How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression

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How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression – Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition, but what many people may not be aware of is that it can also be associated with physical symptoms. For many, mental and physical health are closely linked. For example, many people with chronic stress will also experience physical symptoms such as stomach aches or even skin rashes.

People who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder may also have physical symptoms. In this article we will look at this condition and the physical damage it can cause. Fortunately, bipolar disorder and its symptoms can be treated. There are medications and treatments that can help alleviate symptoms so people can better manage the disease and enjoy a better quality of life.

How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression

How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by the duration (sometimes several months) of deep depression and high levels of coma. Officially known as “manic depression”, this condition can have a significant impact on a person’s lifestyle, family and relationships and career. During the depressive phase of the disease, a person may experience mild symptoms such as fatigue and lack of motivation. They may feel hopeless or have suicidal thoughts.

Bipolar Disorder (manic Depression): Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

The manic phase of bipolar disorder is a time of high energy. Sometimes people feel happy at this stage. They may also feel relieved and more likely to engage in reckless or high-risk activities such as alcohol, drug use, or unprotected sex. However, people find it difficult to control their emotions. Between these two stages there may be a “normal” period in which a person feels asymptomatic, but even these periods may be associated with some mental health symptoms.

Bipolar disorder is a chronic disease, but it can be effectively managed. Most people with this condition manage it with medication and psychotherapy. Following a treatment plan can help reduce symptoms and make the condition easier to manage.

Both stages of bipolar disorder may be related to physical symptoms. During manic sessions, also known as mania or hypomania, people may experience physical effects including:

During manic sessions, people may become so energetic or so agitated that they can not sleep well. A person may feel physical stress that wakes them up, but their racing thoughts during this stage can also cause insomnia.

Bipolar Disorder Medication Guide

During mania or hypomania, a person can be distracted and easily forget to eat. On the other hand, some people feel an increase in appetite but may not be eating a healthy diet or following their diet plan.

Feelings of weakness and fatigue are associated with the depressive phase of bipolar disorder, but can also be severely affected at the end of the mental phase. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition can lead to feelings of extreme fatigue. Some people report feeling dizzy during or at the end of a manic session. Bipolar disorder is also known to be associated with the loss of skeletal muscle over time, which can lead to extreme feelings of weakness and fatigue.

High-energy manic sessions can cause cardiovascular symptoms such as palpitations or hypertension. This can also occur during the depressive phase if a person has symptoms of anxiety that are part of the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression

During manic sessions, many people engage in risky behaviors that can lead to injury or even illness. For example, having unprotected sex can increase your risk of getting an STI or other infectious disease. Excessive drinking is associated with an increased risk of falls or other injuries.

Integrative Therapies For Bipolar Disorder

The depressive phase of bipolar disorder is also associated with a number of physical effects. In some cases, these symptoms may become more visible during this time. These symptoms may include:

Many people find it difficult to function normally during the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. Even waking up can be taxing.

The gastrointestinal tract may become more inflamed and sensitive during the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. Mental health symptoms of depression and anxiety can cause severe abdominal pain that causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

During the manic phase, people may experience a sharp increase in libido. Contradictions often occur during the depressive phase of the situation. This can cause communication problems for the couple.

Living With Bipolar Disorder: Eleanor’s Story

Depression can lead to anxiety or panic attacks. As these symptoms become chronic, it can affect blood pressure, causing it to rise. Both the depressive and psychological aspects of pain can cause cardiovascular problems.

Suicidal ideation is a serious mental health problem, but any attempt can have serious or long-term effects on physical health. Suicide attempts are a complicated situation. Your doctor will look for signs and symptoms, but if you experience them, always tell your doctor.

Bipolar is treatable. But because the condition is different from other symptoms, the doctor will treat according to the needs of each person. For example, some people may have bipolar disorder characterized by chronic depression. These individuals may need different treatments than patients with mild depression.

How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression

People with bipolar disorder should receive psychiatric treatment rather than those who specialize in the treatment of bipolar disorder. The psychiatrist may prescribe medication and may refer the patient to a therapist.

Am I Bipolar? The Major Signs Of Bipolar Disorder And How To Tell If You Have It

Treatment usually involves the use of medications that can be prescribed during both the manic and depressive stages. Customers often use emotional balance devices for a long time. However, over time your doctor may need to adjust the dose or change the medication depending on how well it works.

Treatment will also include psychotherapy. Psychologists will help patients develop strategies to cope with their symptoms in a healthy way. Counseling can also help them overcome any challenges they may face in relation to their disability. Communication problems, stress at work or other issues can be difficult at some stage of the disease. Treatment can alleviate some of the problems by giving patients help in resolving conflicts, managing stress, and resolving their emotions and mood swings.

Sometimes patients need to be hospitalized for treatment and follow-up. Some patients may experience delusions (called “psychosis”) or have had suicidal thoughts or attempts. When these complications occur, hospitalization is usually the safest course. Doctors can keep patients safe until they feel calm and can return home.

If you suspect that you may have bipolar disorder or if your symptoms increase or change, you should see a doctor immediately. Bipolar disorder can cause rapid changes in mental and physical symptoms. If you start to have severe symptoms, you should contact your psychiatrist or doctor for advice. You may need a different medication or you may need a different treatment. Your doctor can give you treatment to reduce or eliminate your symptoms so you can be calm and safe.

How To Determine If You Have Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be treated but must be treated by an experienced mental health professional for best results. Contact FHE Health for a free consultation.

FHE Medical Group is committed to providing accurate information that meets high editorial standards. If one of our articles is marked with the “Check for accuracy and expertise” symbol, it means that one or more of our doctors and therapists have reviewed this article to ensure its accuracy. This is part of our continued commitment to ensuring that FHE Health is trusted as a leader in mental health and addiction care. Do you suspect your teen is showing symptoms of bipolar disorder? Not sure about the previous diagnosis of other mental health problems from your child’s doctor?

A recent CBS News article discusses a study that found that many people wait years after their bipolar disorder begins before they get a proper diagnosis. The study found that the average time people wait for a diagnosis is six years.

How To Tell If You Have Bipolar Depression

This long wait can be attributed to the fact that the early stages of bipolar disorder are difficult to distinguish from other depressive disorders. Parents sometimes confuse adolescent bipolar disorder with adolescent disorder. These symptoms can be ignored when adolescents are depressed or tired.

Bipolar Disorder Mood Episodes: Triggers And Treatment

To diagnose bipolar disorder, doctors need detailed biographies and specific information from family members. It can take a long time to gather, which can negate a single diagnosis

Knowing what to look for in adolescents and children whose parents suspect they are showing symptoms of bipolar disorder is an important step toward making a proper diagnosis. Bipolar is often characterized by periods of mania and depression.

The most common form of bipolar disorder, Bipolar II, is characterized by less severe mental illness than the normal form of bipolar disorder (periods of intense mania and depression). For people struggling with bipolar II, it is difficult for them to identify the symptoms on their own. That is when parents and other loved ones step in to find out.

For those who do not know the symptoms of dementia and depression, here are some signs to look for:

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms


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