How To Tell If A Dryer Fuse Is Blown

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How To Tell If A Dryer Fuse Is Blown – So your dryer has completed one cycle. You arrive to take off your clothes and find them still wet and cold. Your dryer’s heating element may have burned out, but there are other culprits. So now you know how to check a dryer fuse.

This is probably the first question you asked; This is good. A dryer fuse, also known as a thermal fuse, is a small device in your dryer whose sole function is to prevent a fire. In the 1980s, it was federally mandated that all dryers have these fuses for safety reasons.

How To Tell If A Dryer Fuse Is Blown

How To Tell If A Dryer Fuse Is Blown

It’s only an inch or two longer, but if the exhaust pipe overheats. The machine will turn off the heating element and the entire dryer. The deciding factor for which one will be one of these is the type of dryer you have. Since the fuse only operates once, it must be replaced if it trips due to overheating.

Trying To Fix My Amana Dryer, Terminal Box Arced And Was Replaced But Still Won’t Turn On. Is The Thermal Fuse The Problem?

The thermal fuse is usually installed in the dryer exhaust pipe and should be as simple as removing the back panel of the dryer. Some are made of plastic and some are made of metal, so try to find one of the two. It should be attached to the top of the exhaust pipe with two pieces of wire about two inches long. Before attempting to troubleshoot this unit in any way, be sure to unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet.

Sometimes after years of repeated use, the fuse wears out and stops working. At other times, there are several other faults that cause it to trip and prevent the dryer from working properly. Some things that can cause overheating are duct blockages that restrict air flow; This includes fans that fail and do not cool the machine properly or the thermostat does not work. Any of these can cause your dryer to overheat and blow the fuse. So you will know what caused the fuse to blow, If not, you need to change another one immediately.

Checking the fuse with an electronic millimeter will tell you if the fuse is actually working. The fastest way to find out This is the most reliable way. Set the multimeter to the lowest RX setting; Remove the wire from the fuse itself and tap the millimeter pins to each fuse wire. An “infinity” reading means that the fuse itself is working fine and has nothing to do with it. Anything less readable means it’s not working and should be replaced.

If you don’t have a multimeter. You can also check if the fuse is working by bypassing the fuse. Just disconnect the wires from the fuse, Connect them using jumpers; Try running the dryer. If everything is fine at this point, you can assume that the fuse is actually the culprit and needs to be replaced. W10909685 Thermal Fuse Replacement For Whirlpool Maytag Amana Dryer Parts, Replace W10693363 Pd00036363 4461025 Ps11766766 Eap11766766

This is probably the easiest process of all the efforts. replace the heater; Get a new one made specifically for your dryer make and model and install it in the same place the old one came from.

Contact us to avoid this whole process. We will be happy to troubleshoot your dryer and replace any necessary parts quickly and easily.

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How To Tell If A Dryer Fuse Is Blown

Any of the following components could be the cause of the problem and should be included in the troubleshooting process:

Dryer Limit & Fuse Kit Replacement For Maytag / Whirlpool > Speedy Appliance Parts

A common reason why a dryer does not heat up is because it is not getting the right amount of energy. It’s easy to overlook this and assume there’s nothing wrong with the power, but it’s an important check at the beginning of troubleshooting your electric dryer. The heater needs 240 volts and the engine only runs up to 120 volts. Check the power cord for damage and reset the circuit breaker in your home to make sure it hasn’t tripped. You can then turn the switch to heat the dryer for a higher heat cycle. If this does not solve the problem; It is necessary to check the continuity of the control circuit components.

A multimeter is required to test all control circuit components together. For safety, be sure to unplug the dryer when checking for continuity. You will also need to remove the dryer’s back panel and the back of its control panel. Check the timer terminal “A” to disconnect the big red wire. Next, take your multimeter and set it to read ohms to measure resistance. You will then need to measure the resistance between the large red wire disconnected from the timer “A” terminal and the heating element terminal that connects to the large red wire. heating element; high limit thermostat; If there is continuity between the operating thermostat and the thermal cut-out fuse. Your multimeter should read about 15 ohms.

If you cannot find continuity in the control circuit. Next time you will need to check the continuity of each component. Begin by placing the multimeter across the terminals of the heating element. If it is steady, your multimeter should also read 15 ohms. This indicates that there is no problem with the heating element, so we will have to do the same high limit thermostat test next time.

Your multimeter should read near zero ohms if it leads to each terminal of the high limit thermistor and is continuous. If there is no continuity. The high limit thermostat is bad and will need to be replaced. If there are no problems, check that the thermostat is working. Dryer Thermostat And Thermal Fuse Replaces For Whirlpool Ler5620kq1 Ler4634jq1 Ler4634pq0 Ler7646eq2 Ler3624eq1 Ler4634eq2 Ler8858eq1 Wed5300vw0 Wed4800xq3 Wed5100vq0 Ler4634eq0 Ler4634jt0 Ler3624eq0

Place one multimeter lead on one wire and the other on the wire terminal. If there is continuity, it should measure close to zero ohms, but if there is no continuity, you will need to replace the working thermostat. If OK, check the thermal shutdown fuse for continuity.

If the fuse is not replaced, If it is good and there is continuity, it should be close to 0 ohms. If so far so good. The last thing to check is the timer.

Make sure your dryer is still off and set a timer for drying. Connect one multimeter lead with the red lead to the “A” terminal and the other with the black lead to the “C” terminal. You can check the continuity of the timer. If there is no continuity, you may need to replace the bad timer. But if all goes well so far, the blower motor centrifugal switch is faulty; Other causes, such as a plug or circuit breaker, may cause heat loss. You may need to call the nearest professional mechanic to get it fixed.

How To Tell If A Dryer Fuse Is Blown

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So far I have bought two radiators from and they both died within a few months. Here is also a close-up of the thermistor.

Also replace the thermostat; He should be around.

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