Iphone Or Android Phone Which Is Better

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Iphone Or Android Phone Which Is Better – The Android vs. iPhone debate has been going on for over a decade, but there’s still no clear winner. But there is not necessarily a winner. Android smartphones are better in some aspects and iPhone in others. Some users prefer Android smartphones because of its customization features and better value, while iPhone buyers prefer iOS because of its better ecosystem and brand value. But which smartphone is best for your needs? Should you buy an iPhone or an Android phone? We will explain all the key aspects of both operating systems and help you choose the one that is best for you.

Android smartphones usually bring new features earlier than iPhones. For example, features like OLED and refresh rate displays, dual camera setups, 8K video recording, faster charging, wireless charging and larger batteries first appeared on Android smartphones. However, the features that Apple includes on the iPhone work well. In terms of features, Android smartphones are usually ahead of the iPhone. If you want a phone equipped with the latest and greatest features, an Android smartphone should be your first choice.

Iphone Or Android Phone Which Is Better

Iphone Or Android Phone Which Is Better

For example, if you want to buy a smartphone with a budget of Rs 30,000, you can choose iKOO 7 or iPhone SE (2020). As you can see in the specs comparison table below, except for the processing performance part, the iKOO 7 wins in all other aspects. This is true with all iPhones. Android phones almost always offer more features and better specs than iPhones at the same price.

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Android smartphones offer a more flexible camera setup, offering more sensors and camera features, but the iPhone delivers more consistent image and video quality. In the entry-level and mid-range segment, Android smartphones tend to provide better overall camera packages. However, in the high-end segment, there is strong competition between Android phones and iPhones.

If you decide to buy a smartphone under INR 50,000 and want a good camera, you should probably buy an Android smartphone. If you can afford to spend more than INR 50,000, Android smartphones and iPhones offer similar quality. Some Android smartphones offer more versatile camera packages, including better zoom and ultra-wide cameras. The iPhone, on the other hand, offers better video recording quality. So, if you shoot a lot of videos, the iPhone is the way to go.

There is one aspect where Android smartphones fail to catch up to the iPhone: processing power. iPhones almost always have faster processors and better performance than Android smartphones. Even a two-year-old iPhone has better raw performance than the latest Android smartphone. As you can see in the performance comparison table below, the iPhone SE (2020) is faster than the similarly priced iKOO 7 in CPU and GPU performance. This also applies to other iPhones, which have better processing performance than similarly priced Android smartphones.

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You may not notice much difference in speed and performance between Android phones and iPhones when doing everyday tasks like opening apps, browsing the web and using the camera, but processing power comes in more iPhones. when the phone gets old after 2-3 years. While Android phones start to perform very slowly after a year or two, the iPhone still performs well even after four years.

In terms of software, Android and iPhone are very different. iPhones are easier to use than Android smartphones, but they also have fewer software features. Android smartphones, on the other hand, offer a lot of customization. If you don’t like the default browser, phone, messaging app, email, and app launcher, you can easily install other third-party options and set them as your default apps. You can also install restricted apps by downloading the APK installer file.

For example, the iPhone lacks features such as call recording, split-screen display, themes, third-party live wallpapers, the use of quick settings switches for third-party apps, and the ability to transfer files that are easier on Android devices. You cannot set third-party apps as default app, call and message launchers. Even if you don’t like the default phone functionality or messaging app on your iPhone, you have no other option to change it. The iPhone doesn’t allow app downloads, so you have to use the App Store.

Iphone Or Android Phone Which Is Better

Another important app that doesn’t work well on iPhone is Truecaller. Yes, the Truecaller app is present on iOS, but it is very unreliable and does not show the caller’s name if the phone’s screen is off or the phone is locked.

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IPhone is easier to use and offers a more consistent user experience than Android. If you want to buy a smartphone for your parents or the elderly in your home who are not familiar with modern technology, the iPhone should be your first choice. Yes, it is more expensive than an Android smartphone, but it offers a more compact and easy-to-understand software that anyone can easily use.

IOS also offers a better ecosystem of apps, games and services. There are more apps in the App Store and iOS apps generally have a better design and user experience than Android apps. In addition, apps and games are usually first launched on iPhone and then released on Android smartphones. When Apple introduces new features in iOS, most apps run faster and in a better way. For example, when Apple introduced Face Unlock (via Face ID) with the iPhone X, most apps became compatible with the feature within weeks. The same is not true for Android. New feature implementations sometimes take years to reach Android apps and games. As such, the iPhone offers more consistency, ease of use, and a richer ecosystem of apps and games than Android smartphones.

As a platform, iOS is very limited, at least for third-party apps and services. Third-party apps cannot access personal data such as phone logs, messages and emails. Even to access images and videos in the gallery, the app must ask the user for permission. The iPhone even notifies users when third-party apps try to copy clipboard data. Apple has also set some rules for third-party apps, resulting in better privacy and security than Android smartphones.

Even when vulnerabilities and bugs are found, Apple quickly fixes them with regular software updates. The same cannot be said for Android smartphones from different brands. Except for a few brands like Google and Samsung, most Android smartphone brands don’t update their phones regularly. Apple has been releasing the latest operating system updates for its iPhones for at least five years, which is a lot. In contrast, most high-end Android smartphones only receive OS updates every two years. Brands like Google, OnePlus and Samsung phones get OS updates every three years.

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Overall, iPhone phones have an advantage over Android smartphones when it comes to user privacy, data security and regularity of software updates.

This one is easier. Unless you’re using a high-end iPhone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll find that Android smartphones outperform their iOS counterparts. That’s because most Android phones these days use high-capacity batteries. For example, the iPhone SE (2020) has a weak 1,812 mAh battery and usually only lasts until the evening if you push it harder. Almost all similarly priced Android smartphones use 4,000 mAh or larger batteries, which usually last all day even with heavy use.

In addition, Android phones also have devices for faster charging. Even the best iPhones only support 18V fast charging, which takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery. In contrast, most high-end Android smartphones use at least 25V charging, and most can be charged from 0% to 100% within an hour. Also, the iPhone no longer comes with a charger, meaning you either have to use your current charger or spend the extra money to buy a USB PD charger separately.

Iphone Or Android Phone Which Is Better

Most high-end Android smartphones and almost all iPhones support wireless charging. However, Android smartphones are usually capable of faster wireless charging speeds. So whether you want long battery life, fast wired charging or fast wireless charging, Android smartphones usually have an edge over iPhones.

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As discussed earlier in the article, Android smartphones have more features and better specifications than iPhones at the same price. But that’s just one way of looking at it. When you consider resale value, the iPhone has the upper hand. For example, the resale value of the iPhone XS (launched in late 2018) is around ₹33,000, while the resale value of the Galaxy S10+ (launched in early 2019) is around ₹27,000. iPhones almost always give you more resale value that you can use to buy a newer smartphone. However, the higher resale value does not compensate for the very high price you have to pay to buy an iPhone. Android smartphones offer better deals overall.

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