How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

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Starting an e-commerce company? Here’s how to buy in bulk at great prices. Get access to branded products your future customers know and love.

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

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Top 10 Dropshipping Sunglasses Suppliers

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce witnessed a huge boom as an isolated world shifted its shopping habits to the virtual world. As a result, e-commerce is more democratic than ever and the barriers to entry into this sector are lower than for most other companies. These days, whether you want to move your personal retail operations online or start a side business, it’s easy to open a store on Shopify or sell on Amazon.

Starting a store is easy when you already have products. If you don’t have your own product line or warehouse space, starting a business from scratch will be a little more complicated. Where do you get products for sale? A good answer is tundra.

Tundra lets you buy branded products in bulk at the lowest direct prices on the market. The easy-to-search wholesale marketplace lets you shop over 800,000 curated products from over 2,500 suppliers and brands, including Burt’s Bees, Red Wines, Jelly Belly, Fisher-Price and more.

Tundra is easy to process. By using tags, you can find the perfect products for your store and always get the lowest direct prices from the Tundra brand community. Then simply place your order using the simple online checkout process. Shipping costs are automatically calculated for you, including fast delivery options. There are no transaction fees, but if you need to add optional items like insurance or prepaid duties and taxes (Tundra serves more than 180 countries), you can do so. Finally, orders are shipped directly from the supplier’s warehouse to your home, all with real-time tracking and notifications.

What Is A Distribution Channel In Business And How Does It Work?

Tundra is also currently offering a special welcome gift of 15 percent off for first-time buyers

First Order – This means everything in your cart will be discounted at checkout! You’ll need to make the purchase within seven days of signing up, but that’s enough time to find all the products you’ve recently saved and discover new ones.

Shop the best brands online at the best wholesale prices with terms tailored to your advantage. Start your wholesale journey with Tundra today and learn how they can help you start your online business.

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

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Wholesale trade in the United States alone is worth around $670 billion annually, and the industry has grown by more than 38% since 2020.

These are numbers that are hard for sellers to ignore, which is why many of them, especially dropshippers, struggle to get a piece of the wholesale eCommerce pie.

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

However, you cannot sell products that you do not own. One of the biggest challenges when sourcing products is finding suppliers you can trust. With so many wholesale options around the world, finding the best supplier for your online business can be overwhelming.

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But that’s not necessary. At Collective you will find high-quality products from brands that you can sell through your online store. Another option is a marketplace like Faire, which offers products from thousands of independent brands.

If you’ve already run it, you can use the Exhibit: Wholesale Product Source app to purchase wholesale products and sync them to your store. If you want to sell wholesale, you can try the Exhibition: Sell Wholesale app to connect with independent retailers worldwide.

Next, learn more about how wholesale purchasing works, explore additional options, and learn how to find the right wholesale or dropshipping provider for your needs.

Wholesale suppliers are companies that buy goods directly from manufacturers and sell them to brick-and-mortar or online retailers for a profit. With the introduction of mass production and marketing techniques in the 19th century, the wholesale model grew in popularity.

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Without wholesalers, manufacturers must market their goods to retailers. Instead, wholesalers act as intermediaries in the supply chain.

They buy in bulk from manufacturers and receive significant discounts, which they can then pass on to the retailer. They typically have product licenses and are therefore not available to regular customers – or at least not at the same prices that they offer to their retail partners.

Retailers then repackage the wholesale products so that individuals can sell them for a profit. Prices are always negotiable, but dropshippers and other retailers typically pay wholesalers 60 to 70% of the price they charge consumers.

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

Find the right manufacturing partners to build your eCommerce store inventory with our free manufacturing and sourcing contact templates.

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With so many options, it can be difficult to find the best supplier for your business. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Another major concern for retailers is finding suppliers who can handle goods turnover quickly. Adhering to this time frame is important because consumers expect products to arrive within three business days.

So how do you find a reputable, high-quality wholesale supplier? Below you will find all the wholesale supplier marketplaces where you can order products.

If your online business sells a wide range of products or competes on price, consider working with some of the wholesalers listed below.

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Ali’s family website is the most influential online marketplace in China, competing with Amazon in the US. Research shows that they have a 63% share of the domestic (Chinese) e-commerce market. Alibaba is a wholesale supplier directory aimed at a B2B audience, while AliExpress offers a B2C experience.

If you want to do a limited trial, AliExpress might be a smart choice before buying wholesale on Alibaba. The Ali family website is ideal for:

One of the best things about working with China-based suppliers is ePacket shipping, which makes shipping faster and more affordable than ever before. This is because in 2011, the US Postal Service qualified ePacket delivery for first-class service and delivery confirmation.

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

DHgate is another wholesale supplier based in China. DHgate has low prices for many wholesale products, but is known for selling many replicas. If this isn’t a problem for your business, it’s worth taking a look at the offerings to see what you can find.

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Sometimes it is best to select wholesale suppliers based on geographic location. Fast delivery is increasingly a priority for modern consumers. If you’re based in North America or Europe, here are the wholesalers you should know.

EK Wholesale is based in Scotland and has been one of the leading wholesale suppliers to retailers in Europe for over 30 years. EK is known for selling high quality products and offers free delivery to mainland UK on orders over £250. Other advantages include:

If most of your customers are based in the EU or your business specializes in fashion, working with EK Wholesale may be the best choice for you.

Faire is ideal for merchants based in North America. The company has a variety of suppliers depending on the continent – and a range of goods including cosmetics, kitchen, pets and bags.

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The exhibition is also ideal for dropshippers who want to save on shipping costs. Free shipping bonuses can really make a difference in your business, especially if you are new to the world of dropshipping.

If you already know what you’re doing when it comes to dropshipping, check out some of the options below. Experienced dropshippers who are comfortable navigating clunky websites or sites with a very specific niche will definitely find great prices.

Wholesale Central has over 1,400 suppliers, over 700,000 products and does not charge membership fees. The website isn’t flashy, but if you know what you’re looking for and have wholesale experience, this could be a good choice.

How To Buy Brand Name Products Wholesale

If you want to start your dropshipping journey, Wholesale Central is a great choice due to the lack of waiting time to register.

How To Find Distributors For Your Product

Indiamart’s number of suppliers is extensive – the company offers both general consumer goods and industry-specific goods. Depending on which wholesale product you choose, this may be the case

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