Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T

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Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T – Life is hard enough. It is full of difficulties and annoyances, both big and small, and its fair share of trials and tribulations. When you can relieve even the slightest annoyance, you suddenly have more time and energy to tackle some of the bigger, more important things in life. When you find small ways to make your life easier, it’s a win!

A little innovation can go a long way in making your life easier. A few smart and well thought out devices can make all the things you do every day easier. And those small increases in comfort add up. Before you know it, your daily tasks and chores become fun!

Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T

Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T

A virtual shopping trip might not make your life easier, but it sure can help! At the very least, shopping is a fun distraction from your other problems. So here are 37 little things that can make your life easier.

Top 10 Crazy Invention Ideas That Will Make You Laugh

You’ll love our editor’s choice products! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate and may earn a portion of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Scrubbing is hard work. Wouldn’t it be better if not? The Drill Brush is actually a set of three different nylon brushes

To make difficult tasks easier. You can use the power of your drill to wash your shower, grout or sink. All you have to do is hold it and enjoy the sight of the shiny surface. Please note that the drill is not included.

Unfortunately, my husband will probably divorce me if I buy one more bottle of water. But look at this! It’s great and better than the rest. Not only do you get a premium, leak-proof Autoseal sports bottle, but with the Kangaroo Autoseal water bottle you also have a convenient place for your money and cards. The number of times this will come in handy in my life is ridiculous. Until women’s clothing has real pockets, we all need these water bottles.

Artificial Intelligence May Be Humanity’s Most Ingenious Invention—and Its Last?

How many keys do you have in the back of your drawer, long-forgotten combinations or long-lost keys? You know what you can’t forget or misplace? Your fingerprint. This beautiful fingerprint lock can store up to 10 fingerprints so everyone in your family can access the pool locker. The key is rechargeable, but the battery will last up to 2500 keys. The smartest lock ever made.

It’s not always easy to start a fire. Sometimes the wood is wet, there isn’t enough wood, or some other obstacle between you and the perfect fire. This lighter cube ensures that you can light a fire in no time, no matter the situation. Use it for your charcoal grill, fireplace, campfire or chip fire and all the work of starting the fire will be done for you. It ignites when wet, stays lit when there is wind, and burns for several minutes, giving the wood enough time to burn.

I love products that really do all the work for you. Easy Off oven cleaner is probably the best example of this. Instead of putting them in the oven, spray Easy Off and let them sit for a few hours. A quick clean will keep your oven sparkling. Selected magazines:

Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T

Why did I just discover this product at 29 years old?! I soak it overnight to make sure the full chemical process takes place to create a sticky substance so it’s easy to remove! -DANIEL MATTHEWS

Why Didn’t They Win? 10 Huge Discoveries Without A Nobel Prize

First of all, you have to love folding cutting boards. It makes putting all the vegetables in the pan quick and easy. But the Rinse & Chop Plus cutting board takes this kind of convenience a step further. One end bends and becomes a spinner! So you can cut, rinse, and then throw it all away with the handy tray! In addition, it has non-slip edges so that the table does not slide across the counter while cutting fruits and vegetables.

With the push of a button, your coffee, tea or cocoa turns into an attractive hot drink in a self-stirring cup. Perfect for the office where regular spoons are questionably clean. Selected magazines:

Great cup. I was surprised at how powerful the blade stirs. Mix in cocoa or coffee that tastes great. I had to get one for my daughter, she wanted me. -terri

Is there anything better than sitting alone in a cafe, restaurant or anywhere to read a book? But if you’re in a restaurant, once your food arrives, you have to choose between using your hands to eat or holding your book. For someone whose two favorite things are eating and reading, this is a disappointing choice. This hands-free page holder solves this problem completely. Weighted page holders keep books open and flat so you can use your hands for other things. It is also very useful on windy days.

Surprisingly Recently Invented Foods

In my opinion, any time you can add lasers to your life is a win. This laser meter not only makes measuring distance a piece of cake, but also calculates volume and area for you. Selected magazines:

Save a lot of time and hassle with a tape measure. And he does math too! One of the most useful features is the plus/minus button. It allows you to take two measurements and subtract one from the other or add the two. Very useful in commercial construction. I am a certified electrician and use this tool all day in my trade. I recommend it to all electricians. Very useful for running pipes and many other things. – Chad R. Lechert

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a broken arm than have to get back into the car for a second ride. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, right? I don’t know why someone invented this handle to hold a bag. This smart holder can fit multiple pockets, making it easy to transport all your groceries in one trip. With this style of carabiner, you can also use it to attach your bag to the handle of your stroller or bike.

Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T

Whether you use it to stay away from cookies or keep your child’s phone locked so they can think about what they’ve been up to, this time block container is great. Locks can be set for any amount of time, from minutes to 10 days. Selected magazines:

Best Australian Inventions: 50 Australian Ideas Changing The World

I have no willpower. If there’s something good in front of me, I eat it, whether it’s food or entertainment. Now, I throw the stuff into the KitchenSafe and close. I can’t do anything when it’s blocked. I think people with children will find many good uses for it. – Kamran Ali

With tons of YouTube tutorials available, anyone can learn how to use the CreaClip hair clipper to create great haircuts at home. Selected magazines:

Curly or straight hair, this works…and it’s completely foolproof. My daughter has straight hair and is a poor college student. So I bought him this so I could cut his hair… SURPRISED! And, I might add, I ditched the creaclip and gave myself a dynamite multi-layered haircut. This clip also makes me look like I know what I’m doing. – N.C. Schmidt

These things change the game! I’ll never forget the time I was a bridesmaid and my calves were tired from tiptoeing on the grass. Among other options, I decided to dig my heels into the ground and adjust them; Then, in front of a crowd, I suddenly shed 2.5 inches. I got a strange look from the bridesmaids next to me. So I had to stay upstairs when it was time to go back to the altar. If I had a set of TOPES GoGoHeel, I could save my dignity and my shoes. This transparent cover slides over the heel of the shoe and provides a wide, stable support surface, making grass, gravel and cobblestones ideal for high heels.

Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

Obviously someone smarter than me applied the principles of physics and had lunch with Houdini and this was the result of that meeting. I hung 40, yes, 40 pounds of wood carvings on the wall – the original drywall, I’d say, from a 1970’s house and 8 months later they’re still as beautiful as ever. This product is easy to use and if I can stick the juice on myself, you can too! – Brittany Minnesota

We could all use a bright smile once in a while, but it kind of hurts, doesn’t it? No more thanks to this very practical and effective teeth whitening gel pen. Selected magazines:

I have tried several products and abandoned them almost immediately, but this product is different. It’s only been a week and I can see the difference immediately. I took pictures of my teeth progress and there is a noticeable change… I love this.

Inventions That Should Be Made But Haven T

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