What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

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What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer – As with any form of cancer, early diagnosis plays a key role – it increases the chances of survival.

But some cancers are more deadly than others if left untreated – and cervical cancer is one of them.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Catch it at the earliest stage – stage 1 – and you have the best chance of surviving it. But, diagnosed at stage 4, you only have a 5 percent chance of surviving five years or more.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Therefore, it is very important that you know which changes you should consider and check them as soon as possible.

According to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, around 3,000 women in England are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year.

There are often no symptoms in these early stages, which is why regular Pap smears are so important Credit: Getty – Contributor

In the last decade – despite the deaths of celebrities such as Jade Goody – the number of women attending concerts has fallen to the lowest level since records began in 1995, with around a third of women in England risking their lives by bypassing a smear test.

Cervical Cancer: You Can Prevent It!

That’s why last year Fabulous teamed up with cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust to launch the #CheersForSmears campaign, which aims to get women across the UK involved in their performances, no matter what.

With around 3,200 women diagnosed with the condition each year in the UK – a figure expected to rise by around 40% over 20 years – and one in three dying from it, it’s clear we’re dealing with cervical cancer. Cancer time bomb.

“Not all women diagnosed with cervical cancer have no symptoms, so it’s really important to get a cervical check (smear test) when you’re invited. But no matter what your age, it’s just as important to be aware of the symptoms of cervical cancer,” said Imoj N Finnell, health information manager at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, to The Sun.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

This is a particularly troubling symptom in postmenopausal women who do not have periods. There is no age limit to develop cervical cancer.

Know All About Cervical Cancer

If you notice a change in color, smell, or consistency, it’s something you really need to check.

Pain during intercourse can be a symptom of a number of different problems, but one is cervical cancer.

Since the disease often passes without symptoms, pain during intercourse is one of the main indicators. This may be a sign that the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues.

Back pain can be a symptom of sitting awkwardly at your desk, but it can also be caused by the pressure of a cancerous tumor Credit: Elmi

What Are Early Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer?

It could be because you’ve been pushing yourself hard at the gym, or it could be a warning sign that something is wrong with your reproductive organs.

Persistent pain in the back, pelvis or appendix – just a stab – can be a sign of cervical cancer.

Mild weight loss may seem like the answer to many of our prayers for no apparent reason, but that’s never a good sign.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss are a sign that the body is not working properly – it is trying to conserve energy. If you notice that you are not eating as well as you should, see your doctor.

Hpv Vaccine: A Powerful Tool In Preventing Cervical Cancer

In many surgeries, smear tests are only available at certain times or days, making it difficult for some women to make an appointment.

That’s why we started the #CheersForSmears campaign – to encourage women to make essential appointments and offer doctors more flexible check-up times and allow after-hours and weekend check-ups.

We also want employers to do their part by ensuring that female workers attend potentially life-saving cervical screening when they can’t make an appointment outside of work hours.

If you experience any of these (don’t expect them all to appear, just one is enough!), then make an appointment to talk to your doctor right away.

Cervical Cancer: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment And More

It doesn’t matter if you recently had a Pap smear – or if you’re under 25 and haven’t been offered one yet. Although rare, cervical cancer can appear earlier.

“Remember, cervical cancer is rare and all these symptoms are often caused by something other than cancer,” says Imogen.

Most women do not have early symptoms, so it is very important to perform regular tests.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

There is a lot of misinformation about the disease and it puts us at risk.

How I Knew I Had Cervical Cancer

HPV is really common! In fact, 4 out of 5 people (80 percent) will contract the virus at some point in their lives.

In many cases, our immune system will get rid of HPV before we even know we have it.

You can get HPV the first time you have sex, so it doesn’t matter how many people you have sex with.

The virus can lie dormant in your body for years or even decades, so if you’ve been with the same person for a long time, you may still have the virus.

Caution Up: Cancer Warning Signs Mnemonic

Pap tests don’t actually check for cancer – they check for abnormal changes in the cervix, which means experts can catch the problem before it turns into cancer! Credit: Getty – Contributor

The purpose of the Pap test is to detect changes (abnormalities) in the cells of the cervix at an early stage, before it turns into cervical cancer.

A spot check shouldn’t hurt. For most people, the Pap test can be a little uncomfortable, but not painful.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

But we know it’s not always an easy test, so if you find it painful or distressing, there are things that can help.

Cervical Cancer Awareness

Cervical cancer affects women of all ages, so it’s important to take part in a Pap test when you’re invited – taking part helps reduce your risk of developing it.

If you have received the HPV vaccine, you are protected against at least 70 percent of cervical cancers.

However, you are not completely protected against all types of cervical cancer, so it is still important to go for a Pap test when you are scheduled.

If you are under the age of 25, try to make sure you are fully aware of what is happening to your body and seek urgent medical help if anything from the list above happens.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis And Treatment

Remember, doctors have seen and heard it all before – there’s no need to feel embarrassed about your gynecological health.

Economy Do you know HPV from your tests? 90% of women don’t, and it could cost them their lives

If you have any questions or concerns, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has a team of trained professionals to help you. September is gynecological cancer awareness month and wants women of all stages of life to understand the symptoms and the preventive measures they can take.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

In 2017, more than 107,000 new cases of gynecologic cancer were diagnosed in American women. Of these, approximately 31,600 women lost their battle with gynecological cancer.

Cervical Cancer Signs And Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

However, many women are unaware of the risk of gynecological cancer and the symptoms that indicate they may have it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gynecologic cancer is any cancer that begins in a woman’s reproductive organs. The top five gynecologic cancers include ovarian, cervical, vulvar, uterine/endometrial, and vaginal cancers, all of which produce unique symptoms and risk factors.

“Most people who get gynecological cancer have no obvious risk factors,” said Warner K. Oh, MD, Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “What women can do with these types of cancer is to get regular checkups and see a doctor if something doesn’t feel right in their body.”

Any woman can be at risk for some gynecological cancer. The risk tends to increase with age, and cancer is always more likely because of family history or race. Lifestyle choices such as chronic smoking and obesity can affect the risk of developing gynecological cancer; For example, there is a correlation between higher rates of uterine/endometrial cancer in obese women.

Let’s Talk About Cervical Cancer Symptoms

The main difficulty in detecting gynecological cancer is that many of the signs and symptoms are ones that women experience regularly, such as during menstruation or as side effects of another condition. Additionally, symptoms vary from woman to woman, so it can be hard to say definitively that every woman will experience the same thing.

“What women should look for is chronicity and unusual frequency of symptoms, even if the symptoms don’t seem unusual,” Hu said. Comprehensive Cancer Center. “If they experience symptoms such as persistent swelling, persistent bleeding, or persistent pelvic pain, they should be aware of the persistence and duration of these symptoms, as they may indicate a need for formal medical evaluation.”

Although each woman’s response is different, the following signs and symptoms are common indicators of any cancer. As Hoh points out, it’s important for women to use these symptoms as a guide, because they’re the only ones who know for sure that something’s going on.

What Are The Signs Of Cervical Cancer

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