Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming

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Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming – When I was first tasked with reviewing Apple’s latest MacBook Air, with the main focus being its gaming capabilities, I was skeptical. Macs aren’t known for their prowess as gaming laptops, and when you add the fact that the new MacBook Air uses an Apple Silicon, M1 ARM-based processor, I thought I’d spend a few hours playing Apple Arcade games. play and that. . That was about it.

But after spending a few weeks with the latest MacBook Air, I have to admit I was (somewhat) wrong. There are many games and app stores that support Apple’s Mac line, and some of them even run on Apple’s chip.

Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming

Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming

While I’m in no rush to buy an actual MacBook Air for gaming, spending time on one has opened my eyes. Of course there is more to it. Before I dive in though, I experiment.

Apple’s M1 Chip Makes The New Macbook Air Shockingly Good

The MacBook Air starts at $999 for the model with the M1, but instead of an 8-core GPU, you get a 7-core. The entry-level model also has 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage. On the higher end, the fully equipped model has 2 TB of storage and 16 GB of memory for $2,049.

Apple MacBook Air M1 – Des There’s nothing fancy or special about the Apple Silicon version of the MacBook Air when it comes to des. This is the same prestigious leg that Air has had for many years. The space gray, gold or silver exterior is clean and has no extra fanfare except for the usual Apple logo on the cover. Speaking of the Apple logo, it would be nice if Apple went back to an illuminated logo on its laptop line, and a completely redesigned MacBook Air is rumored to be in the works, but until then, we’re all stuck. same old dec.

On the right side of the laptop deck is a headphone jack, on the left are two Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports. The two ports alone are all you need to connect various devices and accessories to the Air, and to be honest, it’s not enough. I removed the ports and just connected the gaming mouse and charger.

A USB-C hub or dock is a must for the MacBook Air, especially if you plan to use it for any kind of gaming or, heck, even connecting to an external monitor.

M1 Macs Can Now Run Windows Apps And Games Through Crossover 20

Opening the lid reveals a 13.3-inch Retina LCD display, with a 720p FaceTime HD camera. As with the DES, Apple decided to leave the webcam alone, instead using the advanced features that the M1 processor brings to the table. Overall, the quality of the webcam has been improved, but a 1080p camera could be more useful.

The Air uses Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, which eliminates the pesky butterfly function that would cause dust and chaos on older devices. The new Magic Keyboard has been reliable so far. The backlit keys have depth, allowing touch typists or mechanical switches to adjust effortlessly.

Above the keyboard is a row of keys that activate various system functions, such as adjusting screen brightness, media controls, Do Not Disturb, and the Spotlight shortcut to quickly find your Mac.

Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming

Face ID hasn’t appeared on the Mac line yet, so you’ll have to rely on Apple’s tried-and-tested Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the upper-right corner of the keyboard to unlock the Mac, authorize Apple Pay purchases, and more . Or in applications like password managers.

Is The 2020 M1 Macbook Air Still A Worthy Buy In 2023?

There are speakers on either side of the keyboard, but don’t have the same depth and overall sound quality as my M1 MacBook Pro.

Below the keyboard is the trackpad. Most are large enough and offer enough space to swipe, tap, and scroll through macOS with gestures.

Apple MacBook Air M1 – Performance and Gaming Inside The new MacBook Air is Apple’s first processor removed from the house. It is based on the ARM architecture, which is the same type of processor that powers the iPhone and iPad, or even the Microsoft Surface Pro X. The M1 processor found in this MacBook Air has 8 CPU cores, 8 GPU cores and 16 Neural Engine cores.

When you order the M1 Mac, you can choose between 8GB or 16GB of memory, which may be limiting for some. You cannot change yourself, so what you command is what you pray for. The same goes for storage, with the model I tested having 1 TB. But you can get from 256GB to 2TB over the air.

Apple Macbook Air M2 Buying Guide: Don’t Buy The Wrong One

The testing methodology for the Air is obviously different than any other Windows 10 gaming laptop I’ve tested. Many benchmark applications used to provide quantitative data to compare performance between systems do not work on the Mac. So, instead, most of the tests were done with actual use in the country.

However, I found that some of the games used for benchmarking in the past run on the Mac, so I ran them. Rise of the Tomb Raider, for example, runs on the M1 MacBook Air. The built-in benchmark tool returned an average of 30 frames per second at the full 2560×1600 resolution, reducing it to 1920×1200 increased the average FPS to 60.

Total War: Trinity Kingdom installs and runs but has graphical issues throughout the game. In other words, large black bricks move across the screen. As far as I can tell, these blocks are in a foggy area with untreated water flowing into the area. However, the benchmark tool runs and returns a low 23 FPS.

Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming

There is no fan in the MacBook Air. It’s completely and utterly silent the whole time, and it’s a little weird at first. I used to have a fan flip over my 2017 MacBook Pro the moment I opened the lid to announce its presence.

Apple Macbook Air (2018) Review: A Long Awaited Ultraportable Upgrade

I struggled with heat control when playing games, whether it was Tomb Raider (which I played a lot while reviewing with the MacBook Air), or games like Lego Brawls from Apple Arcade. I set TG Pro to monitor CPU temps and get an alert when 100 degrees Celsius is reached.

For the most part, temperatures hovered around 93 degrees, but from time to time they jumped to 100 degrees before quickly dropping back. While these numbers are higher than I would expect to see on a PC, there didn’t seem to be any slow system speeds for long periods of time. Heck, the room doesn’t even have heat. Warmth, indeed. But never hot to the touch.

All games could not be played. After installing Steam, I went to my library and installed any game I could. Hitman installed but failed to start. Between us and DOTA 2 installed and ran without any problems, just like World of Warcraft.

I also installed Epic Games to see what games I had that would run on the Mac, and to my surprise there were several, including Fortnite. Yes, you can play Fortnite on Apple hardware. Not just the iPhone and iPad. I skipped a few matches, and with the resolution set to 1920×1200, with settings on high, hitting 60 FPS was no problem.

Refurbished 13.3 Inch Macbook Air Apple M1 Chip With 8‑core Cpu And 8‑core Gpu

I also played a few Apple arcade games, some of which were fun – like Lego Brawls and Oceanhorn 2. Both ran without any issues, but that’s to be expected. Apple Arcade Games developed for Apple hardware, large and small.

As I said at the start, I wouldn’t tell anyone to go buy the M1 MacBook Air over a true gaming laptop, but I’m not completely turned off by that choice anymore.

Apple MacBook Air M1 – Battery Life One of the key features of the MacBook Air and the new M1 processor is battery life. My experience with the new Air was excellent, with average battery life lasting through the workday and into the evening. Apple claims 15 hours of battery life for web browsing, or 18 hours when watching videos in the Apple TV app.

Is The 2020 Macbook Air Good For Gaming

As with the other benchmarks, I couldn’t run the PC Mark 10 battery test on the MacBook Air, so instead I reverted to playing 4K video on loop in VLC and watching until the MacBook Air shut down. The screen is set to 50% brightness, while the keyboard’s background is turned off, as is Bluetooth. Wi-Fi has been dropped.

Apple M1 Gaming Benchmarks (macbook Air 8gb)

The first time I ran the test, VLC was not optimized for Apple Silicon. The MacBook Air’s battery lasted a respectable five hours and 32 minutes. However, another update was released the next day, enabling VLC for the M1 chip inside the MacBook Air. I ran the following battery test and it lasted 8 hours and 10 minutes.

While I agree with Apple’s estimate, it’s in line with our expectations, and it shows how important it is for developers to optimize their apps for Apple silicon.

Apple MacBook Air

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