How Good Is The Google Pixel Camera

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Shooting in the stock window, the Pixel 4 uses a lighter, gold-like contrast. Stan Horaczek

How Good Is The Google Pixel Camera

How Good Is The Google Pixel Camera

Google unveiled five new products at its latest product announcement in New York City. Still, the fact that the company spent a lot of time — and probably money — hiring photographer Annie Leibovitz to show off the Pixel 4’s new camera is worth pointing out. Consumers often report that image quality is the most important factor they use when choosing a new device. And Google is going to show it big with the Pixel 3, which is (at least in my opinion at the time) the best smartphone to date.

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Pixel 4 adds AI-powered intelligence that relies heavily on software to determine the overall quality of the final image. While the camera has a great feature, I’m experiencing growing pains trying to find ways to improve Google Photos.

Pixels are a metaphor for photographic speed. It took me about five laps before I caught the guy in front and hit him on the cheek. Stan Horaczek

On paper, the Pixel 4’s camera is no different from its predecessor. The first exception is the visual addition of the smartphone, which Google believes will improve performance when working and taking pictures. However, this year’s shooting competition is tough: Apple seems to have fixed some of the party’s HDR technology, which sometimes renders iPhone XS images inappropriate and strange, and the Cupertino company promises to improve the standard year. iPhone 11 Pro. – The best camera in terms of the latest Deep Fusion technology in the next iOS version.

This image is a great opportunity to experiment with HDR. Natural light comes from the arch and artificial light from above. The Pixel 4 does a good job of creating close-ups while keeping the colors of images as accurate as they look in real life. If you want to change the image, it is a good and neutral starting point. However, it is also as good as it looks. Stan Horaczek

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Google can’t beat the punches when it comes to digital images, relying on processing power and algorithms rather than the performance of the best hardware. The company explains that special care during and after the shutter press is critical in determining the final look.

As with all cameras today, the shutter button is not the same as the picture. Instead, it captures the scene and combines the data from those images into a single finished file. This “smart HDR” technology has many advantages: it can protect the signal from fading or blurring various elements that can lose important information. However, like the iPhone 11 Pro, it can be confusing.

This hands-on guide shows the difference between the Pixel 4 (left) and the iPhone 11 Pro (right). The Pixel image doesn’t compromise contrast and the audio sounds good overall. However, if you’ve never compared them side-by-side, both are perfectly acceptable. Stan Horaczek

How Good Is The Google Pixel Camera

In terms of capture quality with the wide-angle camera, I prefer the images from the Pixel 4 to the ones from the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s close, but the Pixel camera is slightly better and I’m used to it. I don’t see the HDR effect where a subject doesn’t exist — and sometimes harsh — like I did on the iPhone. This is especially useful for users who want to edit their photos after taking them (something very few people do).

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The focus on the Pixel 4 is interesting. Caught a slice of pizza through the window. Stan Horaczek

Google has done a lot to improve the overall HDR experience. When you close the screen to focus on an object in the picture, two dots appear to adjust the brightness of the object. One layer affects the overall exposure of the object (how light or dark the entire face is), while the other affects the image. The second part is really work. This allows you to do things like take pictures where the subject is black when the background (usually the sky) is clear.

The first image in this series is basically unchanged. In the second image, I increased the normal lighting, which brings out the details of the leaves, but the sky is cloudy. In the third image, I used the image editor to increase the height of the image and raised the leaves slightly but left the sky mostly intact. Stan Horaczek

You can also get a contrast that can light something dark in the front without blowing cool air behind it. In situations like the image below, unless you lighten the entire image and blow up the sky, you’ll usually lose the bright yellow in the shadows. Changing the background image allows you to show the leaves and leave only the sky.

Can Google Finally Kill Tired Camera Islands With The Pixel 6?

That slider is one of my favorite additions to the Pixel 4 camera, and something I’d like to see continue as we move towards a future where HDR is ubiquitous.

Most computer lights burn out, but your brain does a great job of keeping the lights on. However, the pulse effect is very difficult for digital cameras to overcome, and the Pixel 4 seems to be more agitated in this area than its competition.

In the video above, you can see a dark area at the top of the image. This type of light is unusual and unusual, it has an unknown flash that corresponds to the 60 Hz electricity passing through it. However, special cameras with flash detection help prevent this and the iPhone 11 Pro does a good job of reducing the risk.

How Good Is The Google Pixel Camera

The effect is not always what it says. In this image, you can clearly see the dark lines running across the map in the middle of the overlit image. Light entering the windows and doors was pushed at 1/21 of a second, too fast for the shutters to deal with the effect. Stan Horaczek

Google Pixel 4 Review: From An Iphone User’s Perspective

With the Pixel 4, I got more space and lighter storage. It’s easy, most of the time, but if you have a lot of light in the photo or video, you can push the speed faster than 1/60 of a second, this time the ropes start to slide.

When I manually switch the camera in Lightroom and use a slower shutter speed, it disappears. In such cases, the iPhone uses HDR + technology and seems to reduce at least one frame mixed with high speed to stop this. As soon as I realized its nature, I shot the example below which shows it well.

The image on the right is from the iPhone 11 Pro Max, while the image on the left – clearly showing the installation problem – is from the Pixel 4. Looking at the metadata, it says the iPhone has a 1/60 speed. in . Second, the Pixel’s shutter speed was faster than 1/250 of a second, which explains why it’s so noticeable in Pixel images, but not in iPhone models. Perhaps, this is something Google could improve down the road by changing the way the HDR recording system works. Stan Horaczek

The error isn’t a deal breaker because it only appears on rare occasions, but it’s very frustrating when it does.

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Taken on an overcast day in the shade with lots of yellow in the background, I really hope this photo stands out. However, the Pixel did a great job. Stan Horaczek

Another area where our brains and eyes excel at cameras: color balance. If you are in a room with artificial lights and a window, the light may be visible to your eye, but orange and blue to the camera.

Cell phones make a difference when it comes to white light, unless you use them alone. However, the Pixel 4 analyzes the interior and uses AI to try and identify the most important elements in the scene. If you see a face now, you are trying to find an ordinary white person. That’s a good trick.

How Good Is The Google Pixel Camera

In general, I think the Pixel 4 does a great job with white balance, which is really bad. Moving on to the iPhone 11

The Pixel’s Camera Proves Google Is A Smartphone Imaging Leader

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