Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

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Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution – After the growth of the game caused by the pandemic, player participation dropped in 2022 when everyday life resumed. Ongoing supply chain disruptions also played a role, delaying launches and causing hardware shortages. In 2023, the gaming industry hit the reset button. Highly anticipated game releases, innovation in mobile gaming, revival of in-app purchases, and advancements in cloud gaming are some of the factors driving positive momentum for the industry in 2024. We discuss these and other factors in this report. including a positive signal from the industry, the recent green light for the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger.

Improving economic conditions and the stability of consumer power have increased sales in the US gaming industry in recent months, especially in September, when sales increased significantly by 10% year-on-year and reached 4.5 billion dollars.

Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

This growth continued the positive momentum from the first nine months of the year, when the revenue of the sector reached 39.4 billion dollars, which increased by 2% year-on-year.

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The market power is confirmed by the big three of gaming hardware. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony posted strong results in recent quarters. In Q1 (FY) 2024, Microsoft reported a 13% increase in Xbox content and services revenue, and a 50% year-over-year increase in Nintendo revenue due to

At the same time, Sony’s PlayStation unit continued its good performance, increasing its Q2 2023 sales forecast for games and online services by 7 percent.

Sales of gaming hardware, which can be a key indicator of spending on content and services, rose sharply in 2023. Since the end of September, US hardware sales have grown at an impressive 10% year-to-date (YTD).

This trend is in line with global gaming industry forecasts for hardware sales to grow 7.4% to reach $187.7 billion in total revenue this year.

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The renewed interest in consoles is due to several factors, including the release of long-awaited games, including some that were previously delayed. Also, the supply of new gaming consoles has finally caught up with demand.

Console sales and new games often go hand in hand. For example, the PlayStation5 (PS5), which launched in November 2020, reported year-over-year monthly sales growth from October 2022.

The release of popular games has also played a key role in fueling this re-acceleration of growth. For example, Marvel’s

Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

A PS5 exclusive title that sold over 2.5 million units worldwide in the first 24 hours of the game’s release in October 2023.

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The release, including the success of the limited edition DualSense controller included with the game, increased the console’s appeal to consumers. This trend could also predict the holiday season for PS5 in 2023.

Strong impact on sales of Xbox Series X, which increased by 1,056% on Amazon, due to its early arrival.

In addition to increasing spending activity, we see an active M&A market and breakthroughs in mobile and cloud gaming as key factors that could drive the gaming sector over the next 12 months.

The gaming industry has been through its share of tough times in recent years and is coming out of the slump with renewed vigor. Strategic initiatives by major players such as Microsoft, Apple and Netflix, and the industry’s increase in M&A activity, indicate a dynamic and competitive environment that may change over time at different scales. We hope that it will provide investors with various opportunities to participate in a successful market. Meanwhile, gambling values ​​remain at historic lows, further fueling investment.

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Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

12. Barron’s. (2023, October 26). Sony sees a “really strong” holiday for PlayStation 5 sales. Spider-Man 2 is a big reason.

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Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

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Stakeholders currently operate mostly independently, but they must work together to significantly expand eSports.

As an esports federation, part of SEF’s mission is to support and grow the esports community. What do you think society needs today? What are the biggest challenges and how do you deal with them as CEF?

Charting The Course Of Technological Gaming Evolution

Esports has a lot of potential both globally and in Saudi Arabia. Globally, gaming is now worth about $170 billion, and gaming spending in Saudi Arabia is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2030.

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However, the industry is still young, which creates a number of challenges for the community, and we see our role as providing the necessary support to overcome some of these challenges.

It starts with aspiring young players. They need places where they not only play, but also develop their skills and challenge themselves with other players to become eSports athletes. Our goal as a federation is to create spaces like this: gaming cafes may seem like concepts from the early 2000s, but they are still important for bringing together people for whom gaming is not just entertainment.

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