Is Dell Inspiron 3501 Good For Gaming

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Is Dell Inspiron 3501 Good For Gaming – Dell Inspiron 15 3501 Review This Dell Inspiron laptop is packed with performance and reliability at a very low price.

The Dell Inspiron 15 3501 (available at Walmart for $479.99) is one of the most popular budget laptops for a reason. Good performance for the dollar, durable and compact chassis, easy to type and use. However, the dim screen, bad webcam and lack of USB-C ports should be avoided. That’s par for the course with laptops under $600, but if you’re a student and on a tight budget, this Dell Inspiron has everything you need to get your work done.

Is Dell Inspiron 3501 Good For Gaming

Is Dell Inspiron 3501 Good For Gaming

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Best Features Of The Dell Inspiron 3501 Intel Core I3 10th Gen Windows 10 Home Laptop D560287win9bl

Dell Inspiron comes in different configurations for processor, memory, storage and ports. For processors, you can choose Intel Celeron, Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7. Memory is between 4GB and 12GB, storage is between 128GB and 512GB and has a touchscreen. We chose this Intel Core i5 model because it strikes a good balance between meeting everyday needs and getting the best value for your money.

Most budget laptops are limited by the quality of their keyboards, trackpads, and screens. While the Inspiron doesn’t offer an amazing experience, it does the job well. The keyboard is a little soft, but it’s generally responsive and easy to type on, and its full-size Numpad is a nice addition for those working with spreadsheets and portfolios. The steering wheel is smooth and direct, and the markings are consistent. However, it requires a lot of walking.

The body itself isn’t flashy: it’s dark gray plastic with a creamy texture. The finish does a good job of covering fingerprints and won’t slip if your hands are slow. If you want to use the Inspiron on your lap, that won’t be a problem, as it weighs less than four pounds and stays cool and quiet under heavy loads.

Its weaknesses are on the surface, we will talk later, but the viewing angle is wide. In addition, it has a touch screen – this is a pleasant surprise for the price. In general, the touch screen is responsive and there are no problems in use. Meanwhile, the speakers are loud and clear if you want to play music or hold a zoom meeting.

Dell Inspiron Laptop & 2 In 1 Laptop Computers

On the sides, the Inspiron is loaded with ports. Ethernet, three USB-A ports, HDMI, a headphone jack and an SD card reader make connecting multiple devices easy. We prefer USB-C, but with two USB-A 3.2 ports, you can use an adapter to make it work.

The Dell Inspiron’s good use of extra space by including a keyboard is refreshingly not at the top of laptop manufacturers’ priorities.

You can’t expect class work under $600, but you can expect a lot of work for a product. That’s where the Dell Inspiron sits, a mid-range 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor that can handle multiple Internet tabs, messaging apps, and audio apps.

Is Dell Inspiron 3501 Good For Gaming

Even if the computer doesn’t load programs like Chrome or Spotify, it’s not slow, for example, it takes between half a second and two seconds to load a new Chrome window. If you’re a power user who loads a few apps every couple of minutes, this won’t affect your experience.

Dell Inspirion 3501 I7 11 Gen Laptop Price In Nepal

Compared to other $500 laptops, the Dell Inspiron still performs with the competition. When we ran benchmark tests on the Inspiron, the benchmarks were comparable to other laptops and mid-range laptops like the Asus Zenbook 14 and Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. In Basemark, a web benchmark that handles real text, the Dell Inspiron scored 758, the Asus Zenbook scored 14,767 and the Surface Laptop Go scored 701. In other benchmarks, including Cinebench, Geekbench and Speedometer, it looks the same: all these computers perform at the same level.

All of these laptops shine in different areas, but the Dell Inspiron Zenbook 14 (the most portable and expensive of the bunch) and the Surface Laptop Go (the most expensive) are smaller laptops, better to use. and worst performance in the group).

We get a clear picture of how the Dell Inspiron performs when we look at its global performance. The Dell Inspiron took 20 minutes and 31 seconds to encode twelve minutes of 4K video in Handbrake. In comparison, the less expensive Gateway 15.6-inch laptop took 41 minutes and 17 seconds to complete, while the more expensive MacBook Air took eight minutes and 52 seconds to complete. The Inspiron is capable of doing this, but not as fast as premium laptops.

The Dell Inspiron gives you enough power to get you through the day at work or school without having to find a power outlet. When we tested the battery online to simulate typical daily use, the Inspiron managed seven hours and 52 minutes. It ranks among other ultrabooks and outperforms most laptops we’ve tested, including the 14-inch Gateway and Surface Laptop Go.

Dell Inspiron 3501 15 Inch Fhd Laptop (11th Gen I5 1135g7/8gb/1tb Hdd/256gb Ssd/win 10 + Ms Office/2gb Graphics/soft Mint) In Hubli At Best Price By Techcare One Stop Computer Support

The Dell Inspirion’s display has a brightness of 218 nits, which is too low for outdoor use, and may be dim for some in a bright room. Sitting at a desk is fine, but you can’t say that you won’t feel it after a few hours. If you use a dark screen, the display will look fine. Contrast is good, and despite the screen’s midrange, colors don’t look washed out or muddy. On the other hand, if you want a screen that’s good for eye strain, you should look to get a budget monitor with this laptop.

It’s rare to see a laptop without a USB-C port, and we’re disappointed not to see the Dell Inspiron. You can add it as a configuration, but it must be standard for each model. However, Dell has decided to release this laptop in Windows S mode with a trial version of McAfee.

Windows S is designed for low-powered PCs and is designed to encourage users to download only verified apps from the Microsoft Store. A laptop with an entry-level Intel Celeron processor or 4GB of RAM, like the $200 HP Stream 14, will benefit from Windows S. But Dell Inspiron is not a low powered laptop (it runs on mid engine) . 8 GB of memory), so you won’t benefit from running Windows S. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn it off.

Is Dell Inspiron 3501 Good For Gaming

It’s not unusual for laptops to be loaded with junk software, but the test version of McAfee’s antivirus compromised the Inspiron. When you first set up your laptop, it will ask if you want to install McAfee antivirus software. Although I said no, I got to activate my McAfee software while using this laptop. It’s not a big deal – I’ll leave it at that – there are more and more laptops that come with bloatware, but it’s still frustrating.

Dell Inspiron 15 3515, Amd Ryzen 5, 256gb, 15.6

The Dell Inspiron comes with a 0.97-megapixel, 720p webcam. Even in a well-lit room, it looks very grainy and colors are dull and dirty. If you make a lot of video calls and want to show a clear and sharp image of yourself, invest in a special camera. Finding a laptop with a good camera in this price range can be amazing—usually the laptop manufacturer will do their best to keep the overall price within the budget (Microsoft’s Surface Go 3 is a good example).

If you can get a Dell Inspiron for less than a hundred dollars, it’s a great value, as it dwarfs most laptops in the $400 range. The Inspiron has plenty of power for productive tasks like heavy web browsing or multitasking, and the size, weight, keyboard, and touchscreen are a great experience. Trading at $580, it’s still a strong performer, but the competition is fierce.

However, the Inspiron decides to be cheaper. The screen is very dark and there is no USB-C port by default. It performs like other laptops at retail price, but you get better results by spending less. If you catch the sale, you can get the HP Envy x360 15-inch laptop for $600. It has a bigger screen, better performance than the Inspiron, an amazing keyboard and trackpad, and nine hours of battery life.

Dell Inspiron is a very useful laptop. He knows it’s a budget laptop and doesn’t try to sacrifice performance or quality to make it a better product than the competition. Yes, you can get a better laptop

Dell Inspiron 3501 (intel Core I5

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