Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

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Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential – Learning is not always fun. Especially when you discover something about yourself that is not as positive as you think it might be.

Last week we sat down to record episode 3 of our new podcast The Spin & Nick Show and I semi-inadvertently made him feel quite uncomfortable.

Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

We are both fans of the book Mindset by Carol Dick and this week I wanted to discuss it in the context of leadership.

Mindset — Carol Dweck (book Review)

Spencer has a track record of leading successful teams and is also a big proponent of a growth mindset, so he was the perfect person to talk about this topic.

It seemed like it was something he didn’t necessarily pay much attention to so he wasn’t reluctant to talk about it. It was definitely a little hot under the collar.

I know Spencer has done a lot of work on growth mindset and it’s a topic he’s really familiar with.

But I think the added pressure of the conversation being recorded means he was worried about looking bad and/or afraid of what people would think of him for not reacting well.

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I reminded you that there are elements of a fixed mindset to try to avoid failure/mistakes or looking bad in front of others.

“It is surprising and very disappointing to hear this from me. But I think it’s probably fair.” – Spencer Ayres Developing self-awareness isn’t always fun

When you realize that you have a fixed mindset in any area of ​​your life that you weren’t aware of before, it can be quite painful to get your head around it at first.

Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

I know that when I make a discovery like this, I can feel a pain in my chest. But this kind of learning and experience moves us forward.

Mindset By Carol Dweck

The way I see it is a fixed mindset and growth is at scale. So you stop one side and progress on the other.

It’s not about being ready or improving, all the time. Instead, you have areas of your life that are more fixed and others that are more progressive.

Maybe you are focused on your work and there is a lot of effort for a certain period of time. Meanwhile, you may not pay attention to your health, e.g. – try to eat the right things or exercise; Which is perfectly fine.

I think discussing these things is very important to help you recognize that you have a fixed mindset so you can make a conscious decision to act on it or not.

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I also believe that certain areas of your life have a fixed mindset as long as you are aware of it and are okay with it.

A common mistake people make is to trick themselves into believing they have a growth mindset when they don’t necessarily have one.

“Oh, the growth mindset is good. Well, I’m good, so that must mean I have. And I should have it all the time.

Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

But in truth we are not like that. Yes, we may have a growth mindset in many areas, but more likely, we have a fixed mindset in many other areas as well.

How To Manage Your Mindset & Change The Way You Think

What I think we were lucky enough to see in this conversation was that Spencer was going through a process of identifying areas in her life where she had a fixed mindset.

Now he has a choice whether he wants to move to a more progressive way of thinking in this area or not.

I think the leadership implications of this conversation are huge because what we’ve shown is a focus on our leadership styles and methods and how we’ve done it in the past in terms of growth and fixed mindsets . We can find areas. Where we can improve.

One of the keys to developing a growth mindset in others is to encourage them to tackle challenging tasks and praise them for their efforts.

Free Mail] Mindset

Of course, it is much easier to be the person asking the questions than to answer them. So I want to thank Spencer for her courage and effort in that conversation.

If you want to hear the entire discussion, watch the video podcast on YouTube or listen to the audio version on Apple podcasts or Spotify. Carol S. Dweck, PhD, is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation. Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. His research focuses on why people are successful and how to increase success. She is a professor at Columbia and Harvard universities, has taught around the world and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

About the book: “In this book, you’ll learn how simple beliefs about yourself—beliefs we discovered in our research—are a big part of how you live your life.” In fact, it affects every part of your life. Many times what is holding you back from fulfilling your potential grows out of it.

Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

In this book, Carol Duke summarizes her decades of research and uses hard science to help us understand why we do what we do. Specifically, it talks about the differences between people with a “fixed” mindset versus those with a “growth” mindset. The difference between these two ways of thinking is great and in this book, dr. Duke shares his great ideas and experiences on how we can change the way we think and create more authentically extraordinary lives. Everyone should read it.

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Key Insight: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset “For thirty years, my research has shown that the way you think about yourself affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you achieve the things that are important to you. ? How does this happen?”

Mindfulness, a relatively simple belief about yourself, is super powerful. It can change our psychology and therefore our life. Dr. Duke suggests that our mindset is shaped from early childhood, but it is something we can work on throughout our lives. So here’s the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset:

“Believing that your qualities are set in stone—a fixed mindset—creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over again. If you just have a certain intelligence, a certain personality and a certain moral character, then you better prove that you have a healthy dose of them. It simply won’t look or feel like it’s lacking these essential features.

In short, a fixed mindset is the belief that we are born with certain intelligence, abilities, and talents. Basically, you either win or you don’t. Every challenge you face in life, from a fixed mindset perspective, is a test of whether you have it or not. People with a fixed mindset tend to look for an easy option to prove themselves and avoid challenges because they are afraid of confusing and looking bad. Therefore, they miss many opportunities to grow and enjoy life much less.

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“In this mindset, the hand you’re dealt is just a starting point for growth. This growth mindset is based on the belief that your core qualities are things you can cultivate with -your own efforts. Although people are as different as they can be. in every way – in their initial skills and abilities, interests or temperament – everyone can change and develop through the use and experience.

A growth mindset is based on the idea that what you are born with is just a starting point. With hard work, patience, continuous effort and different strategies, we can develop our skills and intelligence over time. People with a growth mindset see challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. Basically, when we are in a growth mindset, we seek out challenges and achieve great results (and actually live a happier life).

It’s easy to figure out, we should strive to facilitate a growth mindset in our children, as well as change our own mindset to a growth mindset (eg leadership!).

Mindset Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

Children are born with a great desire to explore the world and learn. As they interact with this world and face assessment and judgment, their beliefs (and subsequently motivation) about learning can change.

Mindset Updated Edition: Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Potential

When we put children in a fixed mindset, they often think that they are smart enough and that studying and learning are for dumb children. On the other hand, they may believe that they are not good at something – so why bother studying? They fear challenges and mistakes because they don’t fear/don’t look smart. They are not too busy to make an extra effort to learn new things to stay in the comfort zone of what they already know.

On the other hand, when children are put into a growth mindset, they become more enthusiastic about learning. They believe that success is self-improvement and actively seek new learning challenges. They thrive on challenges and explore different learning strategies. For them, success means being smart.

When learning something new, children with a fixed mindset are actually looking for instant gratification. Attention in the development of children

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