What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

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What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight – Is the Lakers game on TV tonight? | Free Live Channels, Time, TV, Channels for Lakers vs. Thunder as LeBron James chases all-time record

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James (6) reacts during an NBA game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Moda Center in Portland, Sunday, 1/22, 2023. Howard Lao for The Oregonian/OregonLive

What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

After the Los Angeles Lakers’ 131-126 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night, James – who scored a game-high 27 points – came close to breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record.

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James is averaging 30.1 points this season and hopes to break that record when the Lakers take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at the Crypto.com Center in Los Angeles, California.

Fans can watch the match starting at 10am. ET, on DirecTV Stream (free trial) or Sling TV (50% off first month). Both streaming services are operated by TNT.

Ticket prices for this match have reached historic levels. Players looking to purchase tickets for the next game can purchase tickets through StubHub, VividSeats, Ticketmarter or Ticketmaster. According to VividSeats, prices for this Lakers game range from $175 to a ridiculous $144,514.

Fans looking to get Lebron James Lakers gear, including jerseys, can do so at Fanatics here.

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Mya Smiley is a student at the University of Akron, thanks to the help of LeBron James, after graduation, she decided to become a social worker and help raise children.

His education and career path would not have been possible, the sophomore said, without the education and guidance he received from the LeBron James Family Foundation. “It’s life-changing,” Smiley said.

For all his accomplishments on the basketball court—four championships, 19 All-Star selections and almost certainly the NBA’s all-time leading scorer—James’ pursuit of passion was on the court. he can then separate his heritage from others. superstar’.

What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

James has backed successful media and entertainment companies, bought pro football and soccer statistics, and with a lot of help from product agents, his net worth has grown to over $1 billion. The on-court success James is most proud of, he said, is working to improve the lives of people like Smiley in his hometown of Akron.

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Many athletes have excelled in one or more of these areas. But few have done it as well as James, who is inching closer to passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the NBA career scoring record.

“I think his goal is to give 10% of his wealth to the community, which is an amazing goal,” said Lisa Delpy Neirotti, a sports management professor at George Washington University. . “I’d say he’s above the rest, just because of that desire.”

James was a huge success in every way. And because of that, Smiley — one of the few Akron residents to receive financial support from his foundation — believes he, too, can succeed.

“If I didn’t have LeBron’s program, I probably wouldn’t have gone to college. I would have lived in a bad place,” Smiley, 19, said.

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James, who entered the NBA straight out of high school in 2003, planned from the start to use his talent, fame — and, yes, his growing wealth — to make an impact in a world beyond basketball.

“Even before I entered the NBA, I knew I wanted to find a way to give back to my country,” James said. Although James moved from home to home as a child and was financially poor for many years, he was very supportive of his friends, neighbors and teachers. .

The LeBron James Family Foundation, established in 2004, initially gained community attention through bicycle and backpack donations. He then began overseeing extracurricular programs, students spread across dozens of schools and the creation of a public school that now serves about 575 students in grades three through eight. Today, the school includes a family support center that offers a variety of services to parents, including mental health, financial literacy, legal assistance and GED classes.

What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

Just across the street from the school, the foundation provides 16 different families with free housing – when they need it – and plans to build 50 affordable homes.

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“I can’t imagine how much he’s going to grow,” James said in late January. “But we got here by listening and responding to our community and what they wanted.”

James earned more than $400 million in NBA royalties during his time playing for Cleveland, Miami and the Los Angeles Lakers. An additional $100 million is on the way over the next 2-1/2 years or so.

James is a boxer for Nike, GMC, AT&T and many foreign companies. He owns part of the football teams Boston Red Sox and British Liverpool. His entertainment company SpringHill – named after the small house he grew up in – is worth $725 million and has produced films for HBO and Netflix.

“He’s a great role model for millions of kids, especially kids who have fewer opportunities and don’t have the same advantages as everyone else,” San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said in 2018, a point he’s repeated since. “They see this guy who’s always great at work and gives them a voice and tells them you can talk about anything.”

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James is very focused on giving back to Akron because of the help the people there have given him and his family. “He never forgot that,” said Michele Campbell, director of the James Foundation. “I think that’s what makes him so baseless.”

Just like they called “King James” in the real world in 2010. That’s when he went on television and announced he was leaving Cleveland to play in Miami. This live event, dubbed “The Verdict” – and televised by ESPN – exploded with pride everywhere. But from James’ point of view, the campaign raised about $4 million for charity, an overlooked fact.

Just a few years later, James used his star power to bring attention to causes like his.

What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

After the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin — a black teenager from Florida who was wearing a mask when he was shot by a volunteer — James tweeted a photo of Heat players with masks and bowed heads that included the hashtag “WeWantJustice.”

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In 2020, James helped lead the “Get Out the Vote” movement, which includes registration and early voting and emphasizes the need for people — especially black voters — to get out to the polls in the fight against disenfranchisement.

Even in 2020, when the police in Minneapolis killed George Floyd, James is one of the actors calling for an end to racial inequality and police brutality.

James has all the money and all the fame he could ever want or need. His NBA record, including scoring titles, will live on for a long time.

“His ability to help others and put others first is what makes him a great person,” Smiley said. “This is not the basket he made.”

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The game starts showing the name “Fast & Furious” because we have already seen this movie. So far this season, Curry has the edge over his team in Hollywood — holding a 3-1 playoff record against James. Fortunately for James and Laker Nation, Curry’s Warriors know a thing or two about blowing a 3-1 lead.

What Channel Is The Lakers On Tonight

However, for the first time, the Western Conference bracket will feature two NBA superstars, a departure from the regular NBA Finals matchup that became popular from 2015-2018.

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All the action will end on Tuesday night in San Francisco between the sixth-seeded Warriors and the seventh-seeded Lakers.

Sports News has all the information you need to enjoy Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

The first game Lakers vs. The Warriors will air on TNT. Viewers in the United States can also watch the match on Sling TV.

Fans in the US can watch the NBA Playoffs on Sling TV, which is now HALF OFF for the first month! Stream Sling Orange for $20 your first month and watch all the games on TNT, ESPN and ABC. For NBA TV games, subscribe to Sling Orange & Sports Extra for $27.50 with you

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