Inventions That Should Exist But Don T

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Inventions That Should Exist But Don T – As someone who tried to cross the Atlantic by boat, the trip was easy. (Sometimes it’s easy – do you need an app like TripAdvisor that shows an arrow on the way to LuA?) But sometimes I want tools that don’t exist – and, I admit, they are not. That is, the current technical limitations may not allow them in the future, but I have included the best options. Please share your own tools, and if you know of something that can solve my problems, please share.

Like most people, before going through airport security, I think about what’s left in my water bottle and then see if I can make it on the plane with the purchase. A bottle of Polish fountain $3.49. My solution: hydrogen powder. Through a vacuum, you expose it to oxygen in the air, which starts a chemical reaction that produces water. Hydrogen only freezes below 432 degrees Celsius, and would it be difficult to do such a reaction safely? Get to work, scientists!

Inventions That Should Exist But Don T

Inventions That Should Exist But Don T

: Bring as many 3.4-ounce water bottles as you can fit in a quart Ziploc bag (do not mix with alcohol). Or, of course, fill an empty bottle at a water source, if you have and know the quality of the water (or one of these).

Inventions That Changed Your World

Do you expect to be robbed by a street vendor as a foreigner? If you answered “always,” it’s because you don’t have an app that allows you to take a picture of an item and use your geolocation to show you the average price of that item in your neighborhood. Of course, you can easily do this on your phone when buying in regular shops, but not in those who sell umbrellas in the rainy season.

For last-day use in the country, this device is like a metal detector to detect underground treasure: coins and paper money left in bags. , bags, wallets and more. You turn your things and get money – but where you are going using geo-location – you can spend them before you leave, for nothing. Or you come home to find that you left $15 in your pocket in 15 Mozambican meticais. (True story.)

: Put money in your pocket. Check your bag at night. And some other habits I don’t master.

This app, which works in theaters and stadiums, allows travelers to stay just a stone’s throw away. There’s a live map on your screen for where you live (geo-location, again!). When the event starts, the empty spaces are red. Another example is to simply say “Yes,

This Ai Invented 31 Million Materials That Don’t Yet Exist

Google Maps and other mobile devices are very useful in everyday life. But when you’re driving in a new city, this little screen is a big hindrance to navigating the big city, especially if you blindly follow it from one side to another. On the other hand, use a large and complicated map, and you will look like a lost tourist. This hybrid app and new mobile design features a 2ft by 2ft map on e-ink paper that’s as simple as a real map, but searchable — and when you say “nearby map,” it returns it on your phone. . You don’t have to stretch a lot.

I love to travel every now and then using my amazing travel gear. On a week-long trip, I might have room for one nice dress, but not a good pair of shoes. What if I get an unexpected invitation to the opera? Open this toothpick box to reveal the expandable tips (including periscope stilettos).

: Swap comfortable but acceptable shoes for sneakers, and don’t worry about exercise: You’re on vacation.

Inventions That Should Exist But Don T

It’s like an airplane mode, where you stop apps before activities that may or may not affect your flight to minimize interactions with those around you. including the world wide web. For example, when you walk into a restaurant, it prevents you from looking at Yelp reviews, forcing you to ask the server or other diners in the good thing. It prevents you from checking your Facebook feed when you are lying on the beach and have a book nearby. If you want to take a picture of your feet with the sea in the background and try to post it on a social network, your phone will come. Constantly designing and developing. These two things change our world forever, change every aspect of our lives and force us to change or be left behind forever. In addition, the culture of the company and the products do not see the light, while the things created for the public will see the light first.

Patent Law Doesn’t Need To Recognize Ai Inventors

Below we have listed 26 smart ideas that have not yet passed the stage of thought, for some, they are creative, creative and natural.

What do you think about them? Which of these things and ideas do you need?

The product is made from agar agar, which can be thrown onto the lawn as a food for plant life.

It uses electrolysis to kill germs from fruits, vegetables, kitchen utensils, baby bottles, and toys – no chemical detergents.

Innovative Products You Didn’t Know Exist But Are Awesome

It helps children learn to pick up their toys, and sit on them to pick up toys.

Inspired by books, the user can change the height of the seat and the back cushion by turning the covered “sides”.

Designed by Kim Kun Ee, this mug has a rim to prevent the coffee from spilling over you.

Inventions That Should Exist But Don T

Called “Brush n’ Play” by Yunfan Tan, it solves a dog’s problem: brushing their teeth.

Everyday Items That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

If you are safe, turn on the app and keep your finger on the screen. When you reach the secure website, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code, law enforcement is notified, and your location is tracked on the phone.

It lights up and tells you where the lights are, and you can turn them off remotely with the push of a button.

You can change the weight of the dumbbells by changing the height of the control, you can set from 3 kg to 24 kg.

26. A coffee maker that uses fingerprint recognition to create the perfect cup of coffee based on personal preference.

Clever Little Inventions That Are Actually Really Smart

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Visit our Privacy and Cookie Policy. As a good idea, Anton’s approach to design and development of information is detailed, which can be seen in his work here, where information production leaders improve every month in after ten years of work.

Constantly designing and developing. These are the two things that will change our world forever, change every aspect of our lives, and force us to constantly change or be left behind. Also, the cultural field of art and product design does not see much light, and for most people, it has light at first glance. Below we have listed 26 smart ideas that have not passed the stage of thought, although they are very good, logical and natural for some people.

What do you think about them? Which of the following items and ideas are right for you?

Inventions That Should Exist But Don T

These are made from “agar agar”. This means that it can be thrown onto the lawn after use, where it decomposes and acts as a fertilizer for plants. Your next fun event with these items will be more than expected.

Travel Inventions I’d Love To See (but Probably Never Will)

This concept uses electrolysis to destroy harmful bacteria in fruits, vegetables, kitchen utensils, toys and baby bottles, all without the use of chemical cleaners, guaranteeing a clean and safe result.

It should be done, how it is necessary to know the place and the hole.

This will encourage the child to pick up their toys and put them away, the box also flips over to be able to take the toys out.

Soft and comfortable in color, the chair is inspired by a book and its pages. A person can adjust the height of the seat and the back by turning the colored pages.

The Most Important Invention The Year You Were Born

“Brush n’ Play” by Brian Tan. It’s smart and useful to solve two problems with one. Brushing your dog’s teeth will make your dog happy.

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