What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight

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What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight – Giannis Antetokounmpo was back in the Bucks lineup, but it didn’t matter. In the playoffs, Jimmy scored an impressive 56 points and left the Heat one game away from upsetting the favorites in the first round.

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What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight

What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight

In the span of half a quarter in Miami on Monday night — half of a hot, blistering, heartbreaking season — the entire landscape of the 2022-23 NBA title could have changed.

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The Milwaukee Bucks should have won game 4 against the Miami Heat. Everything points to the box. They had the NBA’s best regular season record; With the first streak, they entered the postseason as championship favorites; And to top it off, they welcomed back Giannis Antetokounmpo on Monday night, who missed all 11 minutes of the series with a back injury suffered early in Game 1. Of course, the Bucks lost 2-1 against the eighth seed. The Heat, but with Giannis back, were poised to gain home court advantage and claim their title hopes.

In fact, the Bucks controlled most of the game, taking an early lead and maintaining a comfortable lead for the next three and a half quarters. Midway through the final period, Milwaukee took a 101-89 lead thanks to a great two-way game from Brook Lopez and a triple-double from Giannis, who enjoyed perhaps the hardest passing game of his career.

Point to Milwaukee because Jimmy Butler is playing for the Heat, and no one has hit a consistently high level this postseason than Butler, who has had a habit of exploding every spring. The six-time All-Star did it in those four playoff games: He scored on Jrue Holiday, around Lopez and at Antetokounmpo; It makes reliable shots from deep, medium frequencies and in the corner; It seems that he went to the line of his own will.

And thanks to Butler’s 56 points — a Heat playoff record for a franchise with no shortage of all-time greats — Miami cruised to a shocking 119-114 victory. Milwaukee was six minutes away from taking control of the series. The Heat are now one win away from perhaps the biggest loss in NBA playoff history.

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Like every series, Butler started Game 4 with a first quarter explosion. He scored 14 points in the first quarter in Game 1, 13 in Game 2 and 17 in Game 3 — and had an even better performance in Game 4, finishing with 22 points on 9-for-10 shooting. In the NBA play-by. -playing era (with 1996-97) in the playoffs for the first quarter point total matched only by Devin Booker and Michael Porter Jr., who scored 22 points in one day in 2021.

But the Bucks still led after 12 minutes as none of the Heat could find a rhythm. Over the next two periods, Butler himself went quiet and looked tired during the points as Giannis, Lopez and the Bucks took control.

Through three quarters, only Butler and Bam Adebayo — with 11 points on just 5-15 shooting — were in double figures for the Heat. This offensive stability lasted until the first half of the fourth quarter, during which the Heat scored only 11 points, and then, in one moment, it disappeared and entered the Heat.

What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight

Adebayo started the deadly run with a pull-up, and Butler followed with a jump and layup from the a-1. Caleb Martin fouled in transition and made both free throws, and suddenly a 12-point lead was down to three.

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The heat is not over. Martin, who was incredible off the Miami bench and dominated throughout the series, hit a jumper near the line and Giannis tried to call a timeout. But the whistle didn’t blow, and instead of giving the Bucks a break on Miami’s run, the sequence led to a Heat interception and Butler’s emphatic dunk at the other end, giving the Heat a 13-0 run and giving the crowd their home. advantage lead Spend a night to create excitement.

Although the Bucs eventually responded with some crunch time buckets of their own, they couldn’t keep up with Butler. Down 109-107, he hit a 3-pointer, kicked the lane and shouted his good intentions to the jubilant crowd as the party erupted at the newly named Kasia Center.

Jimmy Butler is the GOAT once the playoffs start is crazy every time pic.twitter.com/Cib9YJBBFq — Kevin O’Connor (@KevinOConnorNBA) April 25, 2023

Butler’s final stats after his return were as impressive as watching him live, shot-for-shot: 56 points on 19-for-28 shooting, including 3-for-8 from distance for a player who often plays in deep. temporary In the last regular season. This last part shows the overall outstanding hitting of the Heat in this series, leading them to a 3-1 lead.

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Miami was 25th in offense during the regular season, ahead of only five lottery teams. In particular, the team’s once-elite 3-point shooting remained stagnant, with the Heat making just 34 percent of their long-range attempts, which was 27th in the league and the lowest among playoff teams. The offensive struggles continued throughout both of Miami’s games.

However, in the four games against Milwaukee, the Heat made 48 percent of their 3-point attempts, the highest mark of any team in the first round of the playoffs. Even more remarkable, they made the jump despite missing leading shooter Tyler Herro, who broke his right hand in Game 1. Six of the seven Heat players who made at least 10 three-point attempts in the series best result than regular players. . – Led by Sean Marks, Butler and Duncan Robinson, who rediscovered his shooting form after Erik Spoelstra fell out of the rotation.

What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight

Against a generally solid Milwaukee defense featuring three of the NBA’s best guards in Giannis, Lopez and Holiday, the Heat didn’t generate an extraordinary amount of open looks. According to Second Spectrum, their shooting quality — based on factors such as shot location, defender distance and shooter identification — is actually worse than it was in the regular season and second-worst among playoff teams.

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But the Heat outscored Milwaukee in expected effective field goal percentage by 10.5 percentage points. For context, the second best result this season is Boston, with a plus 3.1 percentage points. Biggest overachiever for

The streak since the bubble has the Clippers against the Jazz in 2021 at plus-5.2 percentage points, or just half of what the heat is now.

Playoff history or not, Zombie Heat reputation or not, Miami likely won’t be able to sustain this hitting rate for long. But with a 3-1 lead, the Heat probably don’t need it – they need one more win in three attempts to complete just the fifth 8-1 deficit in NBA playoff history, second only to “Philadelphia” Derrick Rose. first since beating the Lesser Bulls in 2012.

With two more potential home games and a healthy Giannis, the Bucks have legitimate hopes for a comeback. But from the Heat’s point of view, their chances of winning another game are even higher if they can count on Jimmy in the playoffs, even against a dangerous opponent like the top-ranked Bucks.

Herro’s Late Run Helps Heat Come Back To Beat Pistons

After all, Miami’s first two wins in this series looked a bit shaky, thanks to both the atypical hitting and Giannis’ injury. Both victories were unstoppable. But the Heat beat Giannis in a close game on Monday night in what I almost thought was an unbelievable comeback.

But we don’t need to look to mystical miracles to explain Miami’s fiery finish in Game 4. We need only look to Butler’s 56 points and his relentless playoff nature.

Rodgers convinced the Jets that he could return from Achilles surgery faster than any player in NFL history. Believe in it cost the Jets the season.

What Channel Does The Heat Game Come On Tonight

The especially favorable offensive environment holds surprises for Embiid and his fellow MVP candidates. Plus, the Pistons are on the brink of history, and Giannis is one step closer to breaking the Milwaukee Bucks’ record books.

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