How Will Nursing Change In The Future

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How Will Nursing Change In The Future – Nursing is a rapidly evolving profession, and the future may bring major changes for all professionals in this field. New technologies and technological developments can impact the nursing profession. Nurses of all backgrounds, abilities and situations need to be aware of the potential for diversity in their work. This paper will discuss possible changes that can be made through nursing.

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How Will Nursing Change In The Future

How Will Nursing Change In The Future

A nurse’s work and duties primarily focus on treating patients. This is because changes that can be made to healthcare will also impact patient outcomes. For example, Gillham (2016) believes that if performance-based payment schemes were accepted in hospitals, this would significantly improve the quality of services. With this incentive, nurses will be interested in providing high quality services to the community.

The Future Of Nursing. Leading Change, Advancing Health.

Gillham (2016) also found that access to knowledge allows many people to learn and develop into experts. Increasing the level of knowledge and education among nurses can positively influence patient outcomes. Competent nurses will carry out their duties more professionally so as to reduce the failure rate.

In addition, the development of modern technology will increase the level of service that nurses can provide to patients. They allow nurses to make fewer mistakes and enable them to complete their tasks more quickly. Pittman, Bass, Hargraves, Herrera, and Thompson (2015) stated that staffing numbers are increasing, meaning more desirable nurse-to-patient ratios may be achieved in the future. Changes like these will allow nurses to focus more on their patients and subsequently improve health outcomes.

Pittman et al. (2015) projected that hospitals will rely more on nurses to lead organizational change. There will also be new responsibilities that nurses will have such as administration. As a result, the level and quality of service at the hospital will increase. Nurses’ responsibilities as health care providers may also increase as society expects more professionalism and knowledge of the health care system in general. Girish et al. (2015) argue that greater collaboration with other health professionals is on the horizon, which will also change the role of nurses. These professionals will manage coordination functions and collaborate with global health organizations to drive innovation in the workplace.

As mentioned previously, technology will soon play a larger role in the healthcare system and will be used more frequently in day-to-day operations. Nurses need to develop technical skills and develop the knowledge and skills to use this technology appropriately. There are also concerns about the increasing demand for quality services and the lack of high-quality staff.

Continuing Education In Nursing: Why It’s Important

Thus, Saarnio, Suhonen, and Isola (2016) noted that experienced nurses leave hospitals to perform research and administrative work. This requires other nursing staff, including interns and interns, to meet the expectations of high-quality care provided by their mentors. Patient needs will also change as access to health information increases (Saarnio et al. 2016). The nurse may need to provide arguments regarding recommended interventions or drug prescriptions and validate the patient’s point of view.

A survey of nurse managers shows that staff wellbeing will be a priority in the future. Regular inspections and corrective actions will be carried out to prevent staff fatigue and stress (Sarnew et al., 2016). This will ensure better performance and job satisfaction. Aging caregivers can also be a problem because of the difficulty in managing their health problems and stress. In the future, this situation requires special attention and the development of new interventions. For nurses who have just entered this profession, the future can be seen from a position full of hope. Nurse managers plan to implement measures related to making the nursing community more welcoming in hospitals (Saarnio et al. 2016). These changes can reduce the amount of stress and reduce the incidence of irritation.

Christie and Jones (2014) believe that the current problem of lateral violence can be overcome in the future. They argue that creating an environment where such an environment is not possible can help reduce or eliminate subsequent violence. Considering the research results, Saarnio et al. (2016) and mentioned above, this kind of situation is very likely to occur in the future. Additionally, given the increasing concern regarding this issue in the scientific literature, it is likely that this problem will be addressed. Increasing the level of knowledge and education will also improve the situation.

How Will Nursing Change In The Future

In the education process, nurses can find out about late violence problems and how to overcome them. Education can also improve moral behavior among peers, which can also help overcome problems of violence later in life.

Iom Future Of Nursing 2010 Report Brief By Gnlc

The increase in education levels can even be seen today. If this trend continues in the future, nurses will become better professionals and provide quality services to their patients. The Institute of Medicine’s report on the future of nursing predicted significant changes in nursing education (Pittman et al., 2015). Among the changes is an increase in its availability. Making education affordable is only part of the problem. There is a need to increase the prestige of the profession. The IOM also states that this is one of the priorities, meaning that education is likely to attract practice nurses who view their work as temporary practice. By continuing their education, nursing professionals can find new roles, higher salaries, and recognition among their peers.

Clark, Kent, and Riesner (2018) argued that in the future, continuing education could help nurse practitioners address chronic problems of low compliance and low student achievement. New self-study techniques have the potential to increase the prestige of nursing education and increase the level of knowledge gained from it. This will help address the shortage of qualified nursing professionals in many hospitals and care settings.

Overall, the future of healthcare will be bright if interventions and adjustments are made now. Recent research shows that the concepts in the IOM report are being implemented at colleges, universities, and hospitals. This gives reason to believe that improvements will be felt. However, implementing some of the changes discussed in this paper requires significant planning and funding. For example, changing payment plans may require serious budget adjustments. However, it is still possible. Eliminating the problems of burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, educational attrition, and other issues can help nurses achieve a bright future where their profession is well-paid, mentally rewarding, and collaborative in health care. Recognized by service providers.

Christie, W., & Jones, S. (2014). Post-violence in care and the vision of nurses as wound healers.

The Wave Of The Future: Virtual Care Nursing

Clark, C.A., Kent, K.A., & Reisner, S.E. (2018). A new approach to solving a long-standing problem in clinical nurse education.

Gersh, A., Dallman, A., Johnson, A., Mina-Carrasco, F., Rosales, L., Pantaleon, V., … Sharps, P. (2015). The Role of the World Health Organization as a Center for Collaboration: Charting Future Global Nursing Leaders.

Pittman, P., Bass, E., Hargraves, J., Herrera, C., & Thompson, P. (2015). The future of healthcare: monitoring progress on proposed changes in hospitals, nurse-led clinics, and home health agencies and hospitals.

How Will Nursing Change In The Future

Sarnio, R., Sahonen, M. and Isola, A. (2016). A look at the future challenges of nurse managers in healthcare organizations.

It Part Of Big Change Coming To Nursing

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If you are the copyright holder of this work and do not now wish to have your work published in it. The report entitled “The Future of Healthcare: Driving Change, Evolving Health” has been widely used in recent years as a stakeholder effort in the healthcare sector. Implements recommendations that serve as an action plan to guide future nursing practice. In essence, the report not only succeeded in being a catalyst for positive change in the field of nursing and nursing, but also ensured that the roles, responsibilities and education of nurses met the challenges and demands of current health service reform (Fights, 2011). This paper examines the report to identify future issues facing our healthcare system and explains how information from the report can be used to assist future nurse leaders in making decisions.

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Analysis of the nursing scholarship report in The Future of Nursing shows that the report is based on four main messages, namely (1) enabling nurses to put their entire education and training into practice, (2) motivating nurses to achieve higher levels. . Through a better education and training system that sponsors excellent academic development, (3) ensuring that nurses become full partners with doctors and other health professionals to improve health services.

Solution: Future Of Nursing Practice

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