What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone

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What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone – If you want to experience Android in its purest form, the Google Pixel series is your best bet. While the custom Android skins that phone makers use on their devices have offered some extra functionality, there’s still a charm to the stock Android iteration that Google has put on the Google Pixel series.

Recently, Google’s Pixel series has taken a slightly different path; Rather than trying to match its rivals pound for pound, Google is moving towards an “exclusive” future where its native Tensor chipset series is making waves with its increasing reliance on it. – device AI and machine learning.

What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone

What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone

Pixels are no longer the champions of raw performance, but they’ve gained something more valuable: intelligence that will be a useful day-to-day companion, thanks to the powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning features that Google has introduced in its latest flagships.

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With its always-best cameras, superb performance and stand-out software, Google’s Pixels are often the recommended choice when evaluating the best Android phones available each year, and 2023 is no exception. They’re often praised for their outstanding cameras, putting them right up there among the best camera phones available, but that’s not the only thing that makes them worth considering.

So which is the best Pixel phone right now? Let’s see if we can find the answer together.

The Pixel 8 Pro is the best Pixel phone announced in a while. With a very bright 6.7-inch display that can reach a maximum brightness of 2,400 nits, a more capable Tensor G3 that unlocks a new layer of AI functions, and a slightly larger battery, the Pixel 8 Pro is a remarkable Android flagship. . Additionally, the Pixel 8 Pro is the first device with a super-long seven-year software update window. Oh, and there’s a thermometer on board, which is more of a gimmick than anything else.

The phone also scores upgrades to the cameras, making it the most capable Pixel phone when it comes to camera capabilities. There is a triple camera consisting of a 50MP main camera, a 48MP telephoto with 5X optical zoom, and another 48MP ultra-wide camera completing the setup.

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Even though the Pixel 8 is the smallest new Pixel phone, it’s still just as capable as the higher-end Pixel 8 Pro. It comes in a more compact 6.2-inch package with a 2,000 nits OLED display on the front that can be significantly brighter than previous Pixel phones. This is also seven years of software support, but there is no thermometer. The Tensor G3 is a large device with a capacity of 4,575 mAh and rounds out the spec sheet.

Pixel 8 comes with a dual camera setup consisting of a 50MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. It’s basically the same setup as the larger Pixel 8 Pro, minus the telephoto camera. Image quality is mostly comparable to the Pixel 8 and very similar to the Pixel 7.

Announced at Google I/O 2023, the Pixel Fold is Google’s most advanced phone to date and its first foldable product. Our Pixel Fold review leaves nothing to the imagination, and my colleague Victor Hristov deeply believes that the Pixel Fold is easily one of the best, if not the best foldable devices you can buy in the western market right now!

What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone

The Pixel Fold’s biggest selling point is the highly useful external display, which expands to 5.8 inches wide, which is actually wider than most other foldable rivals and makes for a great viewing experience. more user-friendly and the need to constantly open the Pixel Fold. The hinge, another important hardware element of Pixel Fold, is also quite solid and folding and unfolding gives a satisfying feeling.

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While it shares a lot of hardware with the Pixel 7 Pro, such as the Tensor chipset and camera setup (with some hardware differences), its standout quality is its foldable form factor, which reveals a large internal display that you’ll probably have to give up. above . buy mini tablet With the capable Pixel camera and all the AI-powered features and functions Google has in store, the Pixel Fold is a promising phone that we can’t wait to play with.

Some issues that the Pixel Fold has are the unremarkable display as well as the very sensitive and reflective interior screen that always needs to be improved.

The Google Pixel 7a was announced at the developer summit Google I/O 2023, and like previous Pixel phones, it once again aims to maximize the value you get for its $500 price. It’s the general policy of the pricier Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but the rest of the package makes the Pixel 7a one of the best phones you can buy in 2023.

What are we talking about? Of course, the Pixel 7a is not a flagship, but it comes with a very capable chip that will have no trouble with any task you throw at it. In terms of performance, it is on par with flagships from a subjective point of view.

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It has an improved camera system with new sensors that improve camera image quality compared to previous affordable Pixel phones. In fact, the camera is one of the Pixel 7a’s main strengths, which we generally praised in our review. Although it doesn’t have a telephoto camera, its wide camera is quite capable in most situations you might find yourself in.

The Pixel 7a also comes with a smooth 90Hz display (not available on the iPhone 14, for example), wireless charging for the first time on an affordable Pixel, good battery life, and all of Google’s bells and whistles. It’s Pixel’s hardware that makes phones extraordinary devices. Overall, it’s a safe bet at $500. Definitely consider one!

Google Pixel 7 Pro is Big G’s new flagship for 2022. Although it does not have as many updates as the Pixel 6 Pro, it has many improvements.

What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone

On board is the revised Tensor G2 chipset, which offers better performance than the first-generation Tensor as well as advanced machine learning and AI capabilities that make it smarter and more adept.

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Another advantage of the new Tensor chip is improved camera imaging algorithms and some newly rated camera features.

For example, the Pixel 7 Pro scores Cinematic Blur for videos; This allows you to create attractive videos with blurred backgrounds, plus advanced macro focusing and more.

Google is also promising up to 5 years of software support, and with a starting price of $599 for the 128GB version of the phone, it’s a great deal all things considered. Feel free to check out our full review of the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

The Google Pixel 7 is just a slightly improved version of the Pixel 6 and fortunately costs the same at launch, but it solves many key aspects of the smaller Pixel flagship. The Pixel 7 series generally has the same hardware as its predecessor, but with more powerful software features and a more compact design.

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Of course, it lacks the 48MP 5X telephoto camera found on the Pixel 7 Pro and the battery on board is much smaller, and so is the screen, but on the other hand, it has a better camera. a new design as well as longer battery life and more compactness; This will be a welcome change for those looking for a more manageable device.

For full coverage, check out our Google Pixel 7 review, as well as our direct comparison between the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Pixel 7.

We should definitely consider buying a Google Pixel phone in 2023. This is especially true for those who are invested in the Android ecosystem, as opposed to people who shape their lives with the Apple ecosystem in mind. .

What Is The Best Google Pixel Phone

The synergy between Pixel phones and various other Android accessories and smart home appliances might not always be better than the synergy you’d get from, say, a flagship Samsung device, but overall you can’t go wrong with a Pixel. .

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While stock Android is one of its greatest strengths, it’s also the Achilles heel of the Pixel series. The vanilla, unmodified Android interface may be a plus for many people, but it doesn’t offer the same level of customization and flexibility normally associated with Android.

Some custom OEM Android skins, such as Samsung’s One UI, OnePlus’ Oxygen OS, and Xiaomi’s MIUI, provide a number of features not available on Android and Pixels. This can be a big minus for those who are ready to have better control over their interface.

Google has already committed to five years of extended security support (until 2027) and three years of guaranteed Android updates (until 2025) for the Google Pixel 7 series. The Pixel 6 series, on the other hand, will receive major Android updates until 2024 and will receive software security patches towards the end of 2026.

As released later, the Google Pixel 6a will receive major Android updates and security support until July 2025

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