Gaming Alchemy: The Art And Science Of Technological Wonders

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Gaming Alchemy: The Art And Science Of Technological Wonders – Alchemy is a roguelike about building and managing the art of alchemy. Craft sophisticated equipment, study the effects of rare substances, create powerful potions and save your city from the undead!

Alchymia is a turn-based game in which you open an alchemist’s shop in a medieval town. You craft your ingredients into potions and other consumables, then turn them into gold at local merchants and organizations. Your goal is to create the Magnum Opus – a magnificent alchemical feat that will save your hometown from the hordes of death.

Gaming Alchemy: The Art And Science Of Technological Wonders

Gaming Alchemy: The Art And Science Of Technological Wonders

To practice the secret arts, you must prepare and craft chemical weapons in your laboratory. You start simply by connecting a collection container to a juicer and build complex machines with fixed heads, reaction vessels and tubes, spanning your entire laboratory and creating many powerful substances at once.

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Of course, you need to have a few ingredients on hand for your miracle cure. Only some of them can be purchased in the local market. So, as a busy entrepreneur, you rely on hiring adventurers to find special resources for you in far-flung locations, and you can increase your chances of success by equipping them with infused potions.

Pseudoscience Interactive is an independent game studio based in Hamburg. In our games, we focus on high levels of replayability and gameplay mechanics. We try to break it down logically with our game world and settings, ensuring that the player can intuitively understand the complex rules . Additionally, we strive to incorporate feedback from our community into our development as much as possible.

The idea and concept of alchemy was developed by Julia Rehberg. In 2020, he created the first prototype of the game during the Games Lift Incubator program. Then he and Philip Okoampah founded the development studio Pseudoscience Interactive. We want to make Alchemy market-ready with motivated and talented freelancers.

Games Lift: In Alchemy, players will not miss interesting things. Developer Julia Reberg has a small but appealing idea: study alchemy in a virtual world and find a miracle cure. If you don’t, a zombie will come and end the game. But we don’t have to worry just yet.

A Gallery Of Fantastical Alchemical Drawings

Games Lift Prototype Funding Alchymiaby Pseudoscience InteractiveFunded €70,000 Alchymia is a construction and management strategy game about the art of alchemy. Build sophisticated apartments, study the effects of strange substances, create powerful containers and save your city from the undead! Games Lift Prototype Funding Wrong (working name Prospector) Funded by Symmetry Rest Studio for €70,000 This is a scientifically flawed 2D narrative adventure game about having a lump in your throat and being that some things are harder to say than others. As an explorer, you travel to a city shrouded in toxic fog, where residents wear masks to survive. Find people you trust in this foreign place and experience the chaos, stress, and rewards of communication. Funding Prototype Raising Games Monstersongs VRby Denise Koch Funded with €28,000 Explore an abandoned theater invaded by monsters hungry for love. Escape the monster hiding inside you in this rock-class adventure game. Wanderful prototype (provisional name HEXAGONE) financed by Tiny RoarFunded for €80,000. . Place tiles to rebuild the world and send explorers in search of loot and new coins, all while increasing your score in your quest for the ultimate adventure. Formerly known as HEXAGONE, the game takes on a new name in the spirit of Skat with OcPrototype Funding Dein Skatby Bestjack Entertainment, but all? This won’t be a problem. Super Party Verseby Funded by Super Crowd Entertainment €80,000 Super Party Verseby is a mixed gaming event app with the classic card game “My Skat” as an engaging single-player game prototype. Use your personal avatar to play multiplayer games, attend mixed entertainment events, or create your own digital events!

To find out more about the types of cookies used by this website, see our Cookie Policy. You can decide which categories to allow. Please note that depending on your settings, not all features of the website may work. This is a summary of Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Magic in Brands, Business and Life by Rory Sutherland (The Action Room). A brief collection of business books). Highlight the main points and suggest practical ways to achieve what the text says. The book was written by fanatic and online librarian Evalo.

Alchemy offers a refreshing way of doing business and solving problems. If we want our product to appear magical to others, instead of relying on the visible and logical, we need to focus more on the tacit and illogical. Rory Sutherland, Vice President of Ogilvy, says we all look for logical solutions to the problems we face. However, this prevents us from looking for better solutions, because we live in an irrational world. Often, especially in the business world, a less obvious and less logical solution is the best approach to reach a wider audience and make your product more appealing.

Gaming Alchemy: The Art And Science Of Technological Wonders

Just because something doesn’t look good on a spreadsheet doesn’t mean it’s not good. Not every solution needs to have a compelling logical argument. People don’t always make judgments based on careful analysis and deductive reasoning. They and we decide what to buy, what to eat, relying on something very ancient: feelings and instincts. Nothing can be measured or graphed. That’s why, according to Rory Sutherland, it’s often best to pay attention to psychology and choose what you think is the stupidest solution.

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From an economic perspective, it makes perfect sense to give money when people do something for you. However, this doesn’t mean you have to tip your spouse every time you make dinner. Or send a check when your friends help you move the couch.

According to Rory Sutherland, the trick to being an all-around marketer is knowing the universal rules and determining where those rules don’t apply. Instead, different and contradictory logical solutions should be presented.

One of the examples in the book, human evolution, illustrates the point above well. How we evolved and got to where we are today is not governed by some secret mathematically infallible logical algorithm. This was mainly due to trial and error. After thousands of years of mistakes, we have become the individuals who walk, think and behave as we do today.

Our ascension, our human evolution, in the author’s words, “is like an uneducated craftsman; What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in experience.

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The important thing to remember here is that it is more important to know why something works than to know what it does.

It makes sense to build an ugly but strong and reliable bridge. But spending so much money to transform this building into a work of art is moving. It “works” better because people are naturally attracted to beautiful shapes.

“Logical ideas often fail because logic requires universally applicable laws, but humans, unlike atoms, behave inconsistently for laws to apply widely.” Rory Sutherland Lesson #2: The opposite of a good idea is a good idea.

Gaming Alchemy: The Art And Science Of Technological Wonders

If you want to challenge the market leader in a given segment, it makes sense to create a broader, cheaper alternative to the product you want to compete with. After all, who doesn’t like to bet more?

Practical Guide To Alchemy And Its Modern Day Uses

But Red Bull, Coca-Cola’s flagship soft drink, did just the opposite. Instead of creating something that comes in a large bottle and tastes better than Coca-Cola, they create a more expensive, consumer-flavored drink that comes in a smaller bottle.

The drink has become one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. Millions of people eat it. Its success is such that it supports sports around the world, notably Formula 1.

The author explains this phenomenon by suggesting two ways to think about selling a product: “Few people have them, so they must be good” and “Most people have them, so they must be good.”

On the other, Red Bull. Interesting taste. It comes in a small container. dear, it is also often mentioned in the news because of its “strange” effect on people.

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The two products have completely different ideologies. If you’re at a bar, ordering a Coca-Cola makes perfect sense. But you take it for granted. But if you drink Red Bull, you’re considered weird. An irrational feeling. A wild equal. In this context, access to Red Bull is an active option that accompanies the message. A message to all concerned: “I am different”. And at the bar, we consider him a predator

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