Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

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Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming – In our review of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we discuss Apple’s new high-end successor to the now-discontinued 15-inch model, a significant departure from most finger-snapping butterflies.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro looks similar to the outgoing version, but along with a keyboard update, there are changes that make this year’s flagship MacBook Pro the most powerful portable Mac Apple has released in years.

Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

We’ve already released our first look video discussing the key features of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Today, after a few weeks of use, we’re publishing our video review. Subscribe to YouTube for more videos and read on for details.

The 16 Inch Macbook Pro Is Amazing, But It’s Still A Mac [review]

Special thanks to MacPaw who created CleanMyMac X.

It’s strange to start a MacBook Pro review talking about the keyboard, but it’s the most anticipated and needed change in this update.

If nothing else changes on the new MacBook Pro except the keyboard, it will still be a notable upgrade. In a misguided attempt to make the previous MacBook Pro as thin as possible, Apple insisted on using the eye-catching butterfly switch design.

The issue with the butterfly keyboard made it clear that Apple is working on how it sometimes works. There’s no greater example of this flawed thinking than the butterfly keyboard, as Apple downgraded the most popular Mac’s main input function largely to its appearance.

Apple Macbook Pro 16 Review

The butterfly keyboard is hard to type on because your fingers seem to be running away from the keys

Buttons. The lack of a specific main trip has always been a problem for writers like me, and I’ve been afraid to write about it for a long time.

But the uncertainty of the butterfly keyboard slowly led to the decline of the MacBook product line. It starts with the 16-inch MacBook Pro and can’t get to the rest of the line fast enough.

Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

Keyboard failure after keyboard failure has led to this PR nightmare, as people get angry and loud when they’ve spent thousands on a computer and the main input method doesn’t work properly.

Apple 16 Inch Macbook Pro Review: The Best Laptop You Can Buy

It’s as good as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which neither customers nor Apple insiders have forgotten over the past three years. I have no reason to talk about the keyboard on this great laptop. should be

With all that being said, it’s good that Apple fixed the keyboard issue, and I can say with complete confidence that they’ve fixed it this time. Instead of the tried and tested scissor switches, the butterfly completely eliminates the commutator mechanism.

Magic keyboard scissors are very pleasant to use if you don’t mistake them for mechanical keyboards in terms of key travel and tactile response compared to butterfly keyboards. write

It has real travel and visible depth, making it easy to type on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which in turn reduces finger fatigue. As Apple moves away from the butterfly switching mechanism, the keyboards should be more reliable, which means less downtime due to repairs.

Refurbished Macbook Pro 16 Inch Core I7 2.6ghz

There’s also the big advantage that the new keyboard’s keys are slightly further apart. Granted, the difference is small, but it makes writing easier with fewer notes in the way.

Not only that, but Apple brought back two key features on the 16-inch MacBook Pro that were removed in the 2016 refresh: the physical ESC key and the inverted-T arrow keys. Apple could have kept the same keyboard layout from the previous MacBook Pro, but I see this change as a way to thank customers for putting up with it for the past three years.

Both of these changes make the MacBook Pro keyboard easier to type on and easier to navigate. The ESC key is especially useful for developers, and the T arrow keys are useful for everyone, as they make it easy to identify keys without looking at the keyboard.

Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

Even the touchpad, which has been criticized for sound, is more offensive on this keyboard, as it is slightly closed to prevent accidental touches. Along with the presence of a physical ESC key, it means the Touch Bar is no longer confined to a special seat that focuses on something we don’t like about the keyboard.

Apple Introduces 16 Inch Macbook Pro, The World’s Best Pro Notebook

Apple even took the same two unique features of the butterfly keyboard and put them into a new keyboard.

The backlight is evenly lit, which is the result of having a separate light under each button. The keyboard is more visible in low-light conditions because it eliminates the glare that can be found on smaller keyboards.

Then stability increases, meaning you can press the button off the arrow and make it look like you’re pressing the button dead center.

Both of those features are things I love about butterfly keyboards, so it’s nice to see that Apple hasn’t given up on them as it moves away from its previous mistakes.

Macbook Pro 2021 16 Inch Review: Apple’s M1 Max Chip Meets Retro Ports

Outside of the keyboard, the biggest visual difference between the previous MacBook Pro and this latest model is the screen size. The new MacBook Pro’s 16-inch display comes with a slightly higher native resolution, although it’s not a big difference from its 15.4-inch predecessor. The new MacBook Pro has a native resolution of 1920 by 3072 pixels per 226 inches, while the previous 15.4-inch MacBook Pro comes with a native resolution of 2880 by 1880 pixels per 220 inches.

Retina mode gives users more screen real estate than the previous 15-inch MacBook Pro’s standard 1680 by 1050 resolution.

Apple’s standard Retina resolutions on MacBooks mean that they aren’t a true 2:1 ratio, meaning text isn’t as sharp as it should be. with twice the correct pixel resolution. Users have the option to go to System Preferences > Displays and change the actual dual resolution from 1536 to 960 pixels from the default resolution for sharper screen assets, but you’ll lose real estate in doing so.

Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

The solution to this problem is for Apple to produce a native resolution display of 3584 by 2240, while the current standard resolution of 1792 by 1120 will be a 2:1 true retina resolution.

Is The Base Model 16 Inch Macbook Pro 2023 Enough Or Should I Go For An Upgraded One?

The MacBook Pro’s internal display supports full frame rates for the first time. These levels can be changed directly from System Preferences > Display. The available refresh rates are: 47.95 Hz, 48.00 Hz, 50.00 Hz, 59.94 Hz and the default 60.00 Hz.

These new refresh rates allow the second half of the MacBook Pro to match the standard output frame rates found in external displays. For example, 47.95 Hz/2 = 23.97, 48 Hz/2 = 24, 50 Hz/2 = 25, and 59.94 Hz/2 = 29.97. Why is this useful? Alan Tepper of the ProVideo Coalition explains it better than ever:

Before adding these half-frame capabilities, macOS video editors with semi-finished projects and wanting to connect a multi-standard HDTV set, DreamColor or high-definition display had to purchase interfaces from companies such as AJA, Blackmagic, and Matrox. another level. These interfaces are available as both PCI (PCIe) cards and boxes with their own video clock independent of the computer’s video clock.

To be clear, these refresh rates are not dynamic, as the user must change them at will. The MacBook Pro also doesn’t support refresh rates above 60Hz like the iPad Pro’s ProMotion display. But the fact that Apple is even giving users options to change the refresh rate could mean that they want to make more changes in the future.

Refurbed Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch M2 Pro Space Grey 2023

In terms of design, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is similar to the outgoing 15-inch model. It has the same dual gray and silver finish with the same chassis design, trackpad and I/O ports.

It’s hard to tell the difference between the two devices at a glance, but there are differences when it comes to weight and size.

As you can see, the new MacBook Pro is only 0.03 inches and weighs 0.28 pounds. The larger screen size means the 16-inch MacBook Pro is 0.34 inches wide and 0.20 inches tall.

Is The Macbook Pro 16 Inch Good For Gaming

This isn’t a huge number on paper, but it can be noticeable when carrying the device for long periods of time or putting it in a bag. It also means that situations that work with the 15.4-inch model will not work with the 16-inch model.

Apple 16 Inch Macbook Pro (m2 Pro Chip, 2023)

Unlike most MacBook Pro updates, the processor didn’t get a significant bump compared to the MacBook Pro models released earlier this summer. The top processor configuration is an 8-core Intel Core i9 2.4 GHz clocked at 5.0 GHz, the same high-end configuration found in the previous 15-inch MacBook Pro.

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