Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

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Although the Federal Reserve’s previous rate hikes have managed to curb inflation without causing more unemployment, there is still no guarantee that we can avoid a recession.

Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released data on the most in-demand occupations in terms of job growth and expected growth. In this study, we analyzed BLS jobs and career trends to find the most in-demand jobs for long-term job security in 2023 despite the challenging economy.

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The BLS maintains a database with over 800 professions in the Career Finder. We used a database of job forecasts to determine growth rates and the number of new jobs for each industry from 2022 to 2032.

Next, we filtered out jobs with above-average growth (defined as 10.5% or more) and predicted that 50,000 or more new jobs will be created between 2022 and 2032. At the end we created a list of the 18 best applications. work

The most in-demand occupations are high-paying medical, technical and financial occupations, as well as low-paying occupations, which are considered the occupations with the highest number of workers in 2022 and are expected to grow the most through 2032. Workplace:

To determine the highest paying and most in-demand jobs, we ranked our initial list of 18 jobs based on BLS annual average salary. These five industries are the most profitable and profitable:

Top Jobs Of The Future

Of course, looking for potential is one way to find out if a job is worth it. Additionally, we used job satisfaction data from the BLS 2018 National Longevity Survey for our primary measurements.

The survey asked respondents to rate their job satisfaction on a scale of one to four, with one describing it as “I like it a lot” and four describing it as “I don’t like it very much”. We calculated responses to each task for respondents. The following professions are among the few professions that are less demanding and less employee-satisfied:

Among the most desirable jobs on our original list whose survey responses matched the average job dissatisfaction score, these positions had the highest levels of job dissatisfaction, calculated from the average dissatisfaction score:

Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

The average job dissatisfaction score for all survey participants was 1.69. Note: Not all jobs with job dissatisfaction scores were reported in the 2018 survey. We filtered job dissatisfaction results rated by fewer than 10 survey participants.

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Finally, we turned to elementary education in BLS’s Career Finder to find the most in-demand jobs that don’t require a college degree. Here are the top earners and their average annual salary:

While the BLS estimates span about eight years, layoffs, particularly in the technology industry, have been in the news recently.

Sam Kuhn, an economist at Appcast, says the near-term outlook for tech companies is partly due to the impact of rising real estate prices on tech companies’ expectations.

Although Kuhn’s market sounds like a technology market, I would argue that the job market is less about trends and more about data about your future career.

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For example, despite layoffs, the information industry created 435 jobs from April 2020 to March 2023.

“The long-term trend is that labor demand for technical skills such as programming, mathematics and statistics will increase,” he added. “Today’s labor market may seem unstable, but the long-term outcomes for many of these industries look promising.”

Students looking for in-demand tech jobs should think beyond employers like Google and Meta. Smaller companies still prefer to hire top talent, Kuhn said.

Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

“Whether you are in the tech industry or not, the importance of investing in technology is unimportant and it is very effective across industries,” said Liz Wilke, chief economist at Gusto.

Careers That Are Always In Demand

They advise students who want to work in the arts to search online for the companies they want to work for. Submit projects to GitHub and showcase your skills to potential employers, says Wilke.

Take courses in machine learning and artificial intelligence, intermediate languages ​​and new languages ​​while you’re still in school, says Chris Murdock, co-founder and chief operating officer of IQTalent.

Since most in-demand jobs require a bachelor’s or advanced degree, further training can improve your chances in the job market. However, nothing is guaranteed, said Kuhn.

“Think critically about your skills and how they fit into your future career,” says Kuhn. “If you want a career in data science, a master’s or doctoral degree is helpful, but not required.”

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You can also advance your personal career and keep your full-time job, says Wilke.

Labor market trends can help you gauge the level of job security that different industries can offer, but it’s just one data point among many when choosing a career.

“Although assessments are important, career choice is a personal matter and the result of hard work and determination,” Kuhn said. “Ultimately, the decision is not just about the job market, but about achieving personal goals related to work.”

Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

If you don’t like fast work, it’s necessary: ​​”Invest in high-quality skills that help you do the job (marketer, program, communications/PR, etc.) not as part,” he said.

The Most In Demand Jobs In An Uncertain Economy

As we’ve explored in previous surveys, more college students are studying business, healthcare and computer science. These jobs correspond to high-demand areas such as: B. Software developers, management analysts, medical assistants, financial managers, medical and healthcare managers and nurses.

Feeder’s free job simulations are a way to supplement your research with practical knowledge and skills needed for in-demand jobs. Here you will find a selection of job simulations related to some of the highest paying and most in-demand jobs.

Step into the role of a KPMG tax expert and develop effective tax accounting skills with this free introductory course.

Explore potential careers in cybersecurity with this free webinar from AIG and the CEO Council of New York Jobs.

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Take a look at the genetics industry with Thermo Fisher by analyzing COVID-19 PCR test results data.

Prepare customer access meetings, create user stories, and deliver solutions in this free job simulation.

Jenna Bellassey is the lead reporter for the feed. Previously, he was chief data scientist at Guru, where he transformed and analyzed data to improve search ranking algorithms. It’s important to find a job that you enjoy and that you like. At the same time, you want to find a job in an area that offers many job opportunities and skills. Certain sectors in particular are always in demand and offer many opportunities for future development.

Careers That Will Always Be In Demand

The nursing and healthcare industry is constantly evolving and changing as technology improves. While people’s jobs in this area may change in the future, demand for healthcare workers remains low. In today’s economy, there is a shortage of caregivers, which opens up many opportunities for higher income. This trend is expected to continue, leading to higher salaries and other opportunities for people in the healthcare sector.

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Another career to consider in the healthcare industry is entering the mental health field. The incidence of anxiety, depression and other mental health problems continues to rise rapidly. At the same time, treatment and discussion with a psychologist or other mental health professional remain the best way to deal with these problems. For this reason, the sector is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This ensures that there are many job opportunities.

The modern workplace and home are increasingly digital and dependent on computers and the Internet. At the same time, jobs in the information technology industry remain in demand. An expert in this field can help install computer systems, develop and manage applications, and protect against data theft.

Another career path to consider is education. The education sector is becoming increasingly important to ensure young people receive the education they need to succeed in the future. If you’re going to school to become a full-time teacher, there are some specific careers. Another option is to obtain a teacher credential, which provides certification for training in a specific school setting. This certificate can open up different career paths for several people.

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