Unveiling The Secrets Of Technological Gaming Excellence

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Unveiling The Secrets Of Technological Gaming Excellence – In the 1983 film “WarGames”, a young hacker played by Matthew Broderick accidentally gains access to the legendary supercomputer of the US military. He discovers computer games before realizing that he has discovered a system used by the North American Air Defense Command to simulate combat. The list he gets back starts with classic games like checkers and bridge, but surprisingly also includes games called “Guerrilla Engagement” and “Theatrewide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare.”

There are more than 40 “security awareness” games available for anyone to play on the website of the Center for Security Development Excellence, or CDSE, an administrative division within the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, the US government’s largest security agency. DCSA, which calls itself “America’s gatekeepers,” focuses on protecting government employees and infrastructure, as well as counterintelligence and insider threat detection. (The Ministry of Defense did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Unveiling The Secrets Of Technological Gaming Excellence

Unveiling The Secrets Of Technological Gaming Excellence

Games range from crossword puzzles and word searches to identify an insider threat to games with unusual titles like “Targeted Violence” and “Earl Lee Indicators.” The crowd of the game looks like an artifact of the late 90s: the titles of the games announced in WordArt, the price tags that seem to have been designed with Microsoft Word, with descending numbers and stock photos (some still marked)” “Matrix”-like background.

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Some games themselves are offered in formats that are prone to security vulnerabilities. For example, some look like they were created using the free Magic Football PowerPoint template, except the file format may contain malware. Playing the Eight Ball game also requires downloading and unzipping files, exposing players to potentially dangerous attachments. In addition to this risk, it seems that not all games have their originals stored closely: for example, the metadata in the game Magic Eight Ball with the title “Unauthorized disclosure” indicates that the file was stored in a Dropbox folder.

The game appears to be used for internal training on topics such as cybersecurity and business security, as well as internal threats and special access systems, security protocols for handling highly classified information. But they can reveal what actions Department of Defense investigators are trained to flag as insider threats, such as plugging in unauthorized USB devices or downloading eyebrow-raising files at the same time. These clues can help whistleblowers avoid detection when they reward government intelligence.

This search term based on open source code is clearly designed to educate the player about the government’s decision-making guidelines for determining an individual’s eligibility for security clearance. The tutorial is to search a grid of 625 letters for words like “sexual” and “criminal”. For example, when you search for “sex,” a pop-up informs you that “A sexual act that involves a criminal act…is designed to protect a person’s judgment, integrity, credibility, and classified or sensitive information.” “It raises questions about what’s possible.” Apparently, the Department of Defense believes that anyone convicted of a sex crime cannot be trusted to protect sensitive information.

If the participants suspected insider threats, the game was a mix between “dating game” and “catch the predator.” In a cheery tone, the host — or detective, represented by the $12 stock photo — says, “Welcome to America’s favorite game: ‘Who’s in Jeopardy?’ Your job in this job is to find out which of our guests may pose an index risk to your organization.

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Each of the three contestants answers six different questions, such as “Have you made any big purchases recently?” and “Do you use social media?” If their answer sounds like a risk indicator — “risky behavior” that can indicate a tendency to be an insider, according to the CDSE — then click the check box below that person.

One of the participants admitted that he had recently bought a Ferrari, while another said that he had contacts with high officials in the European Union. The third admitted that he took confidential documents home. Combine who has the most boxes to check and you have yours. Once you’ve identified the correct suspect, the host asks you to “bring these concerns to the appropriate reporting authority,” which he does.

The main game of the site, “Whodunit”, is similar to Clue, except that instead of the murder suspect, you try to identify and find the leak, and instead of the murder weapon, you Let’s try to find the method they used to leak. data.

Unveiling The Secrets Of Technological Gaming Excellence

Suspicious cards include complex profiles and many potential red flags. For example, David Plum “shared that he is getting divorced” and “refuses to take a performance test.” Betty Brown “never took a polygraph,” and Marge Merlot “travels a lot in foreign countries.” After identifying the suspect, you can choose a possible location where the data breach occurred, such as a cubicle in the yard (which we are told does not have security cameras) or a sensitive information center, which holds sensitive information. Finally, you can choose a method used by a malicious outlaw, such as dispersal or a good old fashioned attack. After solving one case, there are six cases left to be tried.

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This is a classic hidden object game: You have two minutes to find 10 objects related to physical security. These range from General Services Administration containers used to store classified information, to Z-channel ventilation structures designed to prevent sound from escaping the safe, to astragal strips that cover a closed door. If you succeed in finding all the items, you will be given the name “Security Guru” and unlock a hidden bonus game, where you now have access to five unauthorized devices, including a private phone and a wireless keyboard. one minute to find things.

If you want to decorate your game room to match the Pentagon game while you play, CDSE also offers over 100 posters on security topics. Many of them are reminiscent of old National Security Agency posters from the 1960s, but some have been updated to warn of today’s threats. For example, one poster shows a fictional news outlet called the Daily News; Top tips from The New York Times. The poster warns against following links to submit tips to the media, writing that “Unauthorized disclosure of classified information to news outlets or other sites is uncalled for” and, in bold red letters, “It is a crime.” Is.”

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Unveiling The Secrets Of Technological Gaming Excellence

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