Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs

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Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs – Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more common, with some sectors being targeted more than others due to a lack of cyber security education. Therefore, to eliminate risks and protect businesses from being harmed by the threat of cyber attacks, companies are beginning to realize the importance of hiring cyber security professionals to protect their critical assets, data and services, and building staff to have the best way to deal with them. . information security.

With job competition, those who best understand and develop the skills that recruiters are most looking for in the cybersecurity space will stand out. To support the UK’s cyber security ambitions, Specops Software analyzed 843 cyber security job adverts on recruitment websites, in fact, to identify the skills required for cyber security roles in the current job market, and which certifications and programming languages. most importantly, help aspiring cybersecurity professionals land these important jobs.

Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs

Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs

With a recent government report revealing a significant skills shortage in cyber security, we aim to uncover the key skills required for cyber security roles, by examining the skills most often revealed when analyzing more than just 800 job adverts.

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The most common skills in cybersecurity are technical and reasoning abilities, which were found in 831 of the 843 job postings surveyed, meaning these skills are in demand by 99% of those in the industry. Following in second place is responsibility, with eight in 10 places saying they want candidates to take ownership and responsibility for their tasks and strive to meet personal and company goals.

Strong written communication skills rank as the third most sought-after skill in cybersecurity, appearing in more than half of job postings. In fact, 427 out of 843 job ads analyzed on Really said that a successful candidate should have good written communication skills.

As with any job, candidates looking to start a career in cybersecurity are expected to be passionate about the industry and their role. This skill was listed in 314 job adverts analysed, corresponding to almost four out of 10 roles, thus ranking as the fourth most sought-after skill.

Nearly a quarter of cybersecurity job postings mention “attention to detail” — 188 out of 843 jobs, to be exact — making this the fifth most sought-after skill by employers. In sixth place follows “representative”, with a fifth of cyber security job adverts wanting candidates to have this skill – 172 out of 843.

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The seventh most sought-after skill in cybersecurity is “penetration testing,” with 120 of 843 possible listings on Indeed citing this as a desired skill for candidates looking to apply — 14% of all cybersecurity job listings. Close behind in eighth place is ‘self-driven’, with 12% of cyber security job adverts looking for candidates with these skills – 104 out of 843 roles.

“Coding experience” and “good organization” ranked as the ninth most desired skills in cybersecurity, with 11% of the 843 job postings analyzed including these in the job requirements. In tenth place follows “good verbal communication”, with one in ten job adverts saying this is an important skill for candidates to have.

Rounding out the 15 most sought-after skills were confidence, enthusiasm, forward-thinking and a demonstrated willingness to learn personally, with 9%, 8%, 7% and 4% of job postings citing these skills as important, respectively.

Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs

With so many different programming languages ​​to learn, we came to find out which coding languages ​​are best for cybersecurity roles by studying the more than 800 cybersecurity jobs listed on Indeed.

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Our analysis can show that Python is the most sought-after programming language when looking for cybersecurity jobs, appearing in 97 (12%) of the 843 job ads analyzed. This is probably because everything can be written in Python – from web applications to data analysis – making it one of the most popular coding languages ​​today.

C++ was found to be the second most searched for programming language, appearing in 9% of the listings surveyed – 79 out of 843 job postings. Meanwhile, C was found to be the third most preferred programming language for cybersecurity roles, with C appearing in 53 (6%) of the 843 job postings surveyed. As one of the oldest coding languages ​​in existence, it is the basis for many other languages, such as C++, C# and Python, so it is no wonder that it is the third most searched language.

Coming in as the fourth most preferred programming language for cybersecurity roles is SQL (Program Query Language), which was mentioned in 40 of the 843 jobs analyzed – making up 5% of all listings. As a database query language, it is useful to know if you are working with datasets or extracting data from large databases.

The fifth most searched programming language for cybersecurity jobs is Perl, which was mentioned in 32 of the 843 job ads surveyed – 4% of the roles surveyed.

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Despite being one of the most popular programming languages, our analysis found Java to be the sixth most preferred programming language, appearing in 29 out of 843 job postings on Indeed – 3% of all cybersecurity jobs we studied. Lists containing the programming language Ruby are also present in 3% of the analyzed lists.

JavaScript and PHP closely follow Java and Ruby, with both programming languages ​​appearing in 24 of the 843 cybersecurity job roles analyzed.

One of the most important questions in the cybersecurity industry is what a specialized cybersecurity certification company is looking for. To determine the best and most available cybersecurity certifications in cybersecurity roles, we analyzed more than 800 job postings on Indeed.

Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs

The most preferred professional certification was the System Security Professional certification, also known as CISSP, which appeared in 279 of the 843 job postings analyzed—a third of the job postings. Roles requiring candidates to hold this certification were also found to be the third best paid, on average, with an annual salary of £58,675.

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The Certified Information Security Manager certification, known by its acronym CISM, was the second most preferred professional certification, appearing in 174 of the 843 job postings analyzed — just over one-fifth of functional listings (21%). Of all the cybersecurity certifications surveyed, the CISM has the second highest average annual salary, at an impressive £59,689.

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification was found in 116 of 843 job postings analyzed and was the third most preferred professional certification among cybersecurity roles, found in 14% of postings. Roles that require candidates to hold a CISA certificate have an average annual salary of £57,936.

The Certified Hacker (CEH) certification was the fourth most in demand among cybersecurity jobs, with the certification found in 41 of the 843 job postings analyzed. According to our analysis, roles that require a CEH certificate can expect to receive an annual salary of £46,500 on average.

Ranking as the fifth most preferred professional qualification among cybersecurity roles was Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), which was found in 30 of the 843 job postings analyzed. Although the CCSP is only mentioned in 4% of job adverts on Indeed, roles requiring this certification have the highest average salary: £60,000.

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Cisco’s network security administration certification was the sixth most preferred among cybersecurity roles, with the CCNA qualification cited in 28 job listings analyzed. 3% of the list requiring this certificate have an average annual salary of £31,738.

The seventh most sought-after cyber security certification was the CompTIA Security+ qualification, which featured in 3% of the job adverts surveyed – 25 out of 843. The average rate for roles requiring this certification was found to be £34,253 per year.

The computer hacking investigator certification was featured in five of the 843 jobs analyzed on Indeed, making the CHFI certification the eighth most preferred cybersecurity certification. On average, the 1% of roles that mention this certification have an average annual salary of £45,000. Learning to code can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. There are many resources such as online coding courses, coding boot camps, and college programs that can help you learn to code. But many aspiring developers still wonder, “What is the easiest programming language to learn?”

Best Coding Language To Learn For Jobs

Some of the simplest coding languages ​​have simple syntax, making it easy for students to read and code in the language. After all, programming is a way of communicating with a computer. You can perform many different tasks when you know how to code. Starting with a simple coding language can therefore help ensure a smooth learning journey.

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This review will break down the easiest coding languages ​​to learn for beginners. We’ll also look at the key features of beginner-friendly and popular programming languages ​​like JavaScript, HTML, Python, and C/C++ to help you narrow down your choices.


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