver approaches, recognizing her with the same external cameras that allow the car to drive itself. A little scary? Natural. But it is very convenient because you will meet where you want, remember your most recent destinations, and continue where you left off in that podcast.

What Will Cars Look Like In 20 Years

Tony Stark would be jealous. BMW’s concept is the most complete, desirable and freshest vision of what driving – or not driving – could be in the future.

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You have to see how this thing moves. The entire windshield is shielded, just like Iron Man’s helmet. Cover road navigation instructions. He follows an unseen cyclist and predicts where he will appear in front of the car. And all this is done without the driver navigating to submenus or pressing buttons.

When you switch to standalone mode, the minimal interior is slightly reconfigured for a more natural conversation. The steering wheel folds into the dashboard, opening up more space. If a pedestrian walks in front of a car, the external flash indicates that it is safe to cross ahead.

But this isn’t some comic book fantasy. By 2025 or 2030, BMW believes it will be able to offer autonomous cars where the driver can finally relax and focus on something else. (Current semi-autonomous cars, like the Tesla with Autopilot, are like being driven by your 14-year-old son. They are the “brains,” requiring the driver to keep his eyes on the road and be ready to take control. at any time without warning.)

Driverless technology, electric and hydrogen engines, heads-up displays, stereo cameras, LIDAR and cloud-connected GPS mapping are already in cars or in the pipeline. It is impossible to imagine this technology on the road in the 10-year period of Peter Schwarzenbauer.

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It’s clear that Google and Apple are hard at work on future self-driving cars and retro 1950s customer sharing.

“One thing that is really clear is that our luxury customers are not interested in driving these balloons or anything,” said Müller-Ötvös. “They want a type of private transport that also differentiates them from what the rest of the world will drive.”

The Rolls-Royce 103EX concept also works for some. It’s the size of the biggest current Rolls-Royce, but it’s a two-seat coupe, not a limousine. It is large, imposing and yet somehow so graceful that it seems to float above the road. It has one side bench inside with some cushions, but no driver’s seat as it is completely self-contained. At the big reveal in London, the car’s roof lifted, its doors swung back, it stepped out of the chassis, and a model in super high heels stood up and left the sofa. The big arrival. The 103EX is designed to have zero emissions because in 20 or 30 years it could be the only vehicle allowed in major urban centers.

What Will Cars Look Like In 20 Years

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