How To Tell If Your Going Bald

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Hair loss can affect men and women of all ages, but androgenetic alopecia affects men more. Knowing if you are experiencing rapid hair loss that can lead to alopecia is important to find a solution as soon as possible and prevent further loss.

How To Tell If Your Going Bald

How To Tell If Your Going Bald

First of all, it is important to note that hair falls every day of our lives. Some, though a minority, retain most of their hair into old age. Most people lose density and thickness or experience complete hair loss over the years. But we all lose 100 to 120 hairs a day.

The Bald Manifesto

However, it does not matter how much hair has been lost, but how much has been regenerated. As we age, it is natural for our hair follicles to lose strength and more or less stop producing hair.

How to distinguish androgenic alopecia from the simple effect of time? Your hairline may start to recede in your twenties, but it won’t be a cosmetic problem decades later. Genetic predisposition is important if it leads to alopecia.

As we said, androgenic alopecia is behind most cases of alopecia in men and women. 80% of men and 20% of women experience this condition at some point in their lives.

Paternal genes usually cause this type of hair loss, which involves progressive miniaturization of follicular units, hair loss from the front to the crown, and is exacerbated by the influence of androgens. This male hormone, which is also found in smaller amounts in women, gradually weakens follicles as they become smaller and thinner and eventually die.

The Bald And The Beautiful: Haircuts For Balding Men

A receding hairline is the first symptom of alopecia, which is hair loss around the temples. It usually starts between the ages of 20 and 30 and is likely to stop at some point and there is no hair loss. But it’s important to detect it so you can monitor it and see a specialist who can help you decide if you need to start treatment to stop its progression.

However, if you notice that your forehead is widening and your hair is thinning on top, in addition to receding your hairline (when your hair pulls back, creating a “V” shape), you are most likely balding. If you combine this excess oil with dandruff, hair loss when washing or brushing, and scalp discomfort, it’s time to see a hair health professional to stop early androgenetic alopecia.

In short, male pattern baldness usually begins with the famous loss of hair at the temples. It is also possible for hair loss to occur first and most severely around the crown.

How To Tell If Your Going Bald

Although it usually starts at age 20, it can start as early as age 18. In rare cases, receding hairlines can start earlier or decades later, but it usually starts between 20 and 30 and accelerates with age.

Is There An Evolutionary Benefit To Being Bald?

The reduction in hairline can be more or less noticeable and is more easily noticed when the hair is cut short. Therefore, instead of different types of receding hairline, there are degrees of alopecia measured according to the Norwood-Hamilton scale in the male type.

In grades 1 and 2, the loss of intensity is mild and occurs mainly in the front. In grade 2, you’ll start to notice some hair around your hairline; This was something that had not been noticed until then. As the scale progresses, the loss becomes greater and begins to affect areas such as the crown.

If you suspect you have alopecia, check if any of the following apply to you. In any case, it is always better to consult a specialist, because it is important to recognize androgenic alopecia as soon as possible and prevent hair loss completely.

It is recommended to regularly check the condition of your hair to detect suspected alopecia as soon as possible. If you are over 20 and male, you are likely to experience the first signs of baldness. A trichologist can help you determine the most appropriate treatment.

Causes Of Hair Loss

The best way to prevent hair loss is to adopt healthy habits. This means eating whole foods rich in biotin, vitamins A, B, C and D, leading a sedentary lifestyle, avoiding alcohol and smoking and always using quality hair products.

What shampoo should I use if I’m bald? If you notice that your hair is thinning, it’s a good idea to include an anti-hair loss shampoo like Prevent-HA in your routine. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed, this shampoo not only prevents hair loss, but also strengthens weak, thin and weak hair. and brittle hair. It repairs, renews and renews. Apply with gentle circular massages to stimulate blood circulation and facilitate the nourishment of the follicles. It is also recommended to take care with subsequent drying, which should always be done with a soft, friction-free towel, staying as far as possible from the dryer or using cold.

In short, all you need to do to avoid baldness is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet that minimizes stress and daily physical activity. Add the use of a good shampoo and our mesotherapy and PRP; You will be doing your part to reduce hair loss or at least delay the process.

How To Tell If Your Going Bald

If you notice hair loss, don’t panic, science is on your side. Just because your hair is receding doesn’t mean you’ll be completely bald in a few months. Moreover, as we mentioned before, you can check and fix it, for example, hair transplant. In this way, you will achieve a very natural effect with a simple and painless procedure.

Male Pattern Baldness: Causes, Stages & Treatment Options

However, to stop hair pulling, which is often the first symptom of alopecia, the doctor who examines your condition may recommend a pharmacological treatment such as minoxidilor dutasteride or both drugs and in the case of capillary mesotherapy these two drugs have a direct effect in the follicular gland. tissues. unit. Other treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and low-dose laser therapy can be added individually or together to enhance the effects. With this, you can nourish and rejuvenate your hair, which will begin to show signs of aging and delay hair loss.

Hair transplantation is the ultimate solution to reduce receding hairline and alopecia. Since it uses the patient’s own hair, it is a safe technique that cannot be rejected by the body and leaves no trace. Using the FUE technique, we take follicular units from the donor area (nose and arms) and transplant them to the areas of hair loss.

First, the specialist will diagnose alopecia and evaluate the donor area to determine if there is sufficient density to cover the areas with alopecia. Once the patient understands what to expect and plans the intervention, the day of treatment is planned.

Hair transplantation is performed in one day thanks to the Bot Hair Double Extraction Device. After applying local anesthesia, our experts begin the shooting process. This is definitely the most sensitive stage and thanks to the experience and expertise of our team, we take the follicular units very carefully and quickly. Follicular units are obtained through micro-incisions without scarring.

Bald Spot On Crown

Once this is done, they are sorted by the number of hairs they contain and stored in a low-temperature solution to prevent deterioration of the follicular units. Then, implantation of follicular units is performed, which is an important step for achieving a natural result that meets the patient’s expectations.

Our team will guide you through the post-operative care process, which is critical to the success of the transplant. If you have questions about the intervention, the technique or the results, immediately make an appointment at our clinics and let us analyze your situation. Male pattern baldness is almost inevitable for men as they age. About 66% of men experience significant hair loss by age 35, and this rate rises to 85% in men age 50 and older.

Even people under the age of 21 may already have this condition. 25% of men in this age group have already started losing their hair.

How To Tell If Your Going Bald

These statistics don’t look good, especially for men with balding relatives. Yes, this is usually a good indicator of condition. See below for other common symptoms of male pattern baldness to watch out for.

Why Is My Hair Thinning? Signs Of Balding In Your 20’s & 30’s

Most of the time, your genes can be blamed for baldness. Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition. But it has to do with your sex hormones and the aging process.

It is an illusion

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