Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

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Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

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The 30 Fastest Growing Jobs And Careers For The Next 10 Years

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The job landscape is constantly changing, so people value stability and growth in their chosen career.

If you’re looking to change careers or have just started your first job, you may be looking for a position that is expected to grow despite changing employment trends. Use this list to help you advance your career and gain insight into the 30 fastest-growing jobs of the decade.

Note. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics were used. All average salaries and growth rates reported are from the Job Outlook Handbook and are based on 2021 average salaries.

July Jobs Report: Pace Of U.s. Hiring Slows But Remains Solid

Nursing is the fastest growing profession, with above average growth of 46%. These health care providers coordinate with physicians or work independently to provide health care services to patients. Most nurse practitioners offer preventative and primary care, such as health screening and medication administration.

Wind turbine service technicians, or wind turbine specialists, are the second fastest growing occupation this decade, with rapid growth expected at 44%. The primary responsibilities of a wind technician include installing, maintaining, and repairing wind turbines.

Opportunities can be found across the country with stable wages that do not require a four-year degree.

Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

Restaurant chefs usually don’t have the formal training to become one, and on-the-job training will usually teach you what you need to know. Many choose culinary education through a vocational school, vocational program, or apprenticeship.

Tennessee Clean Energy Brings Jobs + Careers

Using data science software and programming, data scientists’ careers revolve around turning raw data into interpretable information. Data scientists analyze, visualize, and report their findings, and think about analytical techniques they can use to solve problems.

Information security analysts are critical to protecting organizations’ computer networks and systems. With the threat of cyber attacks, organizations need professionals who can develop security best practices and stay abreast of information technology and security trends.

The ability to analyze data and solve problems makes statisticians in demand in fields such as business, healthcare, government, and engineering. Statisticians typically require a master’s or doctorate degree in quantitative research to develop their skills.

If you enjoy working with pets, veterinary assisting may be the career for you. As a zookeeper, you are responsible for feeding, caring for, training and training the animals, and you typically do not need a college degree or experience to do this job.

South West Tech Sector Forecast To Create 125,000 Jobs And Grow To Nearly £20bn By 2026

Medical and health services managers are responsible for directing and coordinating health care services in health care facilities, groups, or departments. They are also known as healthcare administrators or healthcare managers and must manage services according to changing regulations and technology.

Working in collaboration with physicians and surgeons, physician assistants provide medical examinations, diagnoses, and treatments. PAs typically require a master’s degree, and job seekers need patient care experience before going to graduate school.

Besides wind power, solar energy is another fast-growing source of energy and jobs. Solar photovoltaic system installers are responsible for assembling and maintaining all types of solar energy systems.

Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

Physical therapy assistants help people with injuries or illnesses regain mobility and manage any pain associated with recovery. Before becoming a physical therapy assistant, all states require you to earn an associate’s degree and a license or certification by passing a national physical therapy exam.

Recruitment Outsourcing Is The Next Big Thing; Expected To Grow 50% A Year

Occupational therapy assistants help patients who need assistance regaining and maintaining skills needed for daily living. Under the guidance of occupational therapists, assistants in this specialty provide therapeutic activities for developmental, socialization and mobility disorders.

As the adult population aged 65 and older grows rapidly, home health services are in high demand. Home health aides help people with chronic illnesses or people who need help with activities of daily living. In addition to helping with daily activities, they also provide basic medical care, such as monitoring vital signs.

Oil and gas truck operators install and operate a fleet of equipment used to drill oil wells and drive wells into the ground. Oil rig operators are involved in various activities such as maintenance, monitoring and control of oil tankers. These jobs are in demand in the mining, oil and gas and construction industries.

Speech-language pathologists help people with communication and swallowing disorders and require at least a master’s degree and clinical licensure. Also known as speech therapists, they evaluate, diagnose, and treat children and adults with conditions such as stuttering.

Fastest Growing Jobs Of The Decade

This role may work in a healthcare setting to treat patients with cleft palate, Parkinson’s disease or autism spectrum disorder, stroke or traumatic brain injury. An alternative to this career is providing counseling and programs in schools.

Using advanced mathematical and analytical techniques, operations research analysts solve complex problems in a variety of industries. Operations research analysts have analytical skills that can be applied to healthcare, business, logistics, and science.

A bachelor’s degree in operations research or another quantitative field is required to get started, but candidates with a master’s degree are more attractive candidates.

Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

Substance abuse, conduct disorder and mental health counselors offer treatment to people with mental or behavioral problems that are interfering with their lives. They evaluate and evaluate problems such as addiction or alcohol use disorder and provide treatment and education for recovery.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Technology In The Us?

Becoming a counselor typically requires a bachelor’s degree and a clinical license, but requirements can range from certification to a master’s degree depending on the state.

None of the above works caught your attention. Here are some other careers that are growing faster than average.

The future of American jobs will depend on the nation’s fastest-growing industries. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’ve identified the fastest-growing industries of the decade to help you choose your next career path.

The number of adults 65 and older has grown rapidly over the past decade as baby boomers age. As a result, demand for health and mental health services is expected to increase.

Where To Find The Best Edtech Jobs In 2023

Take a look at the growth in health-related fields below to see where you can find a sustainable career.

As the world and work become increasingly dependent on technology and data, the demand for professional services and skills in this area may not diminish. Companies want skills such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and analytics to help them run their business, solve problems and make strategic decisions.

Salary, job security, personal interests and many other factors will help determine your career path. It is important to consider the benefits that will bring great career growth and opportunities to your career.

Jobs That Are Expected To Grow In The Future

Benefits such as career stability, longevity and a stable income can be very attractive in an ever-changing work environment. Ultimately, you need to prioritize work, work, life and finances. Healthcare services are becoming increasingly important, and nursing is a career option that is becoming increasingly popular. As technology advances and healthcare policies change, the role of nurses evolves and expands.

Glassdoor’s No. 3 Best Job In The U.s. Has Seen Job Growth Surge 480%

American citizens are aging. By 2060, the percentage of Americans age 65 and older is projected to nearly double to 1 in 6. In addition, the demand for and delivery of medical procedures is impacted by the rise of chronic diseases.

The current shortage of doctors and nurses in the United States creates a situation that does not meet the needs of the workforce. About 100 million Americans live in areas with primary care shortages.

By 2034, the number of physicians needed could range from approximately 38,000 to 124,000, 202,000 to 1,221, and 1,221 to 1,221. Additionally, the medical workforce is changing rapidly. According to 2020 Ncsbn (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) statistics, one in five nurses is 65 years old. Many nurses either leave the field

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