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How To Think Of A Blog Name – Rebranding is a smart and necessary step for long-term business growth. But when it comes to your brand or business, you don’t need to change the name. From the start, you can choose a name that will stand the test of time and various iterations of your brand’s life cycle. It’s common for a brand, or at least a brand name, to outgrow its velocity. Marketing platform Mailchimp used its rebrand to help the company transform into a “bigger” brand that can serve more small businesses. Most of the books I’ve read, like Liv’s Sober Life (now simply called Liv B), were quickly renamed when they realized their old names didn’t make sense. Let’s look at some naming strategies you can use to ensure long-term relevance. How to Choose a Name 1. Define your niche. What are you doing? What will you talk about? Is it an extension of your business or your own project? Figuring out what you like is key to choosing a name that will grow with you. The name reflects your unique perspective on your industry or niche. It should match your aesthetic and define the mood you want to convey to your readers when they visit your homepage. It should also describe the type of content you will publish. Image Source For example, I love the name “Hot for Food.” He is a partner of creator Lauren Toyo on the same YouTube channel. This is a great example of a name that matches the culinary venue. The name is also broad enough for Toyota to represent its brand. If I wanted to launch a line of cookware, “Hot for food” would still make sense, and I could use about a million puns. How fun would it be to have a pot that says “Hot Sauce”? 2. Do your research. See what the greats in your industry are doing. Focus on what you like and use it as a springboard for content your industry readers want to see. Find answers to how they are labeled, titled and what they contain. For example, if you’re a tech startup, check out TechCrunch’s Startup & Technology Roundup . Their name is short and catchy, and their content strategy is to analyze and promote the latest technology news for their readers. It’s also a good idea to think about how your wishes differ from those of others. This is also a good time to find out what name you think is being used. Start with a simple Google search, then find more technical information by checking out LLCs in your state. When you find a free name, make sure the domain name is also available and register the chosen name to protect it. So you want to know how you want your brand to be perceived and how you want it to grow in your chosen market. 3. Think about your message. What do you want to say? Check out your posts now and in the future. When you look at your five-year plan, has your message evolved with your business and does your name still reflect that? Media giant Buzzfeed, for example, has grown exponentially over the past decade, which would be an understatement. Buzzfeed’s YouTube channels each have billions of views and millions of subscribers. As the company grew, YouTube began to diversify and expand its content. The Buzzfeed YouTube channel was originally named after colors like Buzzfeed Blue, Buzzfeed Ultraviolet, and Buzzfeed Yellow. These names have recently been removed. Buzzfeed has changed its content to grow with its business. Yellow was renamed Boldly and later As/Is after Boldly outgrew its name. According to founder Jonah Peretti, the redesign of the channel title is intended to reflect “product design and functionality that reinforces its unique attributes and better serves its many fans.” 4. Use a name generator. As you think about your niche and message and come up with title ideas, write down key words and phrases. You can then enter them into a name generator to help you get started with some ideas. For example, you can use Themeisle’s name generator, Domain Wheel, Zyro, or Panabee. You can use these as starting points to generate more ideas and get your creative juices flowing. 5. Consider your target audience. The first thing you should consider is “Who is reading me?” Will your target audience change over time, or do you want people to grow with your brand? For example, The Children’s Place has been targeted at parents of young children. Although these children will one day grow up, their target audience will always be parents of young children. On the other hand, a personal brand like Caitlin Bristow’s, when she starts targeting young women who watch The Bachelor, her audience will grow with her and change as she gets older. Become a young mother (if she chooses to have children and stay at home). These are just two examples, but keep in mind that your target audience may change with you, so you want your name to be timeless. 6. Remember your brand. Also, associate your name with your brand. Whether you use the same fonts, colors, or wordplay, people will notice your . Additionally, the overall brand message should be present on your homepage, social media, and more. It must be consistent. 7. Make sure it is easy to speak and write. When choosing a name, don’t let wording or design take over. After all, you want your name to be catchy, memorable, and easy to pronounce and spell. You may be asking yourself “Why does this matter?” you may be thinking. Let’s say a user sees your username on Google. They want to come back to your site but forgot the name because it was too long. Or, they might try to type in your name but misspell it because your name is a play on words. This can lead to confusion and lost readers. Keep it simple and easy to remember to entice users to come back again and again. Name Examples 1. LADbible LADbible is an entertainment company that originally had the same name. Over time, their information expanded, requiring different information streams. LADbible now has more s that are consistent with the original: SPORTbible and Tyla (formerly Pretty52). Image Source Pro Tip: Flexibility is key to building brand presence and better understanding your audience. Make the reason and overall purpose of the change as realistic as possible. When you take your audience on a journey, there are opportunities to share interests and share opinions. 2. About Content Similarly, Contently’s company has a name that is different from the company itself: Content Strategist. The title is named after its target audience, providing a smart way to reach readers of its service. Image Source Pro Tip: If your company name allows it, consider having your own affiliates – this way you can maintain some connection to the company and your own image. 3. Instead of calling Whole Foods “Whole Foods,” the organic food company opted for Whole Story. The name is associated with his company, but he also has a variety of content that tells where their products come from and their customer satisfaction stories. Whole Foods also keeps the keywords in the title so SEO will be easy. Image Source Pro Tip: When naming your brand, consider how to differentiate your brand from your company’s core themes and influences. 4. Target ‘A Bullseye View’ – The catch-all name for Target. Reversing the logo is Target’s move to reflect its brand. With a name like that, the possibilities are endless for Target as it grows, with the company considering categories like “lifestyle,” “team” and “enterprise.” Image Source Pro Tip: We like this approach. Target does a great job of keeping its name theme and staying away from major brands. Try turning your name into a catchy phrase to expand on your message in a fun way. 5. Pottery Barn Pottery Barn wants to help you understand the industry “from the inside out” with a fun, catchy name. The title is a tribute to the interior designer and suggests that the content will provide more insight and information about the people behind the designs.

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