Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

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Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future – What will the job search look like in 2050? No one knows—but popular estimates suggest that 65% of elementary school-aged children will end up in a career that has yet to be invented. We are betting heavily on the next generation of STEM games in the most advanced areas such as Augmented Reality (AR), data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) role-based services.

We looked into our digital crystal ball and came up with 15 jobs we think you might find advertised in the 30+ years. And yes, they all need STEM skills!

Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

Duties: Advocating on ethical and legal issues related to the development and distribution of AI-based technology products.

Future Of Work

Mission: Develop and manage workplace systems where human workers and AI interact to create better business outcomes.

Duties: Collaborate with technical artists to create immersive 3D content that enhances the user experience of a product or service.

Duties: Assist families of patients undergoing extensive medical care by simplifying paperwork and processes, communicating complex medical information.

Skills: Health Sciences and Social Work. As a medical role, basic math – addition, division, proportion and algebraic equations – are essential.

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Tasks: A suitable source of AI for families, individuals and employers to fulfill needs such as cleaning, cooking, socializing, ordering coffee, etc.

Duties: Offer one-on-one coaching sessions to customers to understand their digital banking options and ultimately improve their financial health.

Cassie is an editor and writer and former digital editor with a career in STEM, and spends her days researching robots and following famous scientists.

Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

Learn what cybersecurity professionals do in their daily work environment and the best skills needed to succeed in a cybersecurity career.

Skills Of The Future: Preparing Students For Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist

Bookmark this page for a quiet evening in the school holidays – your future career will thank you later. In a new partnership report released by Dell Technologies and the Institute for the Future (IFTF), it is estimated that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been created. These careers reflect the ever-changing technological landscape that permeates our daily lives.

In education, we have seen how technology has changed the landscape of work and education. A decade ago, library media specialists were unheard of, high schools would have an entire class block dedicated to programming and computer skills, and makerspaces weren’t even thought of, let alone who managed them! Devices like iPads and Android tablets are now on the way, and even the social media powerhouses that teachers use every day, like Twitter and Instagram, are in their infancy.

And yet, here we are – a decade later. Not only do these careers exist, but the role of traditional education has been replaced by the evolution of technology as we know it. According to, there are currently 700+ listings for library media specialists—that’s amazing for a profession that only emerged in the last decade.

Technology has also changed the way careers are launched. Tweets can get you interviews, your blog can launch your writing career, and having the latest digital credentials, like those awarded through the Edge•U Forward Edge badge program, can put you ahead of the curve in your field. Comparison opens doors faster. How about ten years from now? twenty? thirty? What does our career landscape look like for those just starting kindergarten? According to the Dell and IFTF report, while many careers of the future have not been thought of, some may be in their infancy today and fully developed as younger generations prepare to enter the workforce. .

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An example of a future career is solar technologist, which is a current career choice, but is highly specialized and application specific. According to the Huffington Post, “As we move forward, we will find more efficient and sustainable ways to get energy. We may find ourselves looking to the sun a lot more. Solar experts will be working with owners in cities to Assist in designing and maintaining boards and managing them. Network in rural areas.”

Another example that young students have as an option is developing virtual reality applications. Today’s kids will see valuable opportunities in developing applications for VR technology as adults in the future! Although virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are on the rise, the technology is still evolving and evolving. Technologies that used to be only expensive entertainment technologies, AR and VR are now seen in everyday settings: from virtual tours through cardboard VR glasses to AR as a tool to provide better educational access. This technology is slowly evolving to be used in entirely new applications and enrich future careers.

As noted in the study, many other careers do not currently exist and will only emerge as technology, and its role in our lives, continues to grow. Education as we know it will likely continue to change, as technology impacts the needs of the education profession. In the same way that librarians have evolved into media specialists, other roles in education and academia will evolve with technology.

Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

The careers listed here are only the most basic selection of what jobs are available to current K-12 students. We can only wait and see what other exciting developments the next decade or two will bring, but if it is anything like the past, it will be full of powerful and transformative changes that will truly transform the field of education. Improve in all aspects!

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Can you imagine yourself at work while delivering a package? This is what will happen in the near future, thanks to drones and self-driving trucks. The demand for outdoor drone pilots and operators will increase in the near future.

Generative Ai In The Finance Function Of The Future

Delivery companies have to hire and maintain a large fleet of drones for which they need trained pilots who can skillfully operate this technical equipment.

The demand for virtual reality technology is experiencing tremendous growth. As this trend continues, there will be a growing need for professional computer programmers and designers who can create immersive worlds for virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

Companies should focus on developing virtual reality and invest in training and equipping a large pool of professionals with the skills necessary to meet this growing demand.

Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

These experts are primarily information technology specialists, and they take a holistic approach to analyzing the technology that individuals use in their work and daily lives.

Jobs Will Still Exist In The Future, But Not As We Know Them

Their goal is to organize tools and platforms, ensuring they work together to optimize productivity and efficiency.

By helping people take advantage of the various technological tools available, these professionals play an important role in improving the overall quality of life for consumers.

In a future where self-driving cars, hoverboards and drones become a reality, the need for autonomous transportation experts is emerging. These professionals will be responsible for overseeing and integrating this advanced technology into existing transportation systems in cities and towns.

As these new transit options become more widespread, human supervision becomes important. The role of an autonomous transportation specialist includes ensuring the smooth integration of autonomous vehicles into existing infrastructure and closely monitoring their performance and results.

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Their expertise will be essential to seize the challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of autonomous transport, ultimately creating a safer and more efficient future for mobility.

End-of-life coaches provide valuable guidance and support to individuals, helping them navigate the complexities and emotional challenges associated with this stage. The profession must shift its focus from more medical care at the end of life to prioritizing quality of life in the remaining time.

Its guidance-centered approach helps people discover their personal values, desires, and medical choices.

Jobs That Will Still Exist In The Future

By understanding their preferences and desires, individuals can create meaningful and fulfilling end-of-life experiences that align with their unique goals and aspirations.

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There may be other similar jobs like self driving car mechanic, autonomous transport mechanic and many more!!

Automation, artificial intelligence and the rapidly changing needs of people will change the face of the labor market in the future

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