In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong

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In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong – Next time you talk trash about our fallen heroes, remember that they died defending their right to be a fool Classic T-Shirt

As everyone was eagerly awaiting the public descent of the Lord Jesus on a white cloud, God again became incarnate as the Son of Man. He said that the next time you talk trash about our fallen heroes, remember that they died silently defending their right to be your idiot classic t-shirt, and pass on his words to do the work of “judgment beginning with the family of God.” Remember that you did it. Through the judgment and chastisement of Almighty God’s words, we can clearly see that Satan has deeply corrupted us, and we also know God’s innate righteous disposition. We are thus transformed into a living nature, gradually gaining true respect and obedience to Him. Through the work of judgment in the last days, Almighty God will completely save all mankind, free them from Satan’s sovereignty, make them worship and obey God, and lead them to a beautiful destination. Now, the gospel of Almighty God has spread throughout the universe in the last days. His name was known to every family and everyone. The holy name of Almighty God will be exalted in every nation and every place. This is the only work that God will accomplish in the last days.

In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong

In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong

Get it now: Next time you talk trash about our fallen heroes, remember that they died defending their right to be a fool Classic T-Shirt

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Boston Bruins Hockey Team They hate us because we don’t have one. Bruins Grinch Christmas Holiday Hoods When I was a boy, my neighborhood friends would sometimes gather in our large yard to play.

The tagging game begins when someone in the group starts chasing someone else, trying to touch or tag them. I remember the joy each of us felt when we were “it” and finally got to touch and scream at another player.

. We didn’t stop until every child was tagged. When you got tagged it was a sign that the game was over!

As a child, I really loved playing tag for many reasons. It was a group game. It was fast. And that meant we had to strategize on how to avoid and outsmart anyone labeled “it” to avoid being labeled. The wild name game made my heart flutter as I raced out of reach.

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I also liked the tag game because if someone had to sit out a round, they could go back into the game and start playing again. what do i do

He was a stigmatized person. But in a game of tag, everyone ended up tagging each other before the game was even over. Like it or not, at some point each of us will become “it” for a round of the game.

The reason I tell you about this simple children’s game is because it reminds us of the importance of the strategy era in which we live. For the past 2,000 years, the church has lived in an era that is strictly speaking called ‘the last days.’

In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong

But now we have entered the last days of the last days, a period unlike any that has ever preceded us in history. And God has chosen you and me to be part of the generation born in these last days. You and I have been “marked” to live in the final round of the prophetic game. In a very real sense, God says to us:

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Other people in church history have been “marked” by God to be “it” for their time and age. I could make a long list of such men and women who, while on earth, helped change the course of history to the glory of God. But now it’s time for us to play

This is where we serve Jesus at the end of this prophetic period. In order for you and I to be victorious as God intended, we must learn how to move quickly and listen accurately as the Holy Spirit gives us strategies to avoid the attacks of the enemy and fight against evil influences. Now they affect many people in society.

The fact remains that we are living in the last round of this final era. This means that we must know what God has specifically said about social events in the last days, and that we must receive God’s guidance so that we can maneuver accurately amidst the enemy’s attacks on each sector of society. do.

One need only watch the news in any given evening to see that there is an all-out assault on humanity and godliness. Today’s society is filled with violence, corruption, financial crises, political conflict, and heightened tensions between world political leaders beyond anything we could have imagined. Natural disasters are occurring with increasing regularity around the world.

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These combined and cumulative events can be so overwhelming that it feels like our well-being is constantly threatened. Without the peace of God governing our hearts and minds, we would easily become embarrassed and shaken by all these uncertain situations. (see

Learn about all the events Jesus prophesied we would see in the world before his next coming in Matthew 24.)

Many of us remember growing up in a very different world, where life was slower, kinder, and so safe that we didn’t even lock our doors. We were not afraid of our neighbors and we never thought of terrorist activities. Does this description remind you of your childhood memories from decades ago?

In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong

But the world has changed dramatically in our lifetime and is a very different place than the one we grew up in just a few years ago. What happened to the world we once knew? How is it possible for so many things to change so quickly and so dramatically? Who would have imagined in our teenage years that such absurd ideas would dominate society?

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My parents raised me to believe in the Bible along with their local church, so we knew that we were most likely living in the end times. But now the years have passed and the reality of these last days has hit with explosive force! It’s no longer an imagination. that

But things have changed, and the slower, kinder, safer world we grew up in has all but disappeared. As each day becomes new, society seems to be filled with new absurdities that were once unimaginable, leaving many people bewildered and confused.

. As a child, it may be difficult to imagine that things can change so much in such a short period of time.

But God knew this time would come, and about 2,000 years ago, His Spirit spoke very clearly to warn us living in the last days that such a time would come. he won

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A generation that knows that there will be “perilous times” for society at the end of the last days.

When the Apostle Paul wrote his second letter to Timothy, he said this in the first verse of chapter 3: “Know also that perilous times will come in the last days. But let’s start by looking more closely at the first part of the verse where the Holy Spirit says:

That is, what the Holy Spirit says in this and the following verses should not be considered optional information that we may or may not retain at our discretion. Greek tenses shape the message of this verse

In The Last Days Right Will Be Called Wrong

. It is as if the Holy Spirit raises his voice to get our attention. He reaches out from the pages of the Bible and grabs us, shakes us, makes us sit upright, lifts our heads, and opens our eyes and ears to truly understand what He is trying to tell us.

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Because he wants us to fully understand what he is trying to say. His urgent desire is for us to be prepared and vigilant as the events of the last days begin to occur at an increasingly rapid pace.

What will happen in the future, the times in which you and I live now, are so ominous that the Holy Spirit

Be informed and spiritually prepared to deal with the storms of the last days. If we listen to what the Holy Spirit says in this and the following verses, we can prepare ourselves and our loved ones and friends to navigate these stormy seas victorious. And we will not be conquered by the evil that the Bible says will inevitably emerge and spread in society

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