What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

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What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security – The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a key element of Singapore’s social security system and serves to meet our retirement, housing and healthcare needs.

Our CPF savings are made up of mandatory contributions from us and our employers. The interest earned increases our CPF balance and contributes to our retirement savings.

What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

Singaporeans currently have two CPF retirement income options: the Retirement Scheme Scheme (RSS) and the CPF Lifetime Income for Seniors (CPF LIFE).

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Most of us are automatically enrolled in CPF LIFE. Members of the Pioneer and Merdeka generations born before 1958 automatically joined the RSS. However, they have the option to switch to CPF LIFE at any time before they turn 80.

Before looking at the two options, let’s understand what the CPF pension amount is. This is the amount of retirement savings you choose to set aside in your RA to receive monthly payments starting at age 65 (PEA).

The pension amount can be used for CPF LIFE, which pays monthly for life, or RSS, which pays monthly until the RA balance is exhausted.

If you are enrolled in the CPF LIFE scheme, the pension amount indicates the amount of CPF savings you need to set aside to receive lifetime monthly payments during your retirement years. These monthly payments can be paid any time between ages 65 and 70.

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There are 3 CPF pension amounts: Basic Pension Amount (BRS), Full Pension Amount (FRS) and Enhanced Pension Amount (ERS).

*Based on those turning 55 in 2024. Monthly payments are calculated based on the standard CPF LIFE plan.

RSS provides CPF members with a monthly payment to maintain a basic standard of living during retirement, until their RA savings are exhausted or they reach age 90, whichever comes first.

What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

If you use RSS and would like to enroll in CPF LIFE to receive monthly payments for life, you can do so at any time up to one month before your 80th PEA.

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Launched in 2009, CPF LIFE is a national annuity system that pays out monthly, regardless of how long you live. This way you won’t run out of retirement savings during your golden years.

Housewives, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs who do not regularly contribute to the CPF are excluded from the CPF LIFE scheme.

If you do not meet the above criteria to automatically join the CPF LIFE scheme, you can switch from RSS to the CPF LIFE scheme at any time up to the age of 80.

Once you’ve decided which CPF LIFE plan is best suited to your retirement needs, the next step is to determine your monthly payment amount and the amount of CPF savings you’ll need to achieve it.

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You can use the CPF LIFE Estimator to find out the CPF LIFE premium amount needed to achieve your desired monthly payment under your chosen CPF LIFE plan.

For example, for monthly payments of S$1,560 – 1,670, you would need S$308,900 in your RA at age 65. If you keep the amount of 55 in RA, a much lower amount of S$205,800 is required. This is because CPF interest rates of up to 6% help you grow your savings through compounding.

Advise. These monthly payments are estimated based on a standard CPF LIFE plan for participants turning age 65 in 2034, calculated by 2024. Payments may also be adjusted to account for long-term changes in interest rates or expectation of life. Such adjustments, if any, are expected to be small and gradual.

What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

With RSS, your monthly payments stop when your RA savings run out or until you turn 90, whichever comes first. CPF LIFE offers monthly payments for life.

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Another factor to consider is the interest on your RA savings and how it will be distributed to your beneficiaries when you are gone.

With CPF LIFE, your CPF LIFE premium balance (if any) and the rest of your CPF savings are passed on to your loved ones. However, the interest earned is capitalized into a CPF LIFE annuity so that other CPF LIFE members can continue to receive monthly payments for the rest of their lives.

Advise. The interest earned on your CPF LIFE premium (and the premiums of other CPF LIFE members) will ultimately allow you to continue receiving payments long after the CPF LIFE premium amount has been spent.

You may also want to ask yourself a few questions: What kind of retirement lifestyle are you looking for? How can your home become a retirement asset? Do you plan to live with your children?

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These are important questions to think about because they can influence the type of retirement plan you choose based on your desired retirement lifestyle.

The Retirement Top Up Scheme (RSTU) helps you build up your retirement savings by topping up cash in Special Accounts (SA) or CPF for under 55s up to your current amount of Full Superannuation (TFS) or pension accounts. (RA) for those aged 55 years and above, up to the existing enhanced pension (ERS).

Cash can be deposited into your CPF account or the CPF accounts of your family members, including parents, in-laws, grandparents, great-grandparents, spouse and siblings. If you top up the account yourself, you can enjoy tax credits of up to S$8,000 per calendar year. Additionally, if you sponsor your loved ones**, you are entitled to an additional S$8,000 per calendar year.

What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

Speak to an estate planning professional today to understand your financial health and learn how to better plan your finances.

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Start your retirement planning by viewing your cash flow forecast from the Planning & Investments tab in Digibank. Look at your finances 10, 20, or even 40 years from now to see what gaps and opportunities you have to work with.

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What Is The Earliest Age You Can Receive Social Security

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