Moving Companies That Will Pack For You

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U-Pack is an affordable option for full-service companies. U-Package will drop off a trailer or shipping container at your home and give you up to three days to set it up yourself. You only pay for the space you need, which allows you to save money if you pack well or leave things for the last minute.

Moving Companies That Will Pack For You

Moving Companies That Will Pack For You

U-Package covers long distance shipping anywhere in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. One of the best moving companies, they offer a lot of extras and they give you a moving trailer or container to put your stuff in and then move it for you. U-Pack also has in-transit storage options and easy online shipment tracking. Although U-Pack does not provide its own staff to help you pack and unpack your device, it will provide delivery to a local moving company.

How To Pack Efficiently For A Move

The U-package has a unique value proposition: you only pay for the space you use. This means that if you order a full trailer but only need 10 feet of space, you will only pay for 10 feet. If you order individual containers – called U-Pack ReloCubes – you only pay for the containers you ship.

The trick to this pricing plan, especially for trailers, is that the U-pack fills the rest of the trailer with commercial cargo going in the same direction as your shipment. Sharing a trailer space can save you a lot of money compared to other moving services. For ReloCube delivery, one truck can carry your cubes and another person’s cubes.

Thanks to this system, U-Pack is much cheaper than most full-service shipping companies. For example, it costs less than $2,600 to move a ReloCube (large enough for the basic needs of one room) from Houston to Seattle. about $7,000.

Please note that these prices do not include assistance with loading or unloading your equipment or trailer. If you need help, hiring local workers for half a day costs $500.

Kitchen Packing Hacks Every Moving Company Uses

The moving process with U-Pack is simple in a way that most other moving companies are not. When you go online for a quote, U-Pack will offer trailer and ReloCube options. That way, you can easily see how much the two options cost and compare the total space you’ll have for your stuff. It’s also easy to add loading and unloading services from local moving companies to your offer.

You can save quotes for future reference or save them online and set a drop date for your trailer or ReloCube. From the day the device is delivered to your home, you have three working days to repair it. Since you know your departure date in advance, it’s easy to arrange for friends and family to help you with the packing process if you don’t want to pay a moving crew.

On the fourth day, a truck will come to pick up your trailer or ReloCubes. They will drive to your new home, which can take anywhere from two days to a week long journey, and take the equipment. You then have three more days to collect all of your belongings except for the empty container before taking it away.

Moving Companies That Will Pack For You

If you need storage in transit, U-Pack offers that too. Storage is usually sold in 30-day increments. Note that using ReloCubes is also more cost effective than building a complete mini trailer.

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Another thing to consider when using the U-Pack is that you have to put the trailer or ReloCubes somewhere between your old house and your new house. ReloCubes fit in a driveway or parking lot, but a trailer takes up a lot of space (40 feet long with ramp added).

U-Pack has many trailers and ReloCubes available. Each truck can pull standard 28-meter trailers, and U-Pack works with independent delivery and delivery trucks.

ReloCubes 6ft x 7ft x 8ft. They are small enough to fit in a parking lot or your driveway for loading and unloading. Even better, you’re allowed to put your key on the ReloCube for transport.

U-Pack customer service is excellent. You are provided with an online account where you can track your orders and make changes as needed. If any questions arise, it’s easy for customer service representatives to pull up shipping information based on your reference number or account information.

How To Pack Large Pictures For Moving?

You can also track your shipment online while it is in transit. All you need is your order number, which you can find on your account.

The U-Package includes basic insurance with every trip. Your items are limited to $3 per pound per item, up to $60,000 per trailer or $7,500 per ReloCube. You can also purchase additional insurance through the U-Package, although the company recommends renters insurance as a comprehensive coverage option.

“I have a lot of friends who want to move, and I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about companies moving. However, my experience with U-Pack was excellent – I appreciated the professionalism, helpful staff, on-time delivery and reasonable prices. I will definitely recommend U-Pack to friends in the future!” – Lauren K.

Moving Companies That Will Pack For You

“Easy to pack, low cost, and then someone drives to do two moves instead of jumping.” Find out how durable the ReloCubes are compared to the competition (I did my research) using the U-Pack was a no brainer. And with great customers, it was a great experience.” — Renee M. Tifton.

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“It’s amazing. I will never use another moving company! I will recommend U-Pack to anyone who asks. We couldn’t have had a better, easier, faster, more worry-free travel experience. The most important thing is the price of pickup/drop-off. Thank you all so much!”— Fae Mr. Englewood

The U-Package offers a convenient and affordable way to manage long journeys. If you are comfortable loading and unloading your goods yourself, a pay-as-you-go shipping system can save you a lot of money compared to traditional full-service shipping companies. In-flight storage options and online shipment tracking only add to U-Packet’s appeal. However, keep in mind that the U-pack method can be difficult if you don’t have a place to park the ReloCubes or trailers for a few days in your old and new homes.

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Traveling is stressful, and for many, the hardest part of traveling is packing. A 2020 NI Post survey found that 48% of people find packing to be an expensive part of travelling. We can understand why. It is not easy to pack the things of your life into a few cardboard boxes. To make your move better for you, the experts at Gentle Giant recommend leaving the hard work of packing to the pros!

Must Do’s Before Packing For Your Big Move (and A Free Plan My Move Kit) — Organize Nashville

Many moving companies, such as Gentle Giant Moving Co., can handle almost any task related to moving your belongings. This includes packing all of your household contents (excluding the items described below). Typically, companies charge anywhere from $20 to $60 per hour for courier services. However, this fee will increase as the quantity of goods transported increases. With long distance moving, you are usually charged a fixed price based on the size of your move and the nature of your belongings. If the cost of packing services sounds like something you can fit into your budget, we highly recommend leaving the packing to the professionals. Professional movers know how to safely pack your belongings to avoid the risk of damage while you are resting.

With over 40 years of experience in the travel industry, Giants have made packaging a fine art (even when it comes to your essential art). Once you submit your inventory, your assigned mover will determine the number and type of boxes needed for the move.

Gentle Giant’s motorcycle training program includes learning how to pack using the Big Wolf Method, which puts safety and efficiency at the core. Professionally trained movers transport everything from your fragile plates and cups to more complex items such as lamps, lanterns and hanging coats. They’ll even wrap and pack your glasses, so you don’t have to worry about seven years of misery!

Moving Companies That Will Pack For You

Also, some movements require more attention. For example, important pictures, electronics or antiques

Movers Who Pack For You

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