Innovation Overdrive: The Accelerating Pace Of Technological Gaming

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Innovation Overdrive: The Accelerating Pace Of Technological Gaming – Established in 2018 as a rapid prototyping unit and R&D accelerator, the SMT division of a Chinese e-bike technology service company has put the latest MYPro assembly systems at the heart of its product transformation strategy.

At Zhejian Taiyun Automotive Technology, most of the manufacturing process is innovation. And these days, thanks to a smart team and a great collaborative process, opportunities are everywhere.

Innovation Overdrive: The Accelerating Pace Of Technological Gaming

Innovation Overdrive: The Accelerating Pace Of Technological Gaming

Part of Zhejiang Taiyun Group, a new developer and manufacturer of electronic control systems for e-bikes, the main goal of the SMT office is to transform the research and development of the industry to work efficiently and easily. “The only surprise with our tools,” said Mr. Sun, SMT’s senior engineer, “is that we can make this change in production so quickly that we have the luxury of actively seeking new business for our SMT line!”

Collaborative Making In Overdrive

Sir. Responsible for managing the company’s production, employee training and equipment selection, Sun has set up its production line with MYPro MY700 Jet Printer, MY300 pick-and-place and MYTower component storage system for NPI needs and prototyping work. in the mind. On average, this means that around four to five new products are produced per week, with around fifty plates per week. batch.

“Obviously, we compared the equipment to other important equipment and were attracted to the high-mix, low-volume production model with quick change and ease of handling,” said Mr. Sun. “It has fully met our expectations and we believe we are well positioned to expand our customer base beyond e-bikes to include healthcare and other businesses.”

At the evaluation table, Mr. Sol in the amount of inkjet printing to significantly reduce production costs. Compared head-to-head with a matrix printer, the company’s report shows that the MY700 can reduce the workforce from 2 day and night workers to one part-time worker. . In addition, cleaning and dyeing costs can be eliminated, while recycling costs can be reduced by up to 95%. “Overall,” he explained, “we think the MY700 is 90% more efficient to run a ten-year cycle. So for our work, the choice was clear.”

Of course, cost wasn’t the company’s only concern when it made the leap from stencils to inkjet printing. The speed and quality of work has increased significantly, Mr. Sun said. “Sometimes the R&D team gets the final instructions to complete the work in 30 minutes. With the matrix, this is not possible: more than eight hours, then it is impossible to reach 100% of the process requirements. In contrast, the MY700 only takes 10 minutes and its components are customizable, making it an ideal solution for R&D teams working on prototypes.

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This easy-to-use article is something he appreciated years ago at a previous job when he first worked with voters. By making extensive use of other tools, Mr. Sun usually has many component feeders and is busy working for a high development environment. Not only did they require a lot of storage and regular calibration and adjustment, but their fixed positions meant that one wrong feeder could bring down the entire production line.

“My first experience with it completely changed my opinion on how to do things. The ability to change the conditions of the feeder, which is directly attached to the part, eliminates the problem of placing parts in wrong positions.

When asked how his product line affects one of the company’s key performance indicators, quality is one of the first things that comes to mind. “Our products have also resulted in higher first year returns (FPY) than other results,” said Mr. Sun. “The data on this is of course variable, but in a group of 2,000 PCBs we found the FPY to be 99.8%.”

Innovation Overdrive: The Accelerating Pace Of Technological Gaming

With the MYTower component tracking system, Taiyun’s SMT department has also seen significant improvements in their production processes. Previously, work was done by hand, with standard shop tables and manuals. “Finding all the parts for some jobs can take 3-4 hours,” said Mr. Sun. “Now, with the MYTower and MYCenter software, the process takes about 10 minutes and gives us 100% accuracy.

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Overall, Mr. Sun sees its SMT division as a key to its future strategy, which is focused on diversifying and internalizing operations to increase its global market strength. By increasing their NPI production to four to five per week, they have accelerated their R&D cycle and improved their competitive advantage, gaining new orders from mid-market customers for production batches of two to three thousand boards per month for e.g. – electronic devices.

“We know that our tools will not only reduce the cost of trial and error, making the transition from R&D to production easier and more efficient, but we will also help increase our quality and working conditions,” said Mr. Sun. “So while some may see the potential for more risk, we couldn’t be more excited to use that to find new business opportunities.” It has been more than a year since we started fighting the Sars-CoV virus. -2, which became the unknown war during Covid-19. Shocking, disturbing, dangerous, emotional, but disturbing and changing are only profound words that can describe the nature of Covid-19. Countries have seen their administrative power cut in half, unemployment at unprecedented levels, jobs that were previously required and at the top of the pyramid have to be completely eliminated, families lose their only income, thousands of children around the world. touching on education, at least in accessible ways. I think we can accept the negative effects of Covid-19 which have affected the balance.

But beyond that lies the life-changing truth of Einstein’s words: “in problems there is opportunity.” An opportunity that can be fully exploited by harnessing the true power of technology and understanding innovation in its true form.

If Einstein was alive I’d bet my last dime he’d let me. Technology is a tool backed by science and must be seen as a tool that has the power to yield and has the ability to solve the big problems in the world, and now especially in advance, contact the teams.

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With technology and innovation, we have seen the development of vaccines in less than a year. We have seen e-commerce and communication technologies take over the world as they sweep the dust from under our feet in terms of how we work and talk about the past. It is also the birth of new business models with a new sense of spin.

The wave of innovation and the speed of technological progress is like never before. The closest is probably the speed of the Covid pandemic. Countries and societies that do not understand this will not slide down, but are responsible for their own demise.

What we (Malaysia) do next as a country will determine whether we have the vision of a fully developed nation in every respect. Achieving this vision requires the efforts of the entire country, each region and the level of society in this country. And that starts with building a greater awareness and understanding of what technology and innovation can do for us. In an informal way, just create information from his home, village, community, business, workplace and then move to the big targets like companies and the wider country.

Innovation Overdrive: The Accelerating Pace Of Technological Gaming

To achieve this vision of grandeur, we must be able to expand on megatrends to break new ground. But before that, we must build a solid foundation for good technology in business. There are foundations developed by the school system, various government initiatives and demands from industry. A strong relationship must move in line with new megatrends.

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Malaysia, with all its advantages, is positioned with another strong advantage of being in SEA/ASIA, which is becoming a growing economic power in the world with the largest population in the world. That in itself is a megatrend; which means the rise of Asia as a global economic power. Driven by rapid population growth and economic development in recent years, Asia is gradually moving from being a participant in world trade to a major blueprint for his future course.

More than half of the world’s unicorns are Asian. Half the world’s middle class is in Asia, and we’re getting richer and more integrated.

Malaysia is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend. In fact, our biggest opportunity is about using the ASEAN level as a basis for growth. As the world’s fifth largest economy in 2018, Malaysia has a market of nearly 630 million people and a GDP of about US$3 trillion. The ASEAN market is expected to reach USD 5.2 trillion by 2025.

The motivation for innovation

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