How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

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How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone – The Google Pixel 6 is a 2021 model, so it’s almost two years old. It still looks like a ‘modern’ Google phone – the Pixel 6 series introduced a new language that Google decided to adopt. And they were the first to be supported by the Tensor device developed by Google.

Since the launch of the Pixel 7 line, the Pixel 6 has been available at a lower price, usually selling for $400. And in 2023, a bunch of phones for just $400!

How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

It has a 6.4-inch 90Hz OLED screen, is still built using original hardware, and includes Google’s image rendering and artificial intelligence tools, all powered by dedicated Tensor cores.

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You can also see how the Pixel 6 compares to the Pixel 7 before making a final purchase decision.

So Google went in a completely different direction with its new Pixels – taking the camera bump and installing more cameras altogether, and making the phone a unique feature. You know, instead of acting like anything else.

For a $600 phone, the Pixel 6 packs a lot of heat – including the same Tensor chip and a larger 50MP camera as its Pro sibling.

If you’re in the market for a solid Android phone at a good price, we recommend the Pixel 6 Pro. instead of the traditional Pixel 6.

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Now the Pro version has a 4x telephoto camera, a slightly larger screen, and a 120Hz LTPO panel. So it has enough pull to justify the asking price.

However, considering that the regular Pixel 6 offers all the essentials and doesn’t skimp on performance or design – it’s easy to pick this one over its bigger sibling.

We’re just looking at the Pixel’s new look – the rear camera is giving us a RoboCop vizor vibe, and it’s a much better phone to rock the Android-esque look than… well, the Pixel.

How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

It’s a sandwich of steel and glass with an edge on the back that makes it ergonomic. The $600 model has not reduced the price – the front is still Gorilla Glass Victus, like the Google Pixel 6 Pro, and the back is Gorilla Glass 6.

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We’re big fans of shiny glasses – Google missed an opportunity here. On the back of Pixel 6 phones there are already two tones, separated by the camera line. The bottom would have been tempered glass to soften it and reduce fingerprints, while the top would have been glossy.

The phone is easy to hold – the matte frame is comfortable, and this is supported by the fingerprint sensor on the back of the camera. It’s not the biggest phone – while it’s not the smallest, it’s easier to hold than, say, the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The “chin” of the Pixel 6 is slightly thicker than the rest of its sides. Google can leave and increase the size of the “forehead” and put a slightly larger speaker.

In general, the bezels are a bit thicker – thicker than, say, the Galaxy S21+ – which gives the Pixel 6’s bezel a medium appearance. However, it is easy to use the phone without touching the ghost image.

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The side power button and volume rocker feel a bit wobbly, but they work with a deep and satisfying click.

At the bottom is a USB C port for data transfer and charging. There are also two similar slots for the speaker on the bottom, but only the one on the right is under the lights, the other is just for aesthetics.

We’re guessing you weren’t expecting a headphone jack. But yeah, the Pixel line has been lost for a while now.

How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

Is the Pixel 6 waterproof? Yes, it’s IP68 rated for dust and water resistance, like most phones.

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The Pixel 6 comes in three different colors – Kinda Coral, Stormy Black, Sorta Seafoam. If you don’t speak ‘googlish fun’, they come in pink, black and purple.

On the front of the Pixel 6, there is – let’s call it – a medium-sized 6.4-inch screen. It’s not as big as a flagship phone by today’s standards, but it’s certainly not what you’d call “compact” or “small.” It’s just… comfortable and big enough for most smartphone needs.

It is an OLED panel with three different color settings – Natural, Enhanced and Adaptive. No matter what you choose, the colors will not be aggressive. Personally, I chose Natural because it’s easier on the eyes.

The white light is a little on the cool side, but luckily there’s a Night Light mode that filters out the blue when the sun goes down.

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The CIE 1931 xy color gamut map is the color space (space) that the display can reproduce, using the sRGB color space (light triangle) as a reference. The small circles on the border of the triangle are the areas to define the different colors, while the small dots are the actual sizes. Ideally, each point should be placed above the corresponding square. The ‘x:CIE31’ and ‘y:CIE31′ measurements in the table below the map show the location of each measurement on the map. “Y” indicates the brightness (in nits) of each measured color, while “Target Y” indicates the desired brightness for that color. Finally, “ΔE 2000” is the Delta E value of the measured model. Delta E values ​​below 2 are good. These measurements are made by Portrait Displays’ CalMAN measurement software.

The color accuracy table gives an idea of ​​how close the measured display colors are to the specified values. The first row contains the measured (actual) values, while the second row contains the reference (desired) values. The closer to the actual colors and targets, the better. These measurements were made with Portrait Displays’ CalMAN measurement software.

An accurate grayscale chart shows whether the display has the correct white levels (the balance between red, green, and blue) for gray levels (black to light). These measurements were made with Portrait Displays’ CalMAN measurement software.

How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

The Pixel 6 screen has a 90Hz refresh rate – not as smooth as the 120Hz panel, but definitely more responsive and responsive than the 60Hz one. I feel that as long as the screen goes above 60Hz and a fixed gain is available, you can achieve the best sound of 2021.

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The screen is very bright for outdoor viewing in the sun. Overall, it’s a solid case in the premium segment of a smartphone.

The only issue I have with the Pixel 6’s display is the color shift that appears at the slightest change. Of course, this is more noticeable when you’re looking at a white background that doesn’t interfere with my YouTube bingo.

Yes, that’s why we’re all here. The camera performance on Google’s Pixel phones has been top-notch since the OG Pixel came out, and it’s all thanks to the software that enhances the images captured by the 12MP sensor. We now have a 50MP sensor to work with, and we’re all excited to see how the Pixel 6 uses it.

The Pixel 6 has two rear cameras – no “macro lens” or “monochrome lens” hype to make it look like a triple camera. The main camera takes excellent pictures – sharp and clear, with accurate colors and detail. Of course, the controls are very good thanks to the Google HDR function.

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And yes, the image quality here is the same as the Google Pixel 6 Pro since both devices use the same camera sensor for the main camera.

The rear-facing camera isn’t quite… it drops to 0.7x, compared to 0.5x on competitors like Samsung phones and iPhones. So the Pixel 6 Ultra-wide camera is “slightly wider”. But it looks good, without too much distortion at the edges. Thanks to the larger lens and the 12MP sensor on the bottom, it also looks a little softer.

There is also a photo gallery in the gallery and I always look at it. Although it doesn’t have advanced ToF or LiDAR sensors, the Pixel does a good job of picking out subjects.

How Good Is The Google Pixel Phone

The Pixel 6 has a few drawbacks – one is that you can’t change the amount of background light in the camera. The phone has only one standard and that’s it. After that, you can edit it in the Photos app, but you won’t be able to get past the amount of invisibility that is currently visible.

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Second, because there is no telephoto lens

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