How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

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How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment – Explore the infographics below about how climate change affects people and places on the planet, how King County government is addressing the climate issue, and how people can be part of the climate change solution.

Our climate change infographic was created in partnership and collaboration with four King County community organizations. Through collaboration we have developed materials on climate change with Mother Africa, the Latin Community Fund, UTOPIA and the China Information and Services Center. We plan to continue this work and expand into new languages ​​in the future. The buttons below provide downloadable versions of the climate change infographics in Arabic, English, Samoan, Chinese and Spanish, developed in collaboration with the community organizations above.

How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a natural gas that helps warm the Earth so that life on Earth can survive. Human activities put a lot of CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. It harms our planet and causes global warming. It’s called climate change.

Climate Change Map

More CO2 in the atmosphere is causing dangerous environmental changes around the world that are not good for humans. Additionally, more CO2 in the oceans makes it harder for marine life such as fish and shellfish to survive. This means less seafood for people to sell and eat.

Climate change will affect people and communities around the world in different ways, depending on their age, gender, health, where they live and what they do.

As greenhouse gases build up in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, temperatures will rise. Atmospheric CO2 has skyrocketed since the Industrial Revolution began in 1750, from about 280 parts per million (PPM) to 400 PPM in 2017. In the oceans, CO2 pollution makes seawater acidic and difficult for fish. For marine life to grow and survive. Overall, global temperatures have continued to rise despite natural warming, and 2016 was the hottest year on record. These global changes create problems such as:

You and your community can help create a healthier and cleaner environment for families today and for generations to come.

Understanding Climate Change: Causes, Effects, And Solutions.

Buy local foods that are in season. It also combats CO2 pollution because most of the food in the store is shipped from far away.

Planting trees and other plants in your community can help fight pollution. Plants and trees clean the air and provide shade from heat.

Prepare for severe weather events before they happen. Check on older neighbors or those who are sick during hot summer days and other extreme weather events.

How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

Make your voice heard by going to community meetings about how climate change is affecting your family.

Youthstats: Environment And Climate Change

King County provides services and resources to help communities reduce CO2 pollution and act on climate change to strengthen communities.

Climate change content was developed in partnership and collaboration with the following organizations: China Information and Services Center, Latin Community Fund, Mother Africa and Utopia. The National Climate Assessment summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. .

A team of more than 300 experts, guided by a 60-member federal advisory committee, prepared the report, which was widely reviewed by the public and experts, including panels from federal agencies and the National Academy of Sciences.

This section answers frequently asked questions about climate change. The questions asked are purely related to the science of climate change, to some of the issues where mitigation and adaptation measures are being considered.

Chapter 8: Poverty, Livelihoods And Sustainable Development

Lead author John Walsh, University of Alaska Fairbanks Donald Wobbles, University of Illinois Lead author Katherine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University James Kosin, NOAA, National Climatic Data Center Kenneth Kunkel, CICS-NC, North Carolina State University, National Center of Climate Data Graeme Stephens, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Peter Thorne, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center Russell Voss, NOAA National Climatic Data Center Michael Wehner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Josh Willis, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Contributing Author David Anderson, National Climatic Center, NOAA. Vyacheslav Kharin, Canadian Center for Climate Modeling and Analysis, Environment Canada Thomas Knutson, NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Felix Lander, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Tim Lenton, University of Exeter John Kennedy, UK Met Office Richard de University of California, San Diego

This section answers frequently asked questions about climate change. The questions asked are purely related to the science of climate change, to some of the issues where mitigation and adaptation measures are being considered. The author team selected these questions based on frequently asked questions. Answers are based on peer-reviewed science and assessment and are validated by multiple analyses.

If you can’t even predict the weather next week, how can you predict what the weather will be like 100 years from now?

How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

Predicting how the climate will change in the coming decades is a different scientific problem than predicting the weather a few weeks ahead of today. Weather is short-term and chaotic, largely determined by whatever atmospheric system is moving at the time, and so daily changes are difficult to predict about two weeks into the future. Climate, on the other hand, is a long-term statistical average of the weather and is determined by large-scale forces such as the level of gases that trap heat from the atmosphere and energy from the sun. So it is very easy to project how the weather will change in the future. Similarly, it is impossible to tell the age of death of any person

How Does Climate Change Affect Plants And Animals?

An American’s age at death can be estimated. In this case, climate is like an individual, while weather is like an average. To extend this analogy to the realm of climate change, we can also calculate the life expectancy of the average American who smokes. We can predict that, on average, a smoker will not last as long as a non-smoker. Similarly, we can project what the climate will be like if we emit less greenhouse gases and what it will be like if we emit more. more…

Climate is the name given to the day-to-day changes in temperature, precipitation and other aspects of the environment around us. Weather forecasting using sophisticated computer models can be very accurate from a few days to a week in advance. Because climate forecasts are based on initial weather and ocean conditions when the forecast is made, accuracy decreases over time. After about two weeks, the effects of small errors in specifying these initial conditions become so large that meteorologists can no longer predict what the weather will be like on any given day or location.

Climate is long-term average climate – weather statistics over a long period of time, usually 30 years or more. Climate is primarily the result of local geographic influences such as distance from the equator, distance from the ocean, and local geography and elevation, along with large-scale climate factors that can change over time. These include the amount of energy received from the sun and the composition of the atmosphere, the amount of greenhouse gases and particulate matter in the atmosphere. Knowing all these factors allows scientists to calculate the amount of weather at a given place and time. Climate change occurs when these large-scale climate factors change over time.

Using our understanding of the physics of how the atmosphere works, we can predict how the climate will change in the future – in response to human activity, which is now affecting the Earth faster than at any time in the last 800,000 years. the structure of the environment changes. year It is also possible to predict changes in the statistics of certain types of weather events, such as heat waves or extreme precipitation events, especially when we know what causes them to change.

Climate Change: Save The Winter Tourism!

We know how the climate has changed in recent times and we know why these changes have occurred. For example, the increase in global temperature over the last 150 years or global warming can only be explained if the effect of human activities on the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is included. The current generation of climate models can successfully reproduce past warming and therefore provide an essential tool for looking into the future.

The role of human activity in driving recent changes is discussed in FAQ I. (In the context of climate change, the term “human activity” is used in this FAQ specifically to refer to activities such as the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, agriculture, waste processing, etc., which emit carbon dioxide. oxides, methane, and nitrous oxide and/or produce gases that emit carbon dioxide, sulfates, and other particles.) Other human activities, such as land use change, can change the climate , especially on a local or regional scale, as is the case with urban heat. the island

Yes, global temperatures have risen over the past 150 years, and this warming has caused many other changes in Earth’s climate. The evidence for climate change is overwhelming.

How Does Climate Change Affect The Environment

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