Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

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That’s okay. Maybe you’re walking around your neighborhood, building something in your backyard, or raising your kids, and suddenly you think of a new idea that will make your job easier. Sometimes, you laugh because you feel that you cannot implement these innovative ideas and decide to ignore them.

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

What you may not realize is that some companies are always looking for ideas. And the money you earn from them will surprise you.

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While you’ll find most ideas on the submissions pages, some companies have vague explanations about how they handle submissions, while others won’t provide information unless you ask them privately . Do not connect.

You have to make sure that your innovative idea is not already there. So, check your local market and research global markets to make sure your idea hasn’t already been implemented.

Many companies will not accept idea submissions without patenting the inventor’s invention. U.S. The Patent and Trademark Office can help determine whether someone else owns the idea.

Once the company is interested in the idea and wants more details, they need to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Some companies may agree to sign it, but others may not. Those who cannot sign should be the last resort.

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It will also depend on what kind of idea you have. Some innovative ideas may not be the basis of a startup, so you can present them with an agreement that the company can disclose or use the idea. But if the idea is viable for business, consider other channels first.

They can help decipher certain strategies and can also suggest the best way forward based on the nature of your idea.

Ignoring terms and conditions is common in many areas. But you can’t do that when you have a great idea that can change your life.

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

Read the fine print of all the companies, and with the help of professionals, choose the one that matches your vision.

License And Sell Your Invention: Learn How To License, Licensing Offers From Invention City, Non Disclosure And Confidentiality Agreements.

Before submitting your search, explore options for starting a business. One of the biggest challenges in starting a business is funding.

If you have an app idea, you can always find a good developer, graphic designer or virtual assistant on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and they may not charge as much as some companies. But be careful with this platform because you can also get scammed.

While selling your idea is a good option, there are times when you can make more money by owning a company. Therefore, it is very important to analyze all the options.

If, after considering all the factors, selling your invention idea is the best way to go, here is a list of people you can sell your ideas to.

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3M is an industry-leading brand in adhesive technology and office supplies that uses science to improve the work lives, health and safety of its customers.

You can pitch them your product idea as long as it is patented. However, their policies state that they are not obliged to respond or pay for an opinion.

Make sure you research what territory they haven’t covered, present the idea as best you can, and patent it before pitching it to them. Since they have spontaneous ideas upon submission, signing an NDA would be a good way to ensure that you get paid for your ideas. You also need to be patient while they review your search.

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

Being a leading company in home appliances, toys and other gadgets, with such a wide range, they are always looking for the “next big thing” in the industry.

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Simply send your ideas to the company’s design team by emailing product ideas [@] Make sure you provide a comprehensive description of the product, attach photos and explain if you have already sold the product and they will respond within 14 days.

Bosch, a leading international engineering and technology company from Germany, manufactures products ranging from home appliances, security devices, IoT, power tools, automotive, etc. and they love new ideas!

If you have an idea that fits their product, you can submit the product idea to their team and they will review it and get back to you. This can take up to 8 weeks and payments can vary, so please be patient and consult with a patent attorney or other consultant to discuss your product ideas.

All Star Innovations is one of the best places to pitch your ideas. They have over 2 decades of experience and have launched some of the most successful products such as the Debbie Meyer Green Bag, Snuggie and Vanity Planet.

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They also work with Walmart, Amazon and many other retailers and wholesalers, giving your new ideas a greater chance of success. All Star Innovations accepts product ideas in over 25 categories including automotive, lawn and garden, storage ideas, beauty, pet products, bedding and more.

The application process is divided into 4 steps and you only have 1 hour to complete it. Make sure you have all the details about your product before you start the submission process.

If you have worked with home or trade tools for a long time and have ideas for improving the tools, you should consider submitting ideas to Hyde Tools.

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

They are among the most popular companies dealing in industrial equipment, commercial equipment and home appliances. And they’re always looking for new ideas and innovative ways to make their jobs easier for the people who use their tools.

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If you’re a homemaker or DIYer who loves finding tools to use around your home, Joker Home Solutions could be the perfect idea shopper.

It is worth noting that Jokeri Home Solutions started with an invention (idea presentation) called Jokeri, which put them on the global map of retail products.

They developed themed fizz keepers for premium home products such as bottled drinks, coffee and tea products, frozen food products, storage solutions and home appliances.

If you have an idea, you can submit it by clicking the button below and they will respond immediately. As you can see on their submission page, they advise their applicants not to reveal the name of the search or too many details in the application email or online form.

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Are you concerned about health and safety? Have you thought of ideas that could help thousands or millions of people in the healthcare field? BD wants to hear from you.

BD is a leader in the healthcare space thanks to partnerships with many innovators and stakeholders who aim to improve healthcare and you can join them. For more information on their idea submission programme, read the BD Idea Submission Brochure.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, inventor, or creative, you have no shortage of options where you can put your ideas out there. Wilson Sporting Goods is one such company that has a team dedicated to nurturing ideas that seek to improve or develop the field of sports.

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

Having been in the sports equipment business for at least 100 years, he has built partnerships and helped bring many innovations to life.

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Wilson Sporting Goods is always looking for new ideas. Who knows your invention could be the next big thing in the sports industry. But before submitting your device on the submission form, make sure you read and understand their terms and conditions to avoid future problems.

Founded in the 1800s, Procter & Gamble is one of the world’s largest consumer goods brands with branches around the world. They manufacture a wide range of consumer products for use in bathroom, kitchen, personal hygiene and general household applications. You probably already have some of their products on your shelf.

Apart from using their products, you can also submit your ideas and see them adopted by millions of families.

However, your idea does not have to be the latest invention. It could be a new business model, a new packaging method or a new production method. You can also see the types of ideas they are looking for before pitching your idea and tailor your ideas to their needs.

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Invention City is one of the best things that happened to inventors. Launched in 1986, they offer post-approval licensing deals, allowing you to earn royalties from your inventions for up to a decade.

All you have to do is submit your idea and pay $95 for a detailed and honest review. Whether they approve or reject it, they will contact you with a report.

If they approve it, you can start working together. But if they reject it, you will know that it will save you time and energy the next time you invent something.

Companies That Will Buy Your Invention Ideas

Invention City accepts all kinds of ideas including mobile apps, home appliances, office equipment, food and beverages, advanced technology devices, etc.

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Do you like to spend your time outdoors? Be it camping (or some kind of camp like the idea of ​​a camp), hiking, etc. If you are and you feel you have ideas that could be improved.

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