Is The Pixel 6 Good For Gaming

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Is The Pixel 6 Good For Gaming – The Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s biggest contender today for the crown. Google has brought it all here, with a homegrown Tensor processor, a large 6.7-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 50-megapixel main camera, a 4x telephoto camera, and a good starting price. total of $899. In short, the Pixel 6 Pro does its best to beat the iPhone 13 Pro — not to mention other Android phones from companies like Samsung and OnePlus. After using it for less than a week, Google defied expectations by doing it.

Off the shelf, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is different from the five Pixel phones that came before it. Low specs and a low screen size are thrown to the wayside, creating a large 6.7-inch screen with curved sides, sharp corners, a punch-hole camera placed in the middle and a large storage compartment in the back.

Is The Pixel 6 Good For Gaming

Is The Pixel 6 Good For Gaming

What’s more difficult is getting more. Google’s flagship phone comes from the 5.7 x 2.77 x 0.31-inch Pixel 5 and measures 6.45 x 2.99 x 0.35 inches. It’s easily the same size as other large Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (6.5 x 2.98 x 0.35 inches) and the OnePlus 9 Pro (6.43 x 2.90 x 0.34 inches). ).

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In many ways, these important changes make the Pixel 6 Pro a very small phone in a sea of ​​glass units. But at the same time, it’s like an extension of Google’s best phone.

That camera is easily the most popular feature of the Pixel Pro 6; It gives a unique look from the back. That said, the style of the entire range is like the Geordi La Forge of phones.

Also, the full-width camera mount holds the phone at a constant angle so it doesn’t tilt back and forth like an iPhone with an angled camera mount. The downside of that big picture frame is that it’s easy for dirt and lint. During my time with the phone, I had to scrape the dirt from this area once a day.

The glass visor, which extends two millimeters above the rest of the phone, looks like it might break, but thankfully it’s very stable. Metal brackets secure the entire camera carriage and protect it from scratches. The camera mount gives me extra leverage when holding the phone so it doesn’t slip out of my hand.

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Back to the new 6.7-inch screen: an LTPO OLED with an excellent QHD + resolution (1440 x 3120) and a 19.5:9 ratio, perfect for movies. It has a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which is an improvement over most Android phones – including its smaller sibling the Pixel 6.

Despite only showing 800 nits in high brightness mode – which is perhaps weak compared to the iPhone 13 Pro’s 1,000 nits of continuous brightness – it is more than comfortable to use in bright sunlight.

Like the iPhone 13 Pro, the new 120Hz screen goes to apps and messages, switching between screens and navigating the interface faster. Unfortunately, like the iPhone 13 Pro, you won’t be able to see all the animations at 120Hz, although some apps now support 120Hz. I can see Google Now and Facebook feed running at 120Hz, but Twitter stutters at 60Hz. At least the Play Store’s selection of 120Hz games has grown steadily over the years.

Is The Pixel 6 Good For Gaming

Under the hood, the Pixel 6 Pro packs Google’s first Tensor chip, which isn’t one of the Qualcomm chips used in nearly any Android phone to date. After a week of use, the phone seems just as capable, if not faster, than the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 phones we’ve used this year.

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Like these phones, programs start quickly, and the entire interface is better, from opening menus to switching between programs. Thanks to the 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, the Pixel 6 Pro is better at keeping apps in memory, so you don’t have to wait for apps to restart.

You can choose between 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage when you buy a Pixel 6 Pro. There is no 1TB option like the iPhone 13 Pro, but since Google – or Android phones in general – do not have video formats like ProRes or ProRAW, you should not need that much storage. Just make sure you buy a phone with all the storage you need because it can’t be upgraded.

The real power of Google Tensor comes from its machine learning. Searching for things on Google is faster with your phone. You can direct messages to your friends without worrying about your voice being misunderstood. Scanning your phone will record every word spoken with incredible accuracy like magic. Even better, it works with live translation, so I can join a conversation if my friends speak Spanish, Mandarin, or another language I don’t know.

Another useful everyday feature of the Tensor chip is that it knows which apps you use most often – and avoids wasting power on apps you don’t use. It’s hard to say how this feature actually works, but the Pixel 6 Pro has better battery life than the iPhone 13 Pro – I’ll talk more about that later.

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro also starts when it comes to gaming. I have no problem running graphically intensive games like Vainglory or Asphalt 9: Legends. As I said, 120Hz games are optimized for Android, and the high refresh rate is great for jumping at the right time in Mario Run or changing a little. my lens for photos in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The cameras are easily one of the biggest upgrades to the Pixel 6 Pro. The main wide-angle camera is now a 50MP Bayer sensor with a 1/1.31-inch sensor size and optical and image stabilization.

It does not take 50-megapixel photos, but uses pixel binning, which combines the information from four pixels on the camera sensor into one superpixel. This pixel splitting process effectively changes the 50MP front sensor to a 12.5MP sensor that captures 150% more light than the previous Pixel 5. The new sensor also captures images with better detail and more accurate colors. True to its word, the Pixel 6 Pro is a huge step forward. The main camera offers a wider field of view, capturing more detail in highlights and shadows, and more detail.

Is The Pixel 6 Good For Gaming

It’s a big step up from the Google Pixel 5, which I thought took great photos. And compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, I like Google’s warmer colors and wider range. Below are some comparisons.

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The telephoto camera is similar thanks to its new 48MP sensor and 4x optical zoom lens, which is better than the new iPhone 13 Pro’s 3x zoom lens. This optical zoom range is great to have in your bag. It’s fun to use for street photography and landscape photography or nature photography.

Even better: with Google’s Super Resolution Zoom, you can shoot up to 20x higher and capture stunning images. Google’s image processing does an amazing job of cleaning up images so they don’t look dirty, even when cropped too high. However, if you look closely, you can see a lot of art. Like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, I like a maximum of 10x magnification using the digital zoom.

Unfortunately, the 12-megapixel ultrawide camera is the most popular feature of the previous version, but at least this time it has a larger sensor and lens correction. With the lowest shutter speed of the three cameras, the ultrawide sensor produces the most impressive images. However, they are also good for sharing on social media, where images are stored.

The selfie camera uses an 11.1MP sensor and a wide angle of up to 94 degrees for group photos. The selfie camera takes sharp photos, especially without the need for skin-cleaning beauty filters, and the wide-angle lens is great for getting two or more in the shot.

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In addition to new cameras, Google introduced new features. The story is the new Magic Eraser, an AI editing tool that detects and removes unwanted people and photobombs from your photos. In rare cases, it works as it says and you can turn a busy city street into a low road as if Thanos did it all.

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