First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

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First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

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Of The Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

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Top 5 Easiest And Hardest Programming Languages

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Practice Problems Choose from a wide range of practice skills to help you prepare. See all practice problems that don’t actually have perfect answers. It depends on many things… Why do you want to learn programming? What domain are you on? Have you tried it before? do you like computers Are your partners using anything in particular?

First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

Out of frustration and inspired by a great blog post on recommending learning JavaScript (not terrible advice), I thought I’d answer this question – for science. I adapted the early decision tree in this blog post for the specific needs of scientists. Here is the latest version:

How To Learn Programming

This kind of thing is really one-dimensional. Trying to give general advice cuts off all the interesting angles. For example, languages ​​necessarily have some domain specificity. Underground, many geophysicists learned their trade in MATLAB, but today admire Julia. I think environmentalists prefer R. Geologists still like colored pencils for the most part. And of course, reservoir engineers learned VBA years ago. Obviously, if you’re learning to code to start a graduate program, you should probably find out what language the rest of your lab is using before using that old copy.

Anyway, this decision tree thing has sparked a lot of discussion in the software underground and on Twitter. Some people felt challenged, although my intention was to give people a starting point, not to “never touch Java” (though seriously, never touch Java). This is natural – it takes years to learn a language and people are sensitive to criticism of how they spend their time. But that misses the point a bit – programming is actually doing all the work, preferably in an open language ( not MATLAB). So what’s the fastest way for a new programmer to get started?

I think the most important language is the third language you learn. By now you have looked at the syntax and understand the concepts. — Chris Kuhlman (@k_kuhlman) April 8, 2021

I think it works for me more or less. I learned a bit of BASIC when I was 12 and knew enough assembly to crash a BBC micro. Then in 1993 I learned awk and used it for almost everything, including many things it wasn’t really designed for. I tried to learn Java in 2002 and failed, choosing MATLAB instead… which led to Python around 2008. Although I was a slow learner; It took years to convince me that I needed NumPy. (Yes, you can load earthquakes as a list of lists.)

What Programming Language Should I Learn First? 3 Key Factors To Consider

Finally, you need a few tools under your belt. Many have pointed out that SQL (so-called “domain-specific language” rather than a full-fledged programming language) is very useful. I guess you could say the same about HTML and maybe XML – or maybe JSON. Then again, maybe that’s stretching the definition of “programming language” a little too far. Besides, if you’re going to write code, you’re going to encounter them eventually.

After all, getting things done is key. All languages ​​in this tree will allow you to work. (Actually Scratch, Processing, Chuck are pretty narrow domains.) Fortran has been around for almost 70 years (no mistake) and is still in the top 20 languages. So don’t worry – if Chris is right, you have to learn 2 languages ​​to survive. You are new to the world of programming and want to learn to code. where to start

Of course, the frequently asked questions will be which programming language should I learn? How do I make an informed decision when choosing my first programming language?

First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

Ask yourself “Which programming language should I learn first?” This raises completely different questions. For example, what is your motivation to learn to code?

What Programming Language Should You Learn First As A Beginner?

Instead of basing your decision on the language you hear most often or what’s trending right now, we’re here to help you answer these questions by considering 3 key factors.

Some thought exercises are necessary to make a decision that closely aligns with your short-term and long-term goals.

One side note if you are considering this to teach your kids to code. If so, consider using kid-friendly platforms like Juni Learning, which aim to empower kids to learn in a fun environment. Platforms like these, designed for kids, are a great starting point for them to start using programming languages!

If so, start with a language that provides basic programming concepts, such as writing with a structured syntax. In this case, languages ​​such as HTML and CSS are suitable.

How To Select Your First Programming Language ???

Some may debate whether HTML and CSS are really programming languages. Whatever it focuses on, it definitely covers some basic programming concepts and the basics of using development tools. You can then use your initial experience to determine whether you want to spend more time coding.

In this case, you want to start with a language that helps you achieve that end goal. You need to think a little more about the type of language in order to be able to choose the right language for your purpose.

The types of applications you want to develop are also important. We’ll cover this in more detail when we talk about the next key factor to consider when choosing your first programming language.

First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

Then check out the most popular programming languages. This can be done by searching job posting websites and analyzing the most commonly mentioned language requirements.

What Are Top Easiest Programming Languages To Learn First In 2021

If you want to work for a particular technology company, then check their vacancies and see what languages ​​you need to fill.

However, be careful if your main reason for learning to code is to get a job! The languages ​​that are currently the most in-demand for jobs may not be so in-demand in a few months. The jobs with the highest earning potential may not be in the field you like. Also, once you get a job, you can have a very different experience as a programmer than doing it as a hobby.

If you work for a large technology company, you may consider the level of experience required and potentially high competition. Do not be afraid, of course you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Look around you – your computer, your cell phone, your smart speaker, your TV, your video game console, the web browser you’re using to read this…

Programming: How Are Programming Languages Made? [2023]

What technologies do you see and think, yes, I’m interested in how this works and maybe write an application for such a technology someday?! If someone approaches you, you are a potential driving factor in choosing their first programming language.

You see, there is a reason there are so many programming languages. This is because one language cannot be used to write software for all technologies.

If you want to develop applications that run on PC then

First Programming Language To Learn For Beginners

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