What New Inventions Will There Be In The Future

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In the middle of 2016, it is clear that we are living in a new era of innovation. Beyond Silicon Valley, hubs of companies and startups around the world are facing big problems like water scarcity and cancer. The concept of “the next big thing” has become redundant as progress has become normalized. Here are nine emerging innovations that could soon change the world:

What New Inventions Will There Be In The Future

What New Inventions Will There Be In The Future

An artificial intelligence that can learn and function independently of a human master sounds like science fiction. However, this may become our new reality in the next 3-5 years. Robots will be able to learn skills, perform tasks and upload information to the cloud to help other AI systems learn quickly. From now on some types of AI don’t need to be programmed on their own. They will grasp ideas, repeat procedures and develop breakthroughs faster than humans. The best part is that “the future” is here. Researchers have just developed a revolutionary AI that can repeat the 2001 Nobel Prize-winning quantum physics experiment within an hour.

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How much time do you spend commuting each week? If Google, Apple, or Tesla had their way, that time could be spent sleeping, reading, or shopping. Self-driving cars are already here and all racing to dominate the market. General Motors recently bought Cruise Automation for more than $1 billion, and transportation services like Uber and Lyft are investing heavily. Even garage hackers like George Hotz put their own spin on the industry. Expect great things.

In the past, space exploration was very expensive and inefficient. A single launch costs between $100 million and $300 million, but the rocket only flies through Earth’s atmosphere once before burning up in free fall. Companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance are changing the game by developing rockets with precise maneuvers that can land safely. 3D printing of rocket parts and alternatives to liquid natural gas for rocket fuel will also reduce costs. Soon, rockets will be reusable and space travel will be cheaper.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are not new concepts, but in 5 years they will revolutionize the world. AR enhances reality, while virtual reality helps us forget it. Together they open a world beyond reality, the internet or the internet of things; A new industry is emerging, the internet of experience. With the latest investment in MagicLeap, the VR/AR industry will reach $150 billion by 2020. As VR and AR technology improves and more content becomes available to users, the human experience of technology will change forever.

Next year, the Solarcity Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York will produce 10,000 solar panels a day. It will revolutionize the alternative energy industry and make solar power more affordable. Renewable energy will attract companies and governments around the world as they seek to solve the global energy crisis. China has proposed a $50 trillion global energy grid by 2050, for example. Innovation, in this case, is a system that quickly and efficiently produces renewable energy technologies worldwide.

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Desalination is not a new concept but it is difficult to adapt due to high costs. Sore, an Israeli company, is building the world’s largest desalination plant capable of producing 627,000 cubic meters of water per day. In one year, 50% of Israel’s water is estimated to come from desalination. Sore has shown that desalination can be carried out on a large scale. This innovation could help with the California drought and possible global water crisis.

There were no dial-up modems and the Internet was a big part of our daily lives. However, innovation continues and Google’s Loon Balloon is just one example.

Google Fiber offers internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second (100 times faster than regular Wi-Fi) and has launched in the US. 200 times faster than Google Fiber) and is a proven concept. Wi-Fi is also passive, using 10,000 times less power. Soon, Internet connection problems will be a thing of the past, and the “Internet of Things” will connect home devices, wearable sensors and other technologies around the world.

What New Inventions Will There Be In The Future

“There’s an application for that” will be replaced by “There’s an explanation for that in your DNA.” In the next year or more, Helix, Illumina and Veritas Genetics will allow us to analyze our genetics online to understand our predisposition to certain diseases and even explain why some people crave sweets more than others. All this is part of the effort to democratize genomic data and provide information about public health. Consumer genetics will be a revolutionary business model that will allow people to pay little money to learn more about themselves.

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We are closer to finding a cure for cancer and leaving chemotherapy in the past. This is not an exaggeration, as companies such as Cellectis, Juno Therapeutics and Novartis have saved lives through gene editing and immunotherapy. In the next 1-2 years, diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV can be cured by engineering the immune system. Genetically engineered immune cells, such as killer T cells designed to prevent cancer, will save countless lives.

We are on the verge of solving some of the biggest problems in human history. The next “big thing” will simply lead to “bigger things” because innovation never stops. It’s time to get involved. The potential is endless with funding and support available to anyone with a great idea.

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As the New York Academy of Sciences approaches its third century, we begin to think about the scientific discoveries that may be made in the next 100 years. So we thought: The New York Academy of Sciences has the World’s Smartest Network®, why not ask our members a question?

What New Inventions Will There Be In The Future

That’s why we invited some of the most outstanding and youngest scientific members to offer their views on what they think could be the next generation discoveries or the biggest challenges that science or technology will have to solve in the coming decades. Below is a selection from the many responses we received. It has been edited to fit space constraints. All opinions expressed are those of the named authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial staff or the scientific staff of the New York Academy of Sciences. Thanks to everyone who contributed content and we hope you enjoy reading this “imagination”.

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I imagine that we will find a vaccine to prevent the onset of the disease, allowing us to extend the average human life by at least 20 years. We will be able to reverse global warming and secure the future of the planet. New modes of land transportation will be invented that will allow us to travel at many of the speeds we are used to today.

People and businesses will produce their own electricity using renewable energy sources, making power plants and the use of fossil fuels disappear. Space travel will become a common form of transportation, allowing us to travel to places like solar colonies and planetary moons. Quantum computing will make computers so powerful and network connectivity so fast that a small data center will be enough to meet human needs. Televisions and telephones will disappear and be replaced by holography. The sense of touch and smell will further complement this technology, making it real

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