How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

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How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs – “Am I cursed?” Since I’m (I think) some kind of professional magician these days, I occasionally ask this question. With “white” (ie benevolent) magic everywhere—and modern witches’ efforts to clear the air—you might think witch paranoia is a thing of the past.

But my blog comments and email inbox tell a different story. Many believe they may be under a witch’s curse or spell. And they want to go to the bottom.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

I did a very quick Google check on the collective wisdom of the internet. Surprisingly, the answers to the question “How do I know if someone is casting a spell on me?” seems to fall into two categories:

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I think this thread deserves better. As magicians, we believe that certain things are true in themselves—for example, that magic gives us a certain influence over the world. If you have the power to influence others through magic, then it stands to reason that other people also have that power. And sometimes they choose to implement it. Maybe you too.

Of course, it is wise to know when you are subject to a magical spell, especially a negative or limiting spell. If you don’t know about it, you can’t argue with it. (Not specifically anyway.) Warning is forewarned, as they say.

It is a legitimate question. It’s just not easy to answer. There is no psychic litmus test that will magically give you a “present/absent” result. The best I can do is offer a list of signs that lead to manipulative magic

The last thing I want to do is incite a witch hunt, so I offer a final word of caution. My answer to the question “Am I cursed?” It’s usually “probably not”. I could go into many boring details about why this is, but it really boils down to the following three anti-hexing principles:

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However, it is no consolation if you really feel that you are being watched with the evil eye. Here are some signs that prove you may be mad, bewitched, bewitched, or bewitched:

In some areas and age groups, there may be dozens. The more magical people you have in your social circle, the more likely you are to be sure that someone has done some kind of magic with you. There are no major difficulties. You just accept it like you accept that maybe someone talked about you at a party or masturbated with you.

Remember: just because someone is a witch (or pretends to be one) doesn’t mean they have the ability or motivation to harm you. (See Anti-hexing principles #1 and #3 above.) A witch skilled enough to cast harmful spells is also usually skilled enough to know better.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

In Hoodoo it is called “passage”. It’s not just one bad day – it’s one bad day after another. No matter what you do, nothing seems to go your way. At the root of every disappointment is the nagging feeling that someone (or something) is out to get you. Traditional rites of passage are designed to remove an evil dwarf and put him on his feet.

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Bad luck in itself is not a sign that you are under a curse. Maybe Fortune is just mad at you. It may be an everyday set of events beyond your control that is causing your current unhappiness. It could also be that you sabotaged yourself – with or without outside help.

Magically charged bad luck can be hard to distinguish from ordinary bad luck. But sometimes it’s the little things that give us clues. Paying attention to these signs can give you clues as to the nature of the spell and the direction it is coming from.

You see, while a cowardly wizard can trick you without your knowledge, nothing is a secret to the world. An obvious fact is that the truth, like bubbles in champagne, is always trying to reach the surface. Another obvious fact is that Big Mama Universe has a magical sense of humor.

Let’s say you get hit by a speeding car on a rainy day. It’s just luck. But if a speeding car sprays you with a license plate bearing your enemy’s initials, your dog will grab a voodoo doll chew toy from the wet board and give it to you, then grab a magazine to dry his boots. And the first page you see has a Mummy movie poster that says “Curse!” In letters… well, I wouldn’t rule it out.

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Negative spells often depend on access to the spell’s target (or their property). A photograph, a piece of jewelry, some hair or clothes or body fluids are all classic ingredients, good or bad. But they are even more critical when it comes to the enemy, when the mage must ensure that their nefarious magic hits the right target. The mage can use these items to bond to the target. Alternatively, they may bury or hide the spell ingredients in the target’s home or workplace.

If you catch someone trying to sneak your personal belongings, then that person is either a klepto, a weird fetishist, or maybe a sly witch. There are areas in the south that are still steeped in voodoo/hoodoo. Some people out there don’t want to be photographed or leave a strand of hair with the hairdresser for fear it might end up in the wrong hands.

Do you have enemies with hex-casting abilities? If your belongings have gone missing from your office desk—or worse, your gym bag—it may be time to worry.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

Yes, that’s the truth. Some people use magic every waking moment to get by. Instead of candles and oils and such, they use powerful personal energy – which is much more subtle. So subtle, in fact, that they do it right in front of you. The occult term is rapture. Non-occultists may describe this as charisma or persuasion.

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Lovers work their magic by either draining your energy to make you feel bad or disrupting the hustle and bustle to make you feel good. (sometimes both). Not everyone is a witch. Many become artists. Many become salespeople. Some charmers come across as narcissistic or manipulative, but they can also be quite nice. At least until you realize you had it.

I’m removing them because facing Entralers can make you feel like you’re under a spell. Psychically sensitive people may even feel violated – as if the sorcerer was literally sitting in your head or corrupting you with his energy. Fortunately, unless the psychic manipulator is truly evil, their power is usually limited to their immediate presence. When they leave, they will move on to the next target.

I have to be very careful about this – because many of these experiences are signs of mental illness. If your thoughts or visions tell you to hurt people or yourself, turn on the lights and seek professional help.

However, there are forms of magic (and empathy/telepathy) that can have strange psychic effects. Sudden thoughts, unusual urges, strong feelings out of nowhere? If you’re usually a pretty even-keeled person, they

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Get a hint that someone is magically messing with you. This will help you regularly assess your energy levels and emotions. That way, you’ll know when you deviate from the baseline.

Negative magic can make you physically tired and unhappy. But it can also be another, more common disease. Before deciding on a psychic attack, it is best to rule out other causes.

This is the most obvious, but perhaps most effective, way to tell if you’re involved in an active spell: you just feel it. Magical energy has its own special aroma and taste. With a little experience, you can often tell when alien energy is swirling. This can manifest as a sensation in the ears, a sudden smell or an unpleasant feeling hanging in the air. If you are psychically skilled, you can see or feel who is in charge in the eyes of your mind and/or energy body.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

To dream of a person may indicate that their energy is connected to you. Of course, this does not mean that they have cast a spell on you. Dreams can be caused by anxiety, worry, withdrawal, or just random thoughts. But they can also be a hint from your psychic mind that someone is invading your head.

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There are different ways that people work with invasive or coercive magic. But they definitely leave an energetic slug trail at the source. If you suspect foul play, try scanning your body for power cords and other devices that shouldn’t be there. You can use divination or cry to smell

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